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    • RetiredGeek,

      Thanks for the suggestion and link. The link lead me to the AutoCorrect Options. I enabled the Perform name Auto Correct, and then enabled the Log name Auto Correct changes.

      That brought up the option of seeing tables Name AutoCorrect Log and Name AutoCorrect Save Failures. Looking at the Failures table, I found one form that consistently failed because it could not be saved. I tried to open it, change it, and save it and it failed to save for me also. Since this is an old form that has been superceded by a newer version, I deleted the form.

      Now the Object Dependencies feature is working for me. 🙂

      Thanks a lot,

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      Hans, I found the backstory behind this Access 2007 ‘feature’ on the msdn web site. Clint Covington’s entry dated Jan 6, 2007 is copied below and is avail as the last post in
      “I can give you the story about auto repeat. Shortly after beta 1 shipped I wrote a spec to update the visuals of a number of aspects of the UI to be more modern and look more consistent with the new status bar, ribbon, navigation pane, etc. The navigation bar use to have a heavy 3-d look that stood out like a sore thumb. A developer on the team ended up re-writing the control with some new technology components (the original control was built on some very old internal technology that din’t support the new visuals). As part of updating the visuals we missed the auto-repeat feature.
      “You posted about it in this forum a while back and I went and talked to development about bring back the feature. The code was written in a way that he couldn’t use the old logic to do the auto-repeat functionlity. They looked at it and determined end user benefit didn’t out-weight the risk of taking a largish new code change, test the code, fix bugs new bugs, etc. I had a hard time arguing that the feature was widely used by current customers.
      “I should have replied to your original but it took a while to get the final resolution to the issue.
      “I feel bad that the feature was missed in my original spec–honestly, I didn’t know it existed until you mentioned it. We have a bug in the system and I expect it will get fixed in the next version.
      “We haven’t seen bugs entered by beta customers expressing major performance problems with ADPs. If a customer does have perf problems that are new to 2007 we certianly will take a look at the issues and likely fix it through the QFE process. So far, I haven’t seen those issues…
      “IMO – if you look at the list of bugs Allan lists as fixed in 2007 it seems to me that the fixed issues are far more critical than the new to 2007 issues. That said, we are looking at some of the issues on his list for SP1.”

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      Thanks Hans! That is exactly where the priority is set. You have made my work much easier. I deleted the top numbered styles and promoted my styles to 4-10.

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      I thought of deleting unused ones, too, but was confident there was a more elegent solution. I notice that when I right-click a sytle in the Styles Box (a style that also appears in the Quick Styles Gallery), it has a ‘Priority: xx’ on the last line. These priorities might be used to set the order of styles in the Quick Styles Gallery. Any idea how to access these priorities?

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      Thank you Hans for the guidance. And congratulations on over 50,000 posts!! 🙂

      I had selected the Find box because it keeps a list of the previous finds. That allows me to reselect a previous record in the same session.

      I think that I will move on now. Your comment exhausts my efforts to close this Find box automatically.

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      Attached is a screen shot of my IE | Tools | Internet Options | Connections tab.

      I am using XP with SP2 and all patches up through KB912919 installed.


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      (Edited by HansV to make URL clickable – see Help 19)

      This post thread reflects two problems that I have encountered over the last two months.
      – Open Internet options dialog, make any changes, hangs on clicking OK
      – Computer seems to take 15 seconds to Apply something (post 539,593)

      In my case, I can open Internet options and Delete Files without the hang. But, doing anything else in Internet Options causes the problem.

      The other symptom, taking 15 seconds, is encountered whenever I open an IE page that requires dial-up. If I am not connected to the internet, it takes 15 seconds for the dial-up box to appear (I do not allow automatic dial-ups for IE). I know from other tools that I use, like Process Explorer http://www.sysinternals.com/Utilities/ProcessExplorer.html%5B/url%5D that there is nothing going on in the background. The dial-up dialog just takes 15 seconds before it appears.

      I suspect that this is caused either by malware (virus, spyware, etc) OR by a setting that tells my computer to try the internet link for a while (15 seconds) and then to request a dial-up box if the connect does not begin. I am hoping that it is the latter, and that someone knows where the 15 second setting might be.

      Thanks in advance. smile

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      Thanks. The Select WIndow|ArrangeAll seems to work well.

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      Thanks so much for your refinement of the mirror technique. That is really slick 🙂 Works like a charm!!

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      I appreciate your response. I see how flexible this mirror range can be 🙂

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      Thanks a lot. I see what you have done. I think that I will try to have the mirror range as a different worksheet.

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      Thanks for your reply.

      I usually use the data in hours, and I get all data in hours, so I enter it that way. But occasionally, I want to report days instead of hours.

      How do I develop a mirror-range? That sounds like what I need. Would the mirror-range update as I add or change data in the Hours sheet?

      Appreciate your response.

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      Sorry!! I will repost in Excel.

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      Thanks Mary.

      Interesting that I had to go under Customize Toolbars | Commands | View to find the Automatic Formatting command. Then I had to move it to my toolbar to use it (it was not under the regular Tools menu).

      But it works as advertised. My problem was that similar names were being assisgned the same color. Using Automatic Formatting, clicking the Conditions button and under the Advanced tab, I was able to edit the condition from “Contains” to “is (exactly)”. That resolved my problem.

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      I believe that labels cannot shrink. That is why you do not find a Shrink property on the labels. Change the labels to TextBoxes, set the source to your label text, and set the Shrink property.

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