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      Hi Rick:

      Welcome to the lounge.

      I understand that an .xlr extension indicates a Microsoft Works file. You could try changing the extension to .xls

      Failing that, I think Open Office can open .xlr files.

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      Many thanks!

      It was changing the X-Axis from a Date Axis to a Text Axis that has done the trick – the gaps in the chart have now disappeared.

      I thought I knew Excel pretty well, and then they bring out a new version . . .

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      Thanks Steve. I am obviously being totally thick, so I have attached the file – 2007 version!

      . . . and I used to get on so well with the earlier versions of Excel . . .

      and now I can’t get how to remove the xls version from this post, so I guess they’ll both be attached.

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      Thanks for your prompt response, Rory. However (from memory) your instructions apply to 2003, which unfortunately I no longer have, it having been mysteriously deleted from my laptop when I installed Office 2007 (arrrggghhh).

      As per the title of my post, this chart is in 2007 (although saved as 97/2003 compatible) so any further suggestions would be welcome.

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      Hi Christine:

      FWIW, since you want grey, you will always get a shade of grey if the RGB values are all the same,

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      You can select print in reverse order with Office 2007.
      Go to “Office button”
      Select “Word option”
      Select “Advanced”
      Scroll down to “Print”
      From there select “Print pages in reverse order”

      Can I add my thanks too – somewhat belatedly, as I was unaware of replies; my email notifications do not appear to be working.

      I actually returned to this thread to say I had found an option in my Printer Settings (see att’d s/shot) but the solution already posted by ababenchrist seems preferable.

    • in reply to: How do I eliminate a “0” in a target link #1184892

      Thank you Nathan
      That’s what I will do then,
      In cells A24 and AP24 and target cell (AW24) I’ll use conditional formatting that will display “0” with same color as fill color for that cell, this will give the illusion of invisibility. I like it thank you.

      An alternative (doing away with the need to apply conditional formatting to each relevant cell) is to change the setting for the whole sheet to not show zero values.

      Click the Office Button/Excel Options/Advanced. Scroll down to the ‘Display options for this worksheet’ section and de-select the ‘Show a zero in cells that have a zero value’. This setting only applies to the active worksheet.

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      Hi Gary:


      Not what I was hoping for, but not unexpected either!

      Thanks for the response.


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      Select the data range:
      Edit – Goto – [Special]
      Select “Blanks”

      Now the blank cells will be selected. In the active cell, enter an equal sign(=) and then select the cell above it, putting in a formula. Instead of [Enter] to confirm it, use Ctrl-Enter and this will put the formula in all the cells, filling all the blanks with a reference to the cell above it.

      Select all the cells
      edit – copy
      edit – pastespecial – values
      to convert the formulas to values…


      Thanks Steve – this is just what I remembered, but couldn’t find!

      Of course, being 2007, the Goto command is in the Find & Select group of the Editing Tab – but I used F5 anyway.

      Many thanks for your prompt help.

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      I have some data validation set to allow from list. There are only 4 items in the list and I would like to populate each item by typing the first letter, but this does not happen. Is there a setting somewhere?

      Another possible workaround, since you only have four items on your valid list, is to enter each of the allowable entries at the top of your data column (these rows could then be hidden). Entering the first letter below would then automatically show the full entry with auto-complete. I don’t know if you would find this suitable in your case.

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      Thanks for that. It provided a solution that had been escaping me for a while!

    • in reply to: Install problems in Vista #1151634

      First, you should make sure you’ve got Windows Installer 4.5 installed. Get it from:Download details: Windows Installer 4.5. Make sure you download the version for your system. Windows Vista is Windows6.0. If you have a 32-bit Vista you want the x86 version. If you have a 64-bit Vista you want the x64 version.

      I recommend you start another thread about Windows Update so things don’t get confused here.



      Thanks for your suggestion. I went to the link and d/Loaded ‘Windows6.0-KB942288-v2-x86.msu’ as suggested, but it only went as far as the attached s/shot and stopped working. So, I am no further forward with getting Vista to behave, unfortunately.


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      You probably have to install this with administrative privileges. Locate the installation file that you have saved in Windows Explorer, RIGHT click on the file, and select “Run as administrator”.

      Thanks for your response, John, but yes,I did select “Run as administrator” and got the result I mentioned in my original post. Any other suggestions I could look at to get Vista to install software?

      I have also had problems with Windows Updates not working; I don’t know if this is connected, or is a separate problem. (Oh, for the days of Windows XP!)


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      Thanks for the link, Stuart.

      It gives me something to point to, next time someone asks me the question – even if I don’t understand it myself!

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      Thanks Steve (I think confused )

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