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      Very interesting survey, and believe that everyone is being as accurate as possible. I for one, am in the aging, old geezer club. Not quite an official geezer, but slowly treading that way. I’ve always been intested in what the “weekly newsletter” has to say and it’s helped me quite a few times. Just reading is interesting. Knowledge is power, they say, so give me more!

      Building my own systems for 40yrs. I can say I’ve learned a bit, but having the many “experts” here are the best! Mine are all PC’s with Win 10 (SSD boot drives) and at some piont will upgrade, but I always want to see the pitfalls of new systems first. I’m also in the desktop main area, but use the laptop and tablet for ease. Having the mobile computer (phone) is also handy. We live in a tech world but care needs to be taken as well.

      As mentioned, the younger group I know, doesn’t seem to worried about the “why’s and how’s” of computing, as long as it works. I wish more would take an interest in keeping up and learning the “why’s and how’s”. That’s the parental side of me, plus being in the service industry my entire life. Thanks again, and keep it up!

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      I recently used Macrium Reflect to do a clone of a laptop HD replacement. I was amazed on how it worked and did the clone with 100% accuracy. I then asked about their backup program. I like to see full files (non-compressed) on a MyBook, which I currently do with GFI Backup (old 2009 ver3.1) and allows me to view on any computer. Problem with MR was it can do the same thing, but you need to have their program installed on a computer to view those files, even though they’re not compressed. I still have Macrium Reflect and will get the special deal for one computer as John W mentions.

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      Still no luck. But I was able to d/l it to my phone once I got out of my wi-fi area in town via 4G so I know it’s not the phone or tablet. I tried again today to eliminate everything except my modem router, which I reset to factory and still get nothing. Very frustrating and can’t get ahold of Comcast to see if it’s on their end. Don’t know why, just confused. On the bright side, I got to check all the other settings verifying all and they work good. I can still d/l .pdf’s from other websites as before. Strange it effects ALL my devices. Oh well, I’ll keep investigating and return with an answer (I’m sure it will be something simple or stupid).

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      Try disabling Malwarebytes Browser Guard.

      I put the webpage in my “allow list” page in Malware before and had issues. Even after removing the Browser Guard, it’s a no go. I’ll get back to this thread once I find out what’s going on.

      Thanks everyone for the suggestions and help.

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      You may have some updated security policy not to display online pdf… files in order to protect you from malware.

      What is associated with pdf files in ‘choose default apps by type’ ?

      My browser is Google Chrome (has been for years) The .pdf is Foxit and as I mentioned, it opens .pdf’s on other pages and/or d/l them fine. Strange it effects ALL my systems, even the ones not using Foxit at all.

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      I’ve just viewed it in Firefox ESR 78.7 fine, however, if you cannot view via multiple devices online, perhaps it’s a setting from within your access point or router? That seems to be the common denominator.

      I was thinking the same thing so I removed my Unifi setup and just went off my modem (which I reset to factory) and still had the same result. I’m going to keep plugging away at this and hopefully find a solution. The weird part is I can get .pdf’s from a ton of other sites without issues. Maybe I’m in a bubble.

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      I can display the pdf with Chrome Version 89.0.4389.40 (Official Build) beta (64-bit)

      That’s more than I can get. I’m going to a buddy’s tomorrow with my laptop and see what happens. It’s just strange I can get all kinds of .pdf’s from other sites I go to, even my own. 🙂

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      Well I tried again in Edge and get the same thing across all browsers (see pic). All my computers don’t have Foxit so that isn’t a problem. I get this same thing on tablets and phones. Thanks.

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      I also had my issues with Adobe 8 Pro. I used it on my Win7 machine fine, deactivated from that prior to my new Win10Pro setup and reinstalled Adobe. Now the fun part….you can’t get any type of activation from Adobe because they’ve deleted or disbanded their database for a program that old. Even if you have your key number (like I do as well) it does no good. Yes, you can just go forward with the install but you will not have full use after a “grace period” or maybe not at all.

