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      Do you mean that you are going into design mode of the form and then clicking on the subform that is embedded in the main form? If so that is a real puzzle….

      Yes, this is exactly what I mean. Sorry I didn’t get back earlier.

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      Each user has their own copy of the FE. The form shows only 1 record at a time and only a max of 10 records in the subform. Only 13000 records in main table.

      Tell me more about indexing, it seems to be one of my knowledge holes.

      Also, when I say form editing, I mean form creation/edit mode, not live record data editing.

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      Thanks Pat,

      As you know that did it :clapping:

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      Where about did you put it?

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      here is a trimmed down copy of the front and back end. You will have to relink the back end tables. you will see that the sub menu options don’t work even though all the code is there.

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      I found an excellent code module here that creates a bat file that closes then reopens the database that ran it. By simply adding lines to it that copied the DB from the “server” where the latest version is kept before reopening it allowed me to achieve what I wanted, And how!!!

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      That’s actually what I have right now but I thought it would be nice if I could get it to be fully automated. 🙂

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      Installed the latest version of Virtualbox 4.3.10 and Android 4.4 loaded fine!

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      I always enjoy the column, but I have a 6 month old AMD computer with Windows 8 on it, and my installation fails after I choose to Install Android x-86 to Hard Drive. It just reboots over and over to the same screen. I can’t get to the partition selection screen! I’m about to give up on the VM.

      I have the same problem. I am running win7 64bit with virtualbox 4.3.8 and iso 4.4-rc1. 4.3 as stated in the article I can’t get to download.

      The last command on the screen is Kernal panic – not syncing: Attempted to kill init! exitcode=0x0000000b

    • Wendell,

      Yes, sorry about using the wrong terminology, I have subforms shown as datasheets that only link the .sourceobject specified when the tab is selected. What I need is the best point to unlink the .sourceobject so that it is unlinked before moving to the next record but doesn’t unlink when I click in the subform. I will look at Ian’s suggestions.

      I am running an Access backend.

      Thanks Ian for the addresses, the recordexit event seems to be what I want. I will look into it at work on monday.

      Indexes.???……..Ummm………looks like they will be my next big step towards the deep end. 🙂 My source query pulls from at least 2 tables so any help, explanations, suggestions will be most welcome.

      Regards, Allan

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      I worked it out!

      Set rst = sbfItems.Form.RecordsetClone needed to be Set rst = me.sbfItems.Form.RecordsetClone

      and I also needed to define my variables

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      Yes they do, but we still get occasional locks when people are trying to access the same record

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      its more only for incoming mail, he wants to be able to keep up with what requests for quotes are recieved by the sales people

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      Thanks for that, but I notice that the order that the combo boxes are used has to be concreted in place. I could do it that way but I was hoping for a more dynamic sort of filtering where it wouldn’t matter as to which order the combos were selected in.

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      Thanks Alison, that does just what I want. My programming skills aren’t that great to start with and I don’t do it day to day. Its a case of “I’m pretty sure it can be done but just don’t know the specifics” but I usually understand code once I see it.

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