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      It should appear as “Shockwave Flash.” If that is not listed, is it possible you have only the IE (ActiveX) version?

      You’re right, it’s there as “Shockwave Flash”. The whole Adobe thing has my head spinning and must have confused me, easy to do! I’m going in circles with an update. Adobe’s info says we need version, but will only download what I already have. I’d better quit for today before I throw something at the computer.

      PS I just re-read the other thread on Flash updates and found a solution! Success at last using a link given there. See the thread on FF and Flash updates.

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      This is the up-to-date version.

      Having a similar problem with Flash crashing today, but I have the up to date version. The Flash plug in is shown in my “add/remove programs”, but as you show above, I don’t have it listed in the FF plug ins. What does that mean?

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      I’m trying to clarify the info here cause I’ve just dealt with this FF and Adobe issue. FF tells me that Shockwave Flash ( needs to be updated although it’s the latest update through FF. If I jump through the hoops and do it, all it does is install the DLManager, and no Flash update. Is the DLM the only reason I’m being told by FF to get the update?

      Update – Flash just crashed again.

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      if your OS is pirated WGA will bug you for good 😉

      It’s not, but I don’t have the install CD, never got one. I’d be up a creek if I ever had to reinstall XP. (I’m just a beginner/intermediate user and XP is fine for the light browsing and email needs I have.)

      BTW, Andy, I installed Avast the other day and really like it so far.

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      Once again, I thank all of you. I’ve done several things – already was using CCleaner, works well, did a defrag, downloaded Glary utilities (I like it), but the huge improvement came after I uninstalled AVG free. We are pretty much back to normal. I will find a new AV tool now. I don’t know what happened to AVG cause it didn’t cause a problem all the time we’ve been using it, until recent months. Wow, it sure takes a lot of time to track down these problems. Sure appreciate all the help!

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      Hi Annie – Some folks here in the lounge like the FREE MSE for for virus, spyware, malware protection.
      Microsoft Security Essentials

      Minimum system requirements for Microsoft Security Essentials

      I was checking into that yesterday, but it wants to install Windows Genuine Advantage. That might be OK, but in the WS newsletters, Susan Bradley warned about letting MS install that – apparently you can get false readings and MS tells you that you don’t have a genuine product. Do you think that’s a problem? Thanks, Tim.

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      This is part of a post in an unrelated thread …..

      Here is the part of the post that may apply here ….

      Sluggish XP sp3’s in the August time frame

      XP sp3
      Ram of less than 512

      behavior is that when they check in with MU that the machine is sluggish
      to unusable.
      Symptom is that the box is sucking more RAM on wuauclt.exe service

      Right now the only workaround is to flip the box back to WU

      Go into the control panel, windows update, change settings, scroll down,
      change (TEMPORARILY) back to Windows update until we figure out what’s
      going on.

      Got emails into WU folks and opened up a security case to get it
      investigated. Think it started occuring pre August patches but it’s
      really painful now. Holler if you are seeing similar.

      ” I am a LAN administrator and have been dealing with this issue the
      last couple of weeks. What a pain.

      I have had many of my XP machine with SP3 have the same problem. What I
      have observed is that wuauclt.exe uses 600+ mb of memory at peak times
      which turns a 512mb pc into a snail. “

      I think you are on to something, Tim. I had a feeling there was a change after one of the updates, and I also have seen in task manager that wuauclt is using a huge amount of memory after the boot. There has been a tremendous improvement since yesterday when I uninstalled AVG free version, however. Some have suggested Avast (rather than AVG), but on CNET there were really negative reviews of the new version 5. My detective work will continue, but you experts are awesome to help us!

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      Thank you so much, all of you, for the tips. I just returned from a trip and will start working on this issue again. You all have excellent advice. One thing I did today was uninstall AVG free version, and it seems to have made a difference so far, when I restarted. Even the boot time was cut in half, although the real test is what it does after the boot, waiting for the browser to open. Will see about that later. Again, thanks to all; you guys are great!

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      Please tell us more about the system. What are your hardware specifications – CPU, RAM, Disk size, disk used or free.


      Here’s what I see with Belarc. (Hope I’m doing this correctly.) 1.20 gigahertz Intel Celeron; 504 MB installed memory; 41 G disk with 29 G free. I use the computer for very basic browsing and email.

      I recently added AdAware, with Ad Watch Live; used to have an old AdAware that wouldn’t update. AVG is running, not just doing on demand scans. Are these two in conflict?

      Thanks again

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      Question for you, Doctor. This is the issue I’m desperately dealing with b/c of a slow start. In your list in blue letters, I know I can disable task scheduler (have heard it’s a big user), but are those other items some that can also be disabled in the services list? Thanks to all who help us beginner/intermediate types.

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      Thank you for the info about what some of those items are. I will follow the advice. Thank you to those in the lounge who are patient with some of us, those of us who are not at all technically oriented!

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      Bear with me, I’m no expert. This post is of interest b/c I have the slow boot problem – XP, all updates, use Firefox. The problem is fairly recent. I have disabled some things in startup, but what’s left is this – (I don’t know what they are, except tea timer) 53 apphk, WkUFind,, REGSHAVE, avgtray (AVG is installed), Tea Timer, ctfmon. Is there something here that would be causing a problem?

      I should add that in the task bar during this delay, the spybot symbol takes a long time to appear, although I don’t think it’s part of startup?

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      I was about to install MSE after seeing it discussed in an older Windows Secrets newsletter. In the process, MS wanted to do the “Genuine Advantage” check which I have avoided because of the strong warnings from Susan Bradley (I believe it was her advice). Apparently there is no way to get around that? (I’m using Windows XP with Firefox, and only use IE when absolutely necessary.)

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      Thank you for the advice. I’ll keep that in mind from now on.

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