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      There is apparently no dllcache folder or file in ME, so I can’t experiment. Guess I’ll just have to leave it all alone as Dave advises. Sigh…

      Thanks for your advice, all. I’ll leave this for now unless other ideas occur to you.


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      I do occasionally get in trouble fixing things that ain’t broke, and I admit everything seems to be working fine. However, in this case several of the dll’s have higher version numbers and different sizes as well, so I assume they are improved, backward-compatible versions and should be safe to install.

      What further puzzles me is that while the sfp folder contains new versions and WinOptimizer says it has replaced two files (DS16GT.dll and ODBC15GT.dll), notifying me with popups that the other 9 files listed are in use, their version numbers in the system folder are still the old ones, according to a “properties” check even before I reboot. Is WinOptimizer not actually replacing these files even though it says it has and the two files also appear in the Recycle bin? Is the “stomping” back to the old version immediate? And if Windows is immediately replacing the new versions, where are the old version coming from if not the sfp folder? Various searches reveal that these two files only exist in the sfp and system folders.

      The other interesting variable is that the size of the “replaced” versions in both cases is the same, even though the version numbers are different. With one exception (webcheck.dll), the other 9 files listed by WinOptimizer have different sizes as well as version numbers (e.g., comctl32.dll: 06.0.2800.1106 and 98816 in the sfp folder and 06.0.2600.0 and 100352 in the system folder.

      Thanks for your response.

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      I have a related problem. WinOptimiizer shows that 11 dll files in the Windows/system/sfp/archive folder are newer than the ones in the system folder. How can I copy the newer versions into the system folder?

      Two are apparently copied by WinOptimizer, but when Windows is rebooted, the older versions are still there.

    Viewing 3 replies - 151 through 153 (of 153 total)