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      Big thank yous to zeddy :fanfare: and Maudibe :fanfare: for their help. The code provided works great. I modified it to take into account all of the data and currently having others (that even have less knowledge than I about how things work) testing to make sure they can use it. Seems pretty fool proof though. Thanks again for all of the assistance. I learned a ton. :thewave:

      Thanks to everyone in the lounge for being so willing to share and help others, regardless of their skill level. It is just a great community.

      Thanks again,


    • Thanks for all the great questions. To answer: email to be sent each and every time relevant status change occurs. all status cells are on the same sheet. anyone with access to the sheet (on a shared storage server) status will change by person inputting a new “status” (red, yellow or green – word) into the status column for their work group. email addresses currently are stored in outlook. I can make a distribution group in Outlook (managed by exchange server – all members through this server) if that would help.

      Thanks again. Hopefully the attached helps.

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      Hi all. Thanks again to those that have helped out. :fanfare:

      In reviewing my posts, perhaps I haven’t provided quite enough information. As a wise individual said to me…. provide as much information as possible and don’t assume anything. What may seem obvious to you, may be a complete mystery to others. As a result I am posting again with what I hope is complete information and that my questions might help others learn.

      Situation. Our non profit organization needs to collect data from a number of various organizations. We are attempting to do this by providing each organization with a workbook, (which will be provided to them in an email though MailChimp that will contain a link so that they can download the “blank” workbook) containing userforms that they are asked to complete and submit back to us. Each organization will have their own workbook and all data is kept separate from any other organization. I will end up with about 60 individual workbooks.

      for each workbook there are 4 or 5 userforms that will be utilized, transferring data to 4 separate worksheets. The user that will be inputting the data will want a printed copy of what shows on the worksheet. The userforms are working correctly (still need to make a few minor adjustