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      Are there other, better, options for reporting spam?

      You could use a non-Microsoft email client, then you avoid the header obfuscation and can forward the spam directly to SpamCop.

      I’ve been dealing with this for years and yes it’s a pain to manually copy header and content info into SpamCop’s web based reporting tool or any of the alternate methods for reporting email via Outlook.

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      If you are in Outlook, you can open a new email to SpamCop, then drag the unopened spam email into the text area of the new email, thereby attaching the entire spam email to the new email. Doing it this way will put the needed header info into the new email, without your having to open the spam email.

      If you can access any of your email accounts via Outlook, you will be able to utilize the above method for those accounts.

      I don’t blame you for not wanting to open the spam email. I wouldn’t want to open it either.

      This is what SpamCop says about attaching the spam; https://www.spamcop.net/fom-serve/cache/122.html

      Thusly, if you are running Outlook you *may not* forward your spams as an attachment for processing. You can copy/paste or look into running mailwasher or some other 3rd party add-in/add-on but you must stop forwarding as an attachment.

      At the bottom of the linked page they do offer some suggestions using 3rd party tools.

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      Yeah, I remember the marketing that they put out in the early days of NET… It’s a Rapid Application Development Environment, they said. And then they showed the picture of the guy punching out his work then spending the afternoon surfing (or whatever). It’s all BS. If I’m not writing twice the code it’s 3 times as much as it took in VB6.

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      I’m a straight VB guy and don’t mess around with VBA very often, but when you reference a row or column isn’t its index usually 0 based?

      This is what I usually have to do to loop through columns and rows.
      For c = 0 To numColums -1
      For r = 0 To numRows – 1

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      This is what it looks like from my Win10 station


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      I do a lot of remote support for one of my clients. I use two different tools.

      If I want the user on the other end to see what I’m doing I’ll use UltraVNC and it’s configurable to blank the remote screen. No logoff is necessary unless you need to login as admin and that can be done as well. Otherwise it’s Microsoft’s Remote Desktop which is nice if I need to move files around between my pc and the remote. Remote desktop logs off the remote user so I use that mostly for server logins.

      It’s free: http://www.uvnc.com/

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      Will try this when time allows. But I’m wondering, did you deselect the Intel services, or leave those in?

      I deselected everything except Microsoft services.

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      I have been fighting spammers off and on for years. According to SpamCop you should NEVER acknowledge your existence to unsolicited emails by unsubscribing or clicking any links in the email. Once they find out you’re alive then it’s game on. Obviously you would do different for emails that you have subscribed to. You can try to put these guys on your block list but spammers are like locusts and once they consume one resource, aka get caught and blacklisted, they move on to another. I report all my unsolicited emails to SpamCop. It takes time to resolve spam issues but the more people that participate then the better the effort will be. One last resort if it becomes intolerable is to ditch your email address and get a new one. I wish I had better news.

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      I had a similar problem and tried many different “fixes” that I got off the internet. This is what worked for me, your mileage may vary.

      Run MSCONFIG
      Deselect all services except those from Microsoft.
      Run Windows Update

      Now, it may take a while for Update to do its thing, perhaps hours, but leave it be until its done. Assuming that it works and you reboot your pc whatever number of times update requires, you can then go back to MSCONFIG and re select the services that were previously disabled. You should be good to go from that point forward.

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      FINALLY!!! I’ve been keeping a close watch on the feature upgrade and they waited until today to post it. Access is now available in the business and business premium suites.


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      Like Easter, many of the dates are whats called a moveable feast so they’re different every year anyway.:)

      Thanks for the link. I’m actually flying a Valley Forge flag. I’m not looking for the dates per se but a calendar or addin to Outlook that denotes these particular days. If I can’t find the addin then I can modify the calendar to show them.

      As far as the floating holidays, I’ll just have to deal with them individually or make a mental note.


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      Have you looked at Interesting Calendars?

      Not until you just mentioned it 😎 The article didn’t lead me anywhere but searching for the term “Outlook Interesting Calendars” is proving some leads. Thanks!

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      What is a “flag flying holiday”?

      cheers, Paul

      Paul, Yesterday was a good example. It was Pearl Harbor day here in the US. It’s not exactly a holiday but a day of remembrance. The more popular ones are holidays such as Veterans Day, July 4th, and so on. The standard US calendar in Outlook doesn’t denote any particular day as being one to fly the US flag.

      Here’s one listing I have found. There are many others; http://www.crwflags.com/fotw/flags/us_days.html

    • in reply to: Alternative to Exchange? #1586080

      Thanks Joe! You’ve inspired and given me the confidence to take a shot at performing my own migration. I’ll study on it a bit and get my plan / schedule together.

      Paul, thanks for the suggestion. That makes perfect sense to me. I’m also going to give my folks a “heads up” on the potential for loss of service during the transition.

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      If all you have currently is Outlook data migration should not be that big a deal. See these articles – Ways to migrate multiple email accounts to Office 365 and Microsoft Office 365: Make a Smooth Move to the Cloud.

      Do you have more than one email account to move?

      Thanks for the links Joe. My situation is simple… just one email account is all I have on Exchange.

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