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      Yea it’s installed, that’s not the problem.

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      For some reason, my last attempt appeared to fail, so if this is a repeat post I apologize.

      Anyway, the program totally failed to start on my system.

      I get an error box with a big red x telling me: “Sorry, WeatherMate 4 was unable to start.” ” The requested security protocol is not supported” ? What a security protocol has to do with this working or not I have no idea. Windows 7 home


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      So I think it’s pretty obvious that for some of us, this is the end of the road for Windows. As a long-time Windows user, I just don’t see a path forward from here. I think at this point the only answer is to go to some version of Linux. I’m not happy about this but it seems every new version is a new learning curve. So why not just make the ultimate switch to an OS you can actually trust? The downside of course is that it is a big change at the fundamental hardware level of how the system operates. This has been the reason I’ve held out so long. I’ll always keep a version of 7 around unpatched to do the chores I just can’t figure out how to do on Linux. I had hoped MS would come to its senses but of course, that has been a pipe dream for years now. Their agenda sadly doesn’t have anything to do with usability for its users. Since most of what I do anymore occurs in a browser I just see less and less reason to even consider upgrading any further.

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      This isn’t completely true, but it’s very close.

      Some people cannot get this to work without passwords, some can. The difference is something to do with the exact security setup of the PC, but I have never completely got to the bottom of everything you need to get it to work reliably without passwords.

      Edited by StuartR to add…

      See this post for an example of things that you may have to do.

      I think you hit the nail on the head here. I’ve had just enough limited success to say it can work but not on a regular basis. This has plagued me for a number of years now, and I’ve never found an answer to it. Heck I’ll just add password protection to all the XP Home machines and see if my troubles disappear. You wouldn’t think in a home environment you would need logins since it’s assumed you were in a trusted setting, you would think MS would have considered this. But of course I’m sure their reply would be you should be using XP Professional.


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      Do you log on to your XP computers using a password? As far I know, you cannot connect to a remote XP computer when that system has no password protected user account(s). It’s been a while since I’ve been using Windows 98, I don’t recall whether it behaves differently in this respect.

      One of the downsides of a workgroup environment is the lack of a computer registering which resources (shared folders, printers) are available and which aren’t. Discovery of networked resources will take place when the network interface is initialized (at system startup), this process may not be repeated until the next power cycle (unless some application triggers it, of course). So typically, the last system to boot up will show more devices in “My Network Places”.

      Actually you can connect them, but you very well may be on to something here. Most of the machines I have trouble with are XP Home and they don’t have login passwords. Interestingly enough the one Home machine that always works ok does indeed have a login password. It never occurred to me that a lack of a login password would have any effect on networking in a peer to peer setting. Probably mostly because it never has in the past with older versions on Windows.


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      If your XP machines aren’t seen by your W7 machines then you could be suffering from the Link Layer Topology Discovery Responder installation snafu in XP/SP3. You can repair that by following the instructions at http://x3webworx3.sp…1.0&sa=42397501.

      Sorry but that wasn’t my issue, this has been going on for years now long before even Vista.


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