      I tried a lot of things and finally said enough is enough and purchased another .pdf program, which happens to do just the same as my 8 Pro did but a lot less out of pocket, even with two licenses. I do still have my 8 Pro on a laptop running Win10Pro but will not disable or remove it due to the problematic reinstall issues.

      btw: the phone number on your setup screen has also been disbanded and therefore…useless

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      Just tried your refresh of FDRS on wife’s computer. After a refresh of File Explorer all 2 computers showed in Network. So, I’ll be trying this method during the coming week and see if it takes care of either machine when running. Not going to worry about who’s first at this point. If it does, I’ll try a Scheduled Task to see what happens and if it works, I’ll be doing it to both computers. Stand by for “the rest of the story”. 😉


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      Not sure if this helps, but I had issues opening some of her old PP .MAX files a few years ago and came across a similar issue trying to view them.

      I’ve used PaperPort Viewer 7.0 on my Win7Pro and now Win10Pro to view my wife’s years old scans in .MAX from early versions and most recent PP files. I can open them easily and see the scans/files. She still uses PP 8.0 and set it to run in Compatibility Mode with XP. 🙂 It suits her fine, she hates change.

      I can open her PP 8.0, open a .MAX scan file and then save it as a .png (and several other extensions) but not .pdf. So, if you can view them and save them as another file extension that you can use, that’s the only way I know. Kind of a PITB, but an option.

      Both systems are running Win10Pro 64bit

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      After messing around more, for some reason without changing a thing, my computer now sees the entire network. I happened to check on Windows Explorer looking for another file when the Network just populated. Had a good laugh.

      I did find one error on my part when trying to access a folder that was “shared” on wife’s computer and needed to set Security for “everyone” which I somehow forgot on that folder. So, I”m attempting my backup today to see how it goes. Backup program sees the drive’s so I should be o.k.

      On another note: the wife’s computer stopped seeing mine today. 🙂

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      I’ve been through that and no avail. It is a real [pain] to say the least. I just tried removing my network adapters and started over. I’m still in the same boat with my machine but the wife’s still see’s and can access mine.

      I’ve turned the network private blah-blah back on and now see this in Network Settings. No matter what I do to “save” changes, it always reverts back to this. network It will NOT stay after changing. It does the same thing in Guest or Public as well, but All Networks keeps the box checked for Turn OFF Password.


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      When I built my current machine and installed Windows 10 I used THIS guide to move the Users folder to my D drive.  The SSD C drive is reserved for Windows and applications.


      Thanks. I have succeeded in moving everything without losing anything, except time. 🙂 Files are on my E: drive HHD and the C: is left with just programs and OS on the SSD. My “System” page still shows the C: drive as place for saving new content for Docs/Downloads/Pics etc. , but really are going to the E: drive folders I made. One machine I changed the System settings to the E: drive and the other I didn’t and all still go to E: Not sure why, but it works.

      Next challenge is the local network fiasco I have…tbc

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      Just got through my two computer upgrades to Win10 Pro 64 1909 18363.418 . Coming from my Win7 Pro systems this isn’t too bad. Install was good, one completely new machine and one left over that was running Win7 Pro. Both were done with a complete fresh (new) installation. New system is Asus Prime Z390-P, i5-9400F,  16mb Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4 3200, WD 1TB SSD as root drive, 2 WD Black drives as slaves (one 2TB and one 1TB), Asus GeForce GTX1060, Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO, my old DVD/Blu Ray and removable HD chassis, along with an extra case fan and SATA PCI-E card. So far I like the speed coming from my 7 year old system I built. That got Win10 Pro too and my wife uses that one.

      My biggest hurdle with Win10 is the “user folders”. I had a ***** of a time getting them to relocate to another drive and along with the  OneDrive, I ended up reinstalling from scratch Win10 Pro again on my new system. I’m carefully doing the folder change of location to my E: drive but not sure if I have to mention it in the Settings/System/Storage part too. Is there a thread I can read up on or follow to insure I don’t have a big mess later on? Between this and the new Network (local) sharing and the login password/pin, I think I’ll be fine. Just a newer system to learn. I guess Microsoft doesn’t believe in KISS. They proved that in Vista and Win8. 🙂

      Thanks for any pointers in advance.

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