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      I’ve used Classic Shell for years … anyword on a version for Win11?

    • Alex5723, thanks for responding. I’ve done all of what MS has suggested. The clients were all working properly. It was only after each client was updated with what I believe was the fall feature update 1904(?) Not sure … but the clients will not connect, no matter how many times I try with the connector software. After literally exhausting the forums, there’s still nothing that plainly explains why suddenly these clients can’t connect to the server.

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      Thanks again,


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      Tried that route, but it was a no go. But the bigger problem was not long ago, I found that one of the Mushkin Reactors was starting to fail. So that very well may have been what the problem was in the first place. I’ve since went back to a single SSD as my system drive and will look at an upgrade very soon. Thanks for the reply, much appreciated.

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      I as well, with the registry hacks. As a small business owner who might work on three or four computers a week, I find it refreshing to have an app that that will safely do the work that the registry hack does. However, I don’t mind getting into the registry every now and then. Keeps me sharp!

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