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      Thanks John,

      Done and done! Problem solved.

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      Can someone help with this then?

      Cot A = 1/Tan A = B

      I have B, what do I do to it to get A? (in radians)

      I need A in radians to then put it into the second equation above to get J

      A= 0.090757121103705 Radians

      Cot A = 1/System.Math.Tan(0.090757121103705) = 10.9881501380931

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      As an aside to Fred’s last comment

      And isn’t this a strange topic? A few years ago, 4GB seemed vast. But now we’re routinely bumping up against its limits. Yow!

      I can remember years ago at the local computer club when an average PC ran on 4Meg, someone brought in their computer to show off Myst and the general poo-hooing that went up about the “decadence” of have 64Meg of memory JUST to run a game!

      It really makes me smile every time I think about it.

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      The laptop is a Toshiba see here with a multi card reader. I have tried it with an Olympus and an SD card and it does the same with either card

      EDIT: Just noticed that the laptop thinks that the card reader is a disk drive

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      I have stumbled onto the cause (but not the reason) of the original slowdown. it is related to the card reader.

      After getting UBCD4Win and copying off all the desired files and backing up settings, I then reformatted and loaded windows (note: learned that some windows keys are tied to particular sp release disks) in loading all the various drivers I discovered that when I removed the flash card from the reader the system started pausing as it originally did. As soon as I re-inserted the card it reverted to normal. I then rebooted the system and removed the card and found that the boot slowed down as in my original post until I replaced the flash card, upon which the boot picked up again and completed loading.

      Any Ideas?

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      Here is a ready built firefox extension that allows you to change profiles or load a second one as well

      Profile Switcher

      I found it while browsing for something else. Talk about serendipity!

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      Many thanks, your maths was spot on!


      I’ve never played with solver before but thanks for the suggestion.

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      Thanks Hans, it works fine

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      Umm, thanks Hans but the coding is a bit beyond me. Could you write the code for a button to open a file picker window to select a file to be opened and read by the code?

      This what I need to emulate:

      lblDetails.Caption = "Counting Records"
      Me!ProgressBar2.Max = 1
      Open CommonDialog1.FileName For Input As #1

      Thanks in advance.

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      Thanks Gary! Just the type of hint I was looking for.

    • in reply to: Tab Key behaviour #1162442


      Thanks, that’s what I needed to know.


      It’s a case of trying to keep the boss happy if possible before having to tell him that you can’t do it.

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      Thanks Hans,

      I built a new query combining both sources as you suggested and it works fine.

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      Thank you Hans

    • in reply to: How to turn off edit mode (Access 2003 xp sp3) #1136444

      John, I see what you mean. I’ll try putting the emp number as a default value

    • in reply to: How to turn off edit mode (Access 2003 xp sp3) #1136441

      Hans, A slight diversion in reference to your post of using

      CurrentDb.Execute “DELETE * FROM tblContTimeCards”

      Is the syntax right to replace a query with the following SQL

      DELETE tblOT.*, tblOT.jdate
      FROM tblOT
      WHERE (((tblOT.jdate)=DMax(“tblOT.jdate”,”tblOT”)));


      CurrentDb.Execute “DELETE * FROM tblOT WHERE (((tblOT.jdate)=DMax(‘tblOT.jdate’,’tblOT’)))” ?

      I am delighted with the above code that you showed me as I have been attempting to streamline my DB and being able to replace a few queries with 1-liners is great!

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