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    • There is a Firefox add on, “Customized Google”, that allows the personal identifier to be turned off. There are some other toggles that can, supposedly,improve your privacy. However, when you try to install other (free or paid) security (or other) apps you get the message “the app is not compatible with Customized Google”. My system tells me that Customized Google has not beenupdatedin a very long time. I suspect that it will never be made compatible so I stay with the older versions of other apps when I can. It would not surprise me if that app is now owned by or controlled by Google.

      There is another FF add on, “Hide My Ass Proxy Extension“, that you can use before going to Google search. I really don’t have anything to hide and no money to steal but I love to play the game with corporate clowns. That being said, however, they probably have found a way to get what they want. They usually do.

      Although others knowing everything you do online seems benign at this time, you must consider the future. If the spooks in black helicopters put pressure on any company or individual, it is easy to believe they can get anything they want from whomever they want.

      BTW most of the apps mentioned here were found by reading “Windows Secrets”. Someone with more time should look into Customized Google to find out what is going on.

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      The problem is MSE quits installing if if finds ZA on my machine. Perhaps six months ago, the installation worked ok. On my machine, at this time, the MSE will not install with ZA. That prompted my question of why MSE would go out the way to block the two way firewall while keeping an inferior one way firewall as a part of the OS. If there is no other suggestion on a work around I will have to remove them both, put MSE in first then put back ZA, although I like the older ZA much better. And I am very lazy.

    Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)