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      No problem on my pc, but my laptop keyboard wouldn’t work after the update, possibly because the update didn’t complete properly (checked with winver). After a successful subsequent update, happily it did and the keyboard started working. Only problem then was that the mouse and touchpad stopped. No cursor on the screen at all, Set to show where the cursor is, the Ctrl button just gets empty circles in mid screen. Before the upgrade revived the keyboard, the cursor was working so Solitaire was still possible. I live in hope that both keyboard and mouse will both work upon some future startup. In the meantime, I’m trying to learn to navigate various screens with guesswork keyboard shortcuts. Solitaire is actually possible, but really (!) tedious. It’s a Lenova Ideapad, incidentally.

      When/If I get desperate enough, I’ll use the reboot troubleshooting ideas in the last WS issue and see if I can do a system restore.

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      Thanks, Bruce! The Enable reg file worked and I now have the icon in the hidden icons box. I’m not sure OneDrive is starting with Windows at bootup as it should, but it appeared this morning later after I clicked to allow the startup in my Kerish Doctor program (which is probably another and completely different discussion). We’ll see what happens at the next bootup. In any case, it’s currently loading a large folder of pictures, and I’ll see later whether I can access OneDrive properly with my laptop.

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      Realized it was a link. Read the page. Tried playing with copying files to OneDrive folder. Went to website. Deleted some, left some. No change back on my pc yet. Going to take much more playing around to come even close to understanding how this works. May never happen! Files I deleted on site are still on my pc in OneDrive folder. Maybe gone later? We’ll see. And there’s no double cloud icon anywhere on my taskbar, including the hidden box.

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      See “Set where your files are saved” and “Find and move your files” at Files save to OneDrive by default in Windows 10

      Obviously, Wiiiindy is sharper than I am. Where can I find “Set where your files are saved”? I’m using WPS Writer as a Word alternative, no MS Office at all on my Win10 AU machine. I can save stuff to any folder I want, including OneDrive using the Save to/F12 button. I’d like the option of duplicating or backing up some files on OneDrive but I don’t want to lose the normal save to my local hard drive in the process.

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      I’ve used Pegasus since the late 1980s or early 1990’s with total satisfaction. Meets Jonah’s local storage requirement and has all the bells and whistles such as spam filtering one could desire. I don’t actually use them since I’ve been using MailWasher for almost as long.

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      Sorry about the tiny troll, BH. Are you up working in the Fort from south of the border? I’d expect a tweet from the Master but I’m not on Twitter.

      I gather a stored image or SR are the only ways to resurrect a program uninstalled by mistake. I just wondered if Reset would do the same thing.

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      Does Refresh roll back to a previous state or does it “just” heal system errors? I recently noticed that Geek Uninstaller listed two separate versions of Firefox, the 32-bit one and the 64-bit one. I figured I didn’t need to waste space on the 32-bit version, so I uninstalled it and all the additional stuff attached. Imagine my dismay when I found the 64-bit version had also disappeared along with all my settings, bookmarks, history, and an online banking certificate! No Firefox at all, nada, as the folks across the pond might say (who says immigration doesn’t contribute positively to culture? Actually, even over here in Europe we know who says that . . .).

      The Refresh and Recovery don’t seem to be designed to go back to before an uninstall operation, though it does appear you don’t have to lose any existing programs (files should be on a backup anyway, so who cares if they disappear, right?), which is great if you’re a giveawayoftheday fan with lots of neat software that can’t be renewed for free.

      Anyway, I used System Restore to go back a day—pure coincidence it was scheduled to run the day before I did the uninstall—and got my Firefox back with all its bookmarks, history, etc. But, oddly, not the certificate, which cost me €10 and a drive to town to re-order in person at the bank.

