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      This update mysteriously installed last night as I shut down (never saw any yellow update shield). This morning everything went haywire! Nothing would load or work on the computer and I finally managed to do a system restore. This seemed to solve the problem. I also googled the update and saw that there were many complaints about it, so we’re not alone. I won’t let that update install on either computer now. Maybe WS newsletter will tell us more. Try the restore.

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      THIS is only in response to anniewr! I understand in your first post that you are running XP.I have to ask if you have SP3 installed?Then the other suggestion I can only think of.Only for your situation!Would be to check to see if there is an update for your video card @ the Manufacturing site,for your machine.The best of luck.

      Oh yes, I have SP3 and all the latest updates. I can check on the video card idea however. If I run Belarc maybe it will tell me the video card manufacturer. Not sure how else to find that info. Thanks for the suggestions!

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      I give up!! Tried all suggested fixes for Ff 5 and FF 6 for scrolling, not responding. cutting off and restarting. Nothing works. What frustration FF has caused. Prior to these new versions ( which are awful), FF was my all time favorite browser. Started using IE9 yesterday, which I have not used for yearsand am so relieved. What a difference in it’s immediate responsiveness. Until someone tells me FF is fixed, I will not use it.

      I have found that FF has improved since I wrote the first question. However, we now use Chrome primarily, and have FF open to use for certain websites, because I trust the security of FF. I would encourage you to try Chrome instead of IE, even though IE has its stalwart fans. :rolleyes: Chrome seems to work very well and is fast, scrolling is fine. Good luck!

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      Let us know how you do with FF 6. I have been using both Chrome and FF, and saw the update for FF 6, which I’ll download after reading the CNET favorable review. Don’t like to jump into updates till there’s some feedback.

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      Thanks for all the input. FF is still acting strange re the scrolling, but maybe it’s not quite as bad as it was at first (after FF 5). In the meantime, until Mozilla fixes something, we’ve been using Chrome. Yes, it takes a little getting used to, and I prefer FF because of some of the features it has. We’ll keep using both for the time being, and at least I know it’s not just my computer if it’s a widespread problem! 😎

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      We don’t have a mouse with a wheel, but thanks for the thought 🙂 I have spent the last 3 days or so working on this problem, and that included trying Google Chrome. Chrome doesn’t impress me, one reason being that a good part of those couple of days was trying to find out how to import Firefox bookmarks. Finally did it, and others have had a problem with that aspect of Chrome from the beginning according to every forum I checked! Chrome does seem fast, but it has drawbacks in my opinion.

      BTW, I have examined all the FF options regarding scrolling, and they are set now, including satrow’s suggestion above. I’m convinced that FF will have to fix something that changed with version 5.

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      Thank you! It seems to help. I’ll see as I continue if that solves the problem completely. 😮 It’s too bad that when there’s an update to some of these programs, you have to go back and check all the options since some of them appear to change from the previous version.

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      I have to agree with the comment above that some of us are not advanced computer users! Sometimes my questions are prefaced with that admission. Too bad we didn’t see this patch warning until today (when it came to my inbox), since the patches were already downloaded earlier this week. The dot net patches apparently did not cause me problems, but I always wonder what dot net does and if I even need the thing!

      The main question I have is whether others have had a slow and jerky scrolling problem start after downloading FF 5? There doesn’t seem to be any other problem (except that something has slowed the computer). Anyone else noticed the scrolling problem?

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      JACKPOT!!! Thank you so much! I have been clicking Cancel after the previous steps, so I never got the Hide Updates box. It will be great to get rid of that notification and shield! I had forgotten how to get to that option.

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      Thank you, but none of that changes the yellow shield and notification appearing every day! There’s no custom option (which I always use); it’s this one update alone. Maybe next time there are other updates I can uncheck this one, download the others and this download will go away. I can always hope!

      Thanks anyway!

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      Thank you. I already removed the check mark a few times – there is no “no thank you” box, so the little shield appears every day! Thanks for the input.

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      I have done a bit more searching and some people have problems after this download. I don’t need it and don’t want it – I’ve decided. Now how long will the notice keep appearing when I turn the computer on! I’m getting tired of the little yellow shield sitting there all day :confused:

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      I suppose everyone knows by now that it was a Google problem. It took many days, but it is supposedly fixed now. I just happened to find the forum at Google and it was actually comforting to know that others had the same problem, although differing time gaps. Mine was always 14 hrs. ahead, others had many variations. You’d think Google would have let someone know, such as our ISP who obviously contracts with Google for their email! Let’s hope this is the end of the problem!

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      Google suggests checking your Windows time settings: The wrong time is listed for messages – Gmail Help. Gmail time may or may not be linked to the time zone you set in Google Calendar settings. I didn’t see any time zone setting for Gmail itself.

      Both the Windows and Google Calendar settings are correct for my time zone. The problem is that this issue comes and goes as of the last few days. Today it’s correct. I’ll keep pursuing it. Thank you for the suggestion.

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      I find it easier and simpler to avoid the Adobe Download Manager. To that end, I remove Flash via the Windows Control panel, both the ActiveX version and Firefox/plugin version. Then, I download the manual installers from Adobe and run each with its target browser shut down.

      Links to Adobe standalone installers can be found on http://www.FlashTester.org, along with the link to the Adobe page that reports on the installed version, Can never remember that link. Recent editions of Google Chrome will self-udpate the copy of Flash inside Chrome, assuming its normally installed, the portable version does not self-update.

      You’re a lifesaver! I just gave Adobe one last try and used your flashtester link. I finally got the version, first time all day I’ve been able to find it! And without Adobe DLM!

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