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    • in reply to: MS-DEFCON 4: Skip those Secure Boot scripts #2561718

      So I have Win 10 Home 22h2


      Secure Boot ON

      What danger am I in?

      Win 10 Home 22H2

    • in reply to: MS-DEFCON 4: Major April issue, but not from updates #2555242

      Question: Last month the update through Windows update in the services menu, downloaded then stopped and did not provide the restart, and in order to get the screen back I rebooted. The updates started downloading and installing correctly at that time. Then it required restart and all was fine and installed properly I have Win 10 home edition.


      Are we saying that this is going to happen again or continuously?


      Thanks for any information.

      Win 10 Home 22H2

    • in reply to: MS-DEFCON 2: Getting ready for 2023 #2515723

      Thank you I am just confused.

      Bottom line, I am OK then?

      Thanks for your support!

      Win 10 Home 22H2

    • in reply to: MS-DEFCON 2: Getting ready for 2023 #2515720

      So now I am confused again, thought this was sorted out.

      I have two with the same date, one in

      c:\windows\System32\drivers\ identical to the one located in the


      Do I install the December updates or Defer until the January updates?

      Win 10 Home 22H2

    • in reply to: MS-DEFCON 3: Windows 10 22H2 may leave you blue #2514641

      For Win 10 21h2, I see only one hidparse file.

      Is it safe to update for Win 10 home or just defer until next month.

      Addendum: I have paused updates until 1/14/23.

      Win 10 Home 22H2

    • in reply to: After you install updates that impact printers…. #2468230

      Is this for enterprise use or for Windows 10 Home?

      Any issues with Windows 10 Home 21H2?

      Win 10 Home 22H2

    • in reply to: IPV6 Question #2454817

      So the reason I do not connect to the IPV6 is:

      1. could be antivirus software
      2. could be the local address is not recognized
      3.  could be the WLAN driver or wifi card
      4. none of the above

      When I search for the ISP address I come up with the IPV4 but not the IPV6.

      When I search in my hardware and connection properties, I see an IPV6 address but I am not connected to it. Not sure I should even be concerned, but did have it before.

      Was thinking it was the last windows 10 update and or the AV software settings.

      In the AV settings it says the firewall settings block inbound and outbound ICMPV6: Direction IN/Out, computer, local subnet, communications: Specific, Protocol TCP

      Allow: Outbound ICMPV6, direction outbound, computer. Any, Communications, protocol, ICMPV6

      Win 10 Home 22H2

    • in reply to: IPV6 Question #2454694

      My ISP address does not show an IPV6, just IPV4.

      Since I am not sure what you are asking, the laptop show the wifi connection to the router and shows the connection to the ISP. I see the IPV4 physical address, IPV4 address and mask, gateway, default gateway server and servers.

      And then a local IPV6 address but no connection to the gateway.

      So, either the ISP has changed settings and I no longer connects to IPV6 or something is outdated like the router, blocking it, a firewall, or just does not connect. I thought it might be the wireless card and needing an update with a driver.

      I’m not sure if I really need to pursue it, I happened to check it and wanted to know if it is something I should be concerned about.




      Win 10 Home 22H2

    • in reply to: IPV6 Question #2454324

      Norton is the antivirus; I am wondering if the AV has placed a firewall on IPV6 or the router or the WAN/WLAN.

      Or it is the router itself and the way the ISP is broadcasting in this area now.



      Win 10 Home 22H2

    • Question: After the May 2022 updates and reboot, my IPV6 is no longer available.

      IPV 4 is fine.

      Could this be an issue with the May Updates?

      Win 10 Home 22H2

    • in reply to: IPV6 Question #2453701

      I checked the website and it appears some upgrading was done in the area.

      Therefore, it is the service, or the router.

      What does this mean in the event viewer:

      WLAN Extensibility Module has Stopped



      Win 10 Home 22H2

    • in reply to: IPV6 Question #2453392

      I do not have any need for IPV6, I just noted that in checking in Norton, the IP address for IPV6 was lost. Was thinking it was the AV Software or a driver or even the router.

      There are no connectivity issues with IPV4.

      I happened to look at the network connections and saw that it was missing.

      Could be the ISP as they were working in the neighborhood.

      I had a reboot of the internet last week, just noticed it now after the reboot in the evening when they sent the signal.


      Win 10 Home 22H2

    • in reply to: Can you install Windows 11 home without a MS account? #2403913

      When I did a clean install for Windows 10 I disconnected my router altogether.

      First of all, I don’t want Windows 11 on this laptop. If I wanted it I would purchase a new computer or maybe not at all. Have not decided yet.

      Three questions:

      1. Can you disconnect the laptop from the internet connection in your home rather than cutting out the internet all together? It’s just that the router will have to reboot and why go through that if it is not necessary.
      2. If you already have Windows 10 home on a local account, will it ask you for a Microsoft account on an existing laptop, meaning not a clean install, as the Windows 11 is installing and upgrading over the Windows 10 on your laptop (not a clean install).
      3. If I do not want Windows 11, is the registry edit available to keep on Windows 10 version 21h2 (November latest and last update for Windows 10), likewise if Windows 11 is in the Feature update, can I opt not to install it?

      Thanks for the information.

      Win 10 Home 22H2

    • in reply to: Do not want Win 11 #2398549

      I  never check for the updates, however, when paused and want to update, is it then acceptable to resume updates? That’s the way I have been doing things.

      Win 10 Home 22H2

    • in reply to: Time to block vNext #2394961

      In the Windows Update section it states my PC is compatible, what do I do to prevent Windows 11 and will I need a Microsoft Account, which I currently do not have in Windows 10 since I have opted out of that when I set up this computer. Currently I am happy with Windows 10 and not ready for Windows 11. If I am offered as a feature, I will not download as optional update.


      Thanks for your input and future reply. 🙂

      Win 10 Home 22H2

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