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      Not having used any Kaspersky products and based solely on descriptions of Kaspersky Data Vault, it seems VeraCrypt could be a drop-in replacement for it, assuming their Password Manager piece doesn’t tie directly/integrate with it.

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      What is your DFS root name? That should be somewhere in the UNC path. For example, let’s say your DFS root is named DFS. In your case the UNC path would look like this: \warstar.comDFSprofilesstudentprofile. Not sure referencing a DFS link/share would work with just the domain name in there.
      Basic info on DFS and namespace characteristics

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      I used something similar to this to finally and reliably print from non-MS clients (Linux, Mac, whatever) to my USB-connected laser. Laser is connected to a Win7 x64 Pro box.

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      Former Roboform user here. I jumped to http://www.lastpass.com and haven’t looked back. You don’t need to pay anything unless you want portable or mobile access to the data via a native client. If you do, it’s only $12 /yr. Some folks have an aversion to cloud-storage of such data but Lastpass has committed to a “trust-no-one” approach. It will also import all your exported Roboform entries.

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      Just found a vendor which builds systems running ElementOS. It’s based on Xubuntu and includes a bunch of media management software and XBMC instead of Myth for TV and such. The prices look very reasonable to me for what you get.


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