      I have the Win 10 AU (no updating problem using the manual, non-ISO method a week or two ago), which still has the Win 7 association on the System Restore procedure and no clear (to me at least) directions for finding and starting the operation. It’s odd that the steps I go through and screens I saw don’t match anything I’ve read about the process, sort of like getting the AU without the All Apps taking up real estate on the Start screen: I have to click the hamburger to get the full list to appear. Which I like, of course, but everything I read said the displayed full list was standard.

      Anyway, I finally got SR started and all was well eventually after the “leave the room and do something else to keep from screaming while watching the dotted wheel go round and round endlessly” break. But the question is, is there a simpler alternative method to recover from a mistaken uninstall?

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      Possibly the plethora of problems is related to your original upgrade, but for what it’s worth, my recurring update of the Logitech driver only started after the Win 10 updates of May 11 and 12.

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      This really is bizarre, isn’t it? Three different drivers installing non-stop and annoying three Canadians (New Brunswick, Ottawa, and an ex-pat in Slovenia). And who says Microsoft isn’t tracking us?

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      I’ve had the same thing with a driver for Logitech webcam C-170 installing every day since May 14. So far, I can’t find any way to hide it or stop it. I’ve followed Jerry’s advice and will see what happens. The installation doesn’t require a restart, so I don’t even notice when it happens. As far as I can tell, it’s a fairly old driver. Also, it’s the same one every time.

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      I am happily using a very early version of MailWasher (1.32) on a Win 10 desktop computer and on a Win 10 laptop to weed out spam. My provider cuts out most of the crap, and MailWasher lists incoming mail that I can choose to let through or delete and add to a blacklist or friends list for future handling. When I’ve selected my options, the program does its stuff and loads my email client (Pegasus). Hopefully, the newest version works as well, but as a KISS advocate, I like the utter simplicity of the old version.

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      There is never enough information in file names for me to find anything useful, so software that searches inside files is essential. I’ve been using Copernic Desktop Search very successfully for years. As a translator/copy editor, I use it to find archived translations that include similar content or terminology, which is quite useful, especially when authors take material from older texts.

      The light version is free and does everything I need.

      Almost everything. Lately the highlighting feature doesn’t seem to work after the first article is shown, but it may be because I haven’t “upgraded” to a newer version with advertising . . . It’s very fast because it builds an index during idle times (I’ve switched off the Windows search indexing).

      Later: Installed Agent Ransack. Appears fast enough without prior indexing to use comfortably, but seems to require loading the found files to read more than the line containing the word. Copernic allows reading the entire file in the preview box. Search time can be shortened by selecting relevant folders instead of entire Documents folder. Assuming that the highlighting works reliably, it could be a worthwhile replacement for Copernic. Both programs found the same 15 articles containing “epiphreatic,” so their accuracy is similar.

      So, Thanks, Satrow.

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      This may be what you want:


      Wide range of radio stations, recording, labels songs, etc.

      Only for PC, but it’s still worth having. You can always transfer music from your Music folder.

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      Added to set notification. Sorry.

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      I haven’t figured it out either, though I suspect you may have to copy your entire Documents folder (where your files are usually kept) into your OneDrive folder and manually sync them every once in a while. I assume this means a lot of duplicate files, but I’m not sure (see next paragraph).

      This seems to be the case with Dropbox as well. You can apparently change your default working Document folder to the Dropbox folder, but somehow this seems risky to me as I haven’t figured out whether the files are really still there in my PC and duplicated in the cloud or if the filenames on my PC are just markers or links to the files in the cloud. Maybe I’m more than a bit slow, but I’m confused about where the files end up.

      The end result is that for the moment I have the files I am currently working on in two places, one in a Documents subfolder and one in my Dropbox folder so I can move from my PC to my laptop and access the latest version to continue work. At the end of a work session using the Document subfolder file, I copy it to the Dropbox folder. I later copy this file on the other computer from my Dropbox folder to overwrite the older version that’s in the Documents subfolder.

      I suppose that’s as clear as mud but it covers the ground. (Anybody else remember Man piaba by Belafonte?)

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