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      The best way to contact the Newsletter administration is to use the Contact link on the link bar at the top of the main Lounge page. This is the contact link that allows you to send a message related to the Newsletter. The Contact Us link at the bottom of the Lounge page is only for reporting Log in difficulties and adminstration issues involving the Lounge Forums, and does not include the Newsletter.

      The Lounge Feedback and Announcements Forum is not recommended for posting Newsletter issues and problems – only Lounge issues.

      I hope this makes clear the proper reporting channels for expedited communications.

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      Latest Update: Late yesterday afternoon, Apple released another Java update through Apple Update. This update not only closes the vulnerability that gave Flashback an open door, but also removes any traces of Flashback variants that may be on user’s systems. So, if you have not taken any steps to check for and/or remove Flashback, this is the easiest method to apply.

      This new update also disables Java from automatically running on Macs, but if you find that you have an application that requires Java, you can re-enable automatic Java applet execution by running the Java Preferences application located in you /Application/Utilities folder.

      Hi Ted, I know it is an uphill battle to convince some Mac users to change their thinking about malware. However, I am trying to reach Mac users who should know better than to swallow the myth that Macs are not vulnerable to malware – the ones who also use Windows. Quite a few users who have a Mac now, still use Windows machines as well, and their Windows experience should make it easier for them to understand that any OS with the right market visibility, is vulnerable to malware, and they as users have to take responsibility for their own security. The school of hard knocks is one of the best teachers we have.

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      Any housekeeping/cleaning done in Windows should always be accompanied by at minimum, a backup of the Registry, or at least that portion of the Registry that is affected by the housekeeping. CCleaner’s backup feature has worked well the few times I have used CCleaner to remove some orphaned keys from my Windows machines’ Registries. And I rarely do any registry cleaning.

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      Hi Venu and welcome to the Lounge!

      There is no need to temporarily disable MSE when you scan with the free edition of Malwarebytes.

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      Hi Diane,

      As a consumer preview beta, Windows 8 should be installed as a clean install. It is not ready for prime time, so doing an upgrade install will not give you an accurate assessment of the current state of Windows 8.

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      I use Firefox 10.0.1 and I can see the video player displayed on the Newsletter page when I click the link in my Newsletter email. When I arrive at the Newsletter page containing the embedded video, I click the video start button on the video display.

      What version of Firefox are you using? And have you checked all your settings for playing embedded video. Firefox works fine for me in the Lounge, and I rarely use any other browser here.

      The “play the video” text link just takes you to the page where you can click the video start button.

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      yantouk, have you tried the Microsoft Install/Uninstall Trouble Shooter, as has already been recommended twice in this thread?

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      beckan0123 is definitely a spammer with a history, now permanently banned and post removed.

      Thanks for your watchfulness guys.

      Have a great evening.

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      This thread is on Moderated status because of OP’s confused and confusing remarks.

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      Thanks, Jock. I am aware one must be logged in to see the ‘Thanks’ button. The ‘Thanks’ button was missing on my browser screen when I posted that remark back in July. When I restarted my browser, I could see the ‘Thanks’ button again.

      That may be one for Ripley’s Believe It or Not! 😉

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      Using capital letters i.e. “GROW UP!!!” corresponds to shouting in speech. Let’s keep things civil in these posts.

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      I have removed your duplicate thread in the Forum Feedback, Questions, and Announcements Forum. Posting the same problem in two forums is cross posting and is a violation of the Forum Rule #14. Please review the Forum Rules as members are required to know and abide by the Forum Rules. You can find them under the FAQ link at the top of the Lounge page.

      If you really want assistance for your issue, please provide more detail as the Loungers in this thread have requested.

      Please confine you posting concerning this issue to this thread.

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      Thanks Jerry,

      That is a great summary to refer other Lounger’s to in the future. I have noted this thread.

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      Hello Bobprimak and BruceR,

      There is no secure log in for the Lounge. The only secure connection for the Windows Secrets site is for payment of the Newsletter subscription. There is no compelling reason to have a secure log in to the Forums.

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      That was a very good game to watch….can’t say that about every Super Bowl! Good to see the NFC do it again.

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