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      Thanks Rui and Sudo15,

      When I checked EPM was already unchecked so it looks like the problem lies in both IE11 AND my old version of RoboForm. As Rui pointed out, SiberSystems seems to be aware of the problem already. So, I’ll either have to wait for RoboForm to get updated or, maybe start looking for a different password keeper.

      Any suggestions?

      Keep in mind, I have used RF for so many years that a new one will need to be almost a clone for my 74YO brain to make the switch. Oh, and it will need to fit our very fixed budget which will be cheated again next year with only a 1.5% increase.

      For right now, I’ll Restore to IE9 then give IE10 another shot.

      Many Thanks, again

    Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)