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      You might want to try deleting the drive from a bootable disk, like from a partitioning application.

    • I paid a little over a thousand for more 8 core. It’s too bad this thing wasn’t available at the time, I’d easily slap
      $1700 down.

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      950 Pro-With any gaming (Fallout 4) it climbs to the high 40’s

      I don’t see a concern here, those are excellent temperatures.

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      Outlook 2016 will take a bit of getting used to.

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      You can but you have to wonder how long that will last. I really like WLM and am really going to miss it but I guess it is time to move on.

      I bit the bullet, so to speak, and moved on. It seems obvious now that MS is not going to support WLM as a desktop application.
      As far as MS goes, it’s desktop Office Outlook or their non desktop grade mail app. You might find a work around for WLM, as I have no doubt others may have,
      but ultimately it’s doomed from a MS perspective.

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      If you’ve created the alias, then you can only receive through the alias, if you send through the alias, then it’ll be sent through the other “primary” address
      and you’ll get copies through both. (at least I think that’s the way it happens) Go back in to the settings and see if you can reconfigure them.

    • If a WU or upgrade is not compatible with the hardware you have, it simply won’t install.
      Besides, if MS does make a major change based on newer hardware over the horizon, you’ll get plenty of warning.

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      If your WLM client is via a web based Hotmail or outlook account then your contacts will follow you.
      You can also export email messages and contacts from WLM to an empty folder in a secure location.

      Some more info…

      Configure Outlook with an Outlook.com (Hotmail), Gmail, Office 365, Yahoo, AOL or iCloud account
      Configure Outlook to connect to an MSN email account
      Configuring an Outlook.com account in Outlook
      Outlook and Two-Step Authentication for Outlook.com and Hotmail accounts
      Configuring an Outlook.com account in Outlook
      WLM email messages to outlook 2013

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      Actually, it is quite simple. Just tried it out in Outlook 2010 a few days ago.


      Go to File > Options > Info and click Add New Account (at the very top). Very little information required – the rest is automatic and the account wil show up as IMAP.

      If you want POP3, then you will have to click Accounts Settings > Click the dropdown box, click New in the window that opens and enter the details to activate. You may have to enter your password again if a new box opens up.


      see http://www.ghacks.net/2009/03/14/hotmail-pop3-configuration/

      Notes :

      1. You will have to import your contacts and may want to change the default settings for email account.
      2. In your Hotmail account (browser), you “may” have to enable POP3
      3. You may have to install Microsoft Office Outlook Connector



      Thanks Mike, that helped. I’m up and running.
      WLM is history. 🙂

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      Outlook is pretty much your only choice other than pure web based.
      Outlook is a major pain in the ass to set up for my Hotmail account because of their “Exchange” tech.
      One will need a third party app (Authenticator) to generate a password to get through two-step authentication.

      I’ll be setting it up in the next week or two, will advise further.

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      Get both an SSD and a high capacity HDD.
      You’ll want to keep the SSD as lean as possible and a 100GB drive will do.
      The second thing you’ll want to look into is linking many of your folders that store data in, to the
      higher capacity HDD.
      On-line backups schemes are fine, but ensure you remain in control at all times, which means data on your system
      that stays on your system. Tertiary backups can also be made to external drives and DVD ROM disks as well.

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      I use SpyBot Anti-beacon to disable the P2P updates, along with may other pests.

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      Clean install as above, but first get with your brother to ascertain what can reasonably be salvaged in terms of applications.
      As to whether or not you are actually running WX, load the system page.

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      Quirky stuff happens, I know, I’ve come across it from time to time too.
      Sometimes I’m never able to get to the bottom of it.

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      It might of been helpful to know what was in Norton’s logfiles regarding the “problem”. [?]

      Run a check disk on the main drive to ensure it’s error free.
      Then try one of the following commands to remake your bootfiles…

      bootrec.exe /rebuildbcd * bootrec /RebuildBcd

      Then open an elevated command prompt and type “bcdedit“, without the quotes.
      Look closely to ensure all your bootfiles are located on the main drive.


      Windows Boot Manager
      identifier {bootmgr}
      device partition=DeviceHarddiskVolume1
      description Windows Boot Manager
      locale en-US
      inherit {globalsettings}
      default {current}
      resumeobject {10144819-765754675675 70bcdb1c2}
      displayorder {current}
      toolsdisplayorder {memdiag}
      timeout 2

      Windows Boot Loader
      identifier {current}
      device partition=C:
      path WINDOWSsystem32winload.exe
      description Windows 10
      locale en-US
      inherit {bootloadersettings}
      recoverysequence {43564576536475675fdghbd/?#!67745676}
      recoveryenabled Yes
      allowedinmemorysettings 0x15000075
      osdevice partition=C:
      systemroot WINDOWS
      resumeobject {5765437trhtrrt-8aec-84654865566c2}
      nx OptIn
      bootmenupolicy Standard


      It should look something like the above.

      How to Modify the BCD Store Using Bcdedit
      Edit Windows 8 BCD (Boot Configuration Data)

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