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      Thanks for the help Mark but it did not work. It said it could not find date1 and date2.
      I did go back and change the field named DATE to DATEE so Access wouldnt get confused. In your original line above it said could not recognize “##” and “##” so all it saw was the number signs without date1 or date2 in between. I tried ” and [ ] in different places and all I got was coul not find date1 and date2.
      Thanks anyway

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      In the on click event of the command button that runs the macro it already has the name of the macro there. I tried to put it in other events but it just says unable to find “part number”. Even when put in quotes, it still thinks it is looking for a macro. I dont see how this would work anyway since the form is not even open at this point so the unbound text box in not even in existence yet. I guess this just can not be done. Thanks for trying to help though.

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      In this data base there are six part numbers. Each has four different lenghts and two colors. I have a query set up for each part number with each length. So there are 24 queries. I used [type color] parameter in each query to avoid making an additional 12 queries. You may ask why I didnt just use a [type part number] paremeter too. I wanted to make it easier one the user to just click one button and type in one color number instead of typing in (part number)(length) and (color). When the command button is clicked, it opens the form and it runs the set value command and uses the right query and the query only asks the user for the color number. But if there is no stock the form comes up and a control says “NO STOCK”, but since there is no record, it shows no part number so the user has to remember the correct (part number);(length) button she clicked. That’s why I would like it to show the part number.
      Thanks again for trying to help

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      I have a query for eacn part number so it doesnt have to be typed in a parameter box. A command button on the menu form
      runs a macro and changes the form record source to the correct query. So when the form opens and there is no record in the query, all controls come up blank in the form.
      I want the part number to show even though there are no records.
      Thanks for your help

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      The part number is in the Criteria field in the query in quotes. But if there are no parts in stock, the query comes up empty so the part number doesnt show in the form.
      I dont understand how you would put a control in the form that would show that criteria in the query.

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      I’m still using Access 97 and I email reports to our parent company in Texas. They do not have to have Access. As a matter of fact nobody back there has Access. The viewer is a stand alone prog. I just emailed them the viewer and they installed it.
      Cary Chapman

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      This may not be your problem, but I know for a fact that it solved my problem. While trying a Word merge from Access for labels, it also opened a second “Access”. What was causing it was this. When you create an Access DB you can set the start up options like the opening form and you can give your database file an application name that appears on the icon on your task bar. This name was causing word to open a second Access. Once I removed the “application name”, it stopped opening the second one. I hope this fixes your problem. By the way this was with Access 97. I dont have 2000 yet.

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      Well, looks like Im not going to get an answer to this one. But thanks anyway people. I have gotten a lot of good advice before from this place. Guess Ill just have to hit the books again.
      Thanks Cary

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      Access 97

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