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      Major snoopers like Facebook, Amazon and Twitter, et al, are all permanently blocked on my browser.

      How do you do this in Chrome or Edge?


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      I researched over-provisioning when CyberSar mentioned it.

      Over-provisioning improves performance and often increases the endurance of the SSD, helping the drive last longer due to the SSD Controller having more Flash NAND storage available to alleviate NAND Flash wear over its useful life.


      More benefits of SSD over-provisioning:

      • Reduce time for Garbage Collection: As previously stated, GC creates free blocks to temporarily store data while erasing blocks of invalid data. In this case, OP gives controllers extra free space needed to move data and results in faster execution.
      • Reduce power consumption: Thanks to OP, SSD controllers can operate quickly, resulting in less power from devices to complete tasks.
      • Boost SSD performance: OP offers the flash controller extra buffer space for managing P/E cycles and ensuring a write operation will have immediate access to a pre-erased block. So, overprovisioning increases SSD performance and even maintains SSD performance over time.
      • Increase SSD lifespan: OP can make SSDs work more smartly, so wear and tear will be minimized on SSDs.
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      SSDs are ready to go out of the box. No need to do anything except make sure you buy one big enough to have at least 50% free when you install it.

      cheers, Paul

      Thanks. I am going from 128 GB to 1 TB so I am feeling like space will never be an issue again.

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      I agree with Alex, just don’t forget to use partitioning software to increase the C: drive to the full capacity of the new SSD as the restored image will be the same size as the original SSD! Depending on your Imaging software this may be an option you can choose in the restore process to expand the drive.

      Thanks. I have a Windows Imaging image (and a Macrium Reflect image) that I made when the computer was new about 3 or so years ago.  I installed and configured all my applications, then made the image. My plan is to restore the Windows image, then upgrade immediately to Windows 11.

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      Hi Vincenzo:

      You might be able to achieve this by going to View | Sort Order | Choose Column and adding a column called Relevance. If you sort by Relevance (Descending) this will put folders that contain the search term at the top of your search, followed by files with the search term in the file name, and then files with the search term in the file contents (see attached image).

      Once you’ve sorted your search results by Relevance, you can sort by a secondary criteria like Date Modified by holding down the Shift key and clicking on the column heading for Date Modified.
      64-bit Win 10 Pro v21H2 build 19044.2006 * Firefox v105.0.1 * Microsoft Defender v4.18.2207.7-1.1.19600.3 * Malwarebytes Premium v4.5.14.210-1.0.1772 * Macrium Reflect Free v8.0.6979

      That worked for me, thanks.
      The tip about sorting by secondary criteria is very useful.

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      • When reading computer literature: If you come across a technical term you don’t understand, open a web search to reference the term.

      As a corollary to this:
      An easy way to initiate the search is to highlight the word or phrase, right click on it, and select “Search” from the pop up context menu.

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      Thanks, Oldfry.
      I’ve been trying various things, but I think my friend has decided she is going to use DocuSign for this.
      Thanks for the info.

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      Thanks for the info.
      I thought that would solve the issue, but now my friend has figured out she can’t use a Word doc because the recipients could alter it. So now I am looking into doing it with a pdf doc and an auto-updating date/time field on that.

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      So it doesn’t look as bad as my Accord 😁
      BTW you never said if he is actually reformatting. I get a message on my Quicken backup flash drive nearly every time and just ignore it.

      The car will no longer play it, so ignore is not an option.
      He reformatted once, then bought a bunch of new drives. Still has the bad ones. I am going to look at the file formats and structures when I log in with him next time.

    • In Acrobat Reader, when you are viewing a page to print:
      ctrl-P, Alt-U, Enter    it prints

      Then go to the next page you want. Repeat

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      Check out the posted Link in this thread from last year.
      If that don’t work, read thru that thread.

      That is interesting. Will look into that.


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      Possible interference from a failing capacitor in the car’s charging circuitry or electrical noise from the alternator when it first starts spinning.

      Suggest to your brother-in-law that he disconnects the flash drive until after the vehicle’s engine has started then re-connects the flash drive after it’s started.

      If this stops the regular filesystem corruption then he needs to take his vehicle to an auto-electricians for an oscilloscope test on the charging circuit. It should pinpoint ‘dirty’ (i.e. unsmoothed) electrics caused by, for example, very worn alternator brushes.

      Hope this helps…

      Good idea.
      It is a hybrid, so spikes could be possible.


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      Toyota? BMW?
      Just to be clear is he actually reformatting?
      If it just conks out try cleaning the contacts, cars are dirty people,pepesi, pepperoni pizza, po… stuff being smaoked.

      It is a Honda Insight. Only a few months old, and he keeps it very clean. Never eats in it.

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      OK that works. Thanks!

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      I am not using SMS for the 2FA code, I am using an app, Microsoft Authenticator.

      When you log in to a website that you have enabled 2FA on, after you enter the code from the authenticator app, you are asked if you want to “allow”this browser for 30 days, not needing the 2FA code for that period of time.
      Obviously a malicious someone sitting in front of your computer would still get in too, but this thread has been discussing the threats from malware that is operating in the user account, and it is that aspect of security that I am asking about.

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