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      Thanks, I just tried this.  We’ll see if it works.  I keep wondering also why CCleaner shows a bunch of Edge stuff cleaned up, which did not happen before (I only use Firefox.)

      If any of you experienced people can point me in the right direction on another problem (Windows 10); after the latest update, once again, I’m asked to put in the password to use the computer.  I have saved articles before, since it happens once in a while, not every update.  I need to find a place this is discussed.  Thanks a million!

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      OK, found it online again; I should have saved it last time this happened!  Very simple procedure, I just couldn’t remember the correct steps.  One solution online does not work.  The one that works is on howtogeek.com.  Involves settings, accounts, sign in option, change, confirm current password, next leave BOTH fields blank with no new password.

      Maybe this will help others who are not experts!  Learning by doing!  Of course it’s only safe for a computer in your home that no other people touch.  Had it set this way for ages until the updates mess it up each time!

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      Thank you, I’ll try that!

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      Mainly I don’t want to have to use it to log on to the machine.  It’s the Microsoft account that I had to have, I think it was starting Win 10.

    • I just reviewed all my notes. Early in the game, when I cliked on “more information” re 3112343, it was the only one that mentioned anything about W 10, so I hid it. Now I’m wondering about 3109094, b/c I didn’t want to risk downloading that one either, after what pernel said!

    • I tested the patches one at a time and found that KB3109094 triggered this. The other ten went through without creating this problem. Does someone know exactly what this patch contains that changes the validation?

      Thank you for pinpointing that particular update. I patiently downloaded each update, hiding this one that you identify. Thank goodness the “not genuine” notice never appeared again. It takes time b/c some of the updates require a restart and one has to wait for the whole process to finish after each update installs. I assume you had the “not genuine” problem too? On my list of things to do yet is to contact volume licensing at MS. I don’t know if they have any sympathy for someone who has no knowledge of a used computer having a volume license. If only they would be more open and honest about what their updates include.

    • I think you should call Volume Licensing.

      The update that triggers the license check may be a security update you need.

      It may also happen again next Patch Tuesday with new updates.

      I guess that will have to be my next step. I’m sure you know how people feel about Big Brother prying, I mean MS.

    • I did all those things jwoods and Sudo have been so kind to suggest and left the computer to download what I didn’t hide. It seemed that one, 3112343 especially, was related to W 10. I read all the descriptions hid some of them, and downloaded some since they didn’t seem to work one at a time. I don’t let anything update in general, btw, without seeing and choosing.

      So I went through this whole process and got the “not genuine” notice again just now.. I’ll just have to start over, and fortunately made sure there was a restore point. Yes, Sudo, I did all that also as you describe below in #43. I’ll do my restore now and start over later. 😡 Grrrrrrrr! Thanks again for the tips; sorry to be such a pain, but I really appreciate the help.

    • Click on each update and then on More info in the right pane, but one to look out for is KB3112343 which is a Telemetry (spy) one.

      3112343 is on the list, but I am having a terrible time! I try to download one update at a time, but the indicator goes on and on and never stops. However they show as downloaded, all of them, after the system restore, but in history of updates they don’t show up. Downloaded, but not removed by system restore? I can’t find out which one is related to W 10, that gave me the not genuine notice.

    • Glad to see at least one of the suggestions has worked 🙂

      If you find the offending update, will you let us know which one it is/was ?

      I certainly will. Right after the system restore the whole group of updates, 18! appeared again. Obviously I closed the window and will make a list of them when I have time, and research each one. I’m assuming it was a W7 update and not Malicious Softward Removal Tool or Windows Defender.

      Thank you again!!!

    • I assume changing the status of the Software Protection service and a reboot hasn’t resolved anything ?

      Did the Validate now link do anything ?

      To check the status of your install, go Start – type activate windows and press enter to see what that says.

      Did you run the diagnostic tool again to see what the licence type was ?

      You’re a genius to suggest system restore, thank you! I got rid of the not genuine message. Should have learned my lesson about updates with all the warnings about forced W 10 downloads. I’m sure it was in a W 7 update and I’ll do as you suggested, first read about each one, then go one at a time. The problem must be the volume license, and to try what you suggest above, doesn’t work. Says I don’t have authority, etc., I suppose b/c with volume license i’m not recognized as administrator, though I really am.

      So I’m in better shape now getting rid of the not genuine message, and I’ll try some of these other suggestions and maybe call about the volume license. Just don’t want to open a can of worms with MS.

      Thank you Sudo and all for so many helpful hints, I really appreciate it. I’ll go slowly now. A HUGE thank you!!

    • Sometimes when you change the status of a service to auto, it’s best to reboot so that service will be doing its job at start.

      I don’t know if one of the updates was the cause of this as others have reported the not genuine message out of the blue, but if you want to determine if any of the updates was responsible if you still have problems – then you could use your restore points back to before them.

      If you still get the not genuine message then post-updates may just have been coincidental or once it flags then it remains as such.

      If you no longer get the not genuine message then install just one update at a time until/if it returns – but hopefully what you have done since will resolve without the need to restore.

      Restore point is an excellent idea and then installing one update at a time. I’m so rattled by this that I didn’t think of that possibility.

    • Can you remember if it said OEM SLP or anything else as to the Windows Licence Type ?

      It’s possible that the Software Protection service isn’t running.

      To check this, go Start – type services.msc and press enter then scroll down to Software Protection.

      It should be showing as Automatic or Automatic (Delayed Start).

      While mine shows as Automatic, it doesn’t display it as Started, but you can do that by clicking on it then on Start in the upper left pane.

      If it isn’t showing as Auto then right click on it and select Properties and use the dropdown to change its status.

      I changed it from manual to automatic; it said “started”. I’ll have to run that tool again to see about your OEM question, and license type. I’ll also check the link in your last message. Thanks so much!

    • Unfortunately, I’ve seen this happen before.

      Update: I just ended a chat session with a Microsoft Answer Desk tech, and they suggested contacting Volume License Activation at (888) 352 7140.

      Thanks so much! I might try that.

    • It doesn’t say genuine anywhere. I’ve gotten the updates all the time I’ve had the computer, a year or two, so I hope they’ll continue.

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