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      Ah, I see.  Thanks for the link!

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      I actually marked this “Resolved” a few days ago, so I don’t know if anyone will see your question.  I certainly don’t know the answer to it.  If nobody does answer, you might need to start your own thread.

      I will mention, however, that back in the days of XP and even Win7 I used to move discs from machine to machine all the time with no problems.  (Prior to PnP it was very difficult to move drives from one system to another with any hardware differences at all.)  As long as Windows was registered, it was registered wherever you moved the drive.  And the registration didn’t just tie to the drive hardware.  You could clone it onto a new drive, pop that drive in your system, and it worked just fine.  I suspect there might have been problems if you tried to clone a drive and run it on a second system while still running the original installation, but I would not have taken that risk since I am both honest and a small business owner with a lot more to lose than a few bucks for a license.  I only did it when I was legitimately upgrading hardware.

      So it seems like you should have no problems, but I haven’t actually done it, so my opinion is probably not worth the bits it takes to store it.

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      Duh.  I originally looked for AppData, but only found Application Data.  I was looking in the wrong place!  It’s been a long day.  It seems to be all there.

      Thank you!

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      We have a nearly identical system on order.  I had planned to just stick her old drive into the new system and boot on that.  But it sounds like that will not go smoothly.

      The “new” system on order is actually a refurbished unit which comes with a refurb version of Windows 10.  Hopefully I can spend some time on the phone with Microsoft and somehow get one working system out of the two licenses that we’ve paid for.  But I don’t think I’ll add confusion by booting her old drive in my system first.  She’ll just have to tough it out for a week.

      Right now her drive is in my system but just as a data drive.  I set her up a user so we can switch back and forth and she can get to her files.

      Thanks for the heads-up and advice!

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      Hmmm, I hadn’t thought about the licensing issue.  I’d hate for Microsoft to invalidate it just because we used it in a different system for a week.  Would they likely do that or would it just refuse to run in mine?

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      Thank you. I will give these a try after the store closes. Can that cscript.etc be put directly into a scheduled task or should I put it in a .bat and call the .bat from the scheduler?

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      A couple of times I have found that the print spooler is not running (even though there is a default printer selected.)
      Is there a way to automatically double check or force the spooler to start? Again, perhaps another line in that login script or scheduled item that runs at startup or login?

      Thank you.

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      Yes, that works perfectly. Thank you!

    • in reply to: Show date in tray clock #1573951

      The only way I’m aware of is to make the taskbar double height.

      Hah! Close enough. I keep my taskbar on the side of my widescreen monitor. It is a far more efficient use of space than at the bottom. You can get a lot more tasks in view before they start to stack and a lot more little icons in the tray. Well the Windows 10 upgrade kept that orientation, but apparently subtly changed the dimension of the date or tray or something. I stretched out the taskbar a couple of pixels and out popped the date!

      Thank you very much for the suggestion.

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      What I meant by my question, did reverting to the original resolution after the upgrade cause any problems ?[/quote]
      Only that one or two of my apps had resized themselves and I had to stretch them back out. No problem at all, really.
      I don’t think there was ever anything actually wrong other than a flaky upgrade assistant. It just needed to be faked out.

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      Are you able to increase the resolution after the upgrade ?

      Yes, I immediately went back to 1920 x 1080.

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      Well I got an answer from a forum on the Microsoft website. It was blindingly simple. I changed the display resolution to 1024×768 and the upgrade went flawlessly.

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      I’ve never heard of the Media Creation Tool. Was the thumb drive Win 7 or Win 10? And did you upgrade the thumb drive then install it? I’m obviously confused right now, but this sounds like it might work for me if I can figure it out.

      Edit: I just found out about this page: http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/wiki/windows_10-windows_install/overcoming-windows-10-upgrade-failures/682df9cf-aecf-4d52-8df7-19e9f8dba4cc. It is called Overcoming Windows 10 Upgrade Failures and does use the Media Creation Tool. It looks extensive, so it may take me all day to actually try it out. (I do work for a living, too. 🙂 )

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      Nope. Still not compatible.

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      Whoa! Here’s a thing: I tried updating the driver from inside of the Device Manager earlier, but nothing happened. A few minutes ago I installed the driver package linked above and got the v10.18.10.3412 driver. I was just looking at it and thought “what the heck, I’ll just try updating it again” and now I’ve got v10.18.14.4264. Makes no sense to me, but I’ll take it. Now I’m off to see if the upgrade will work…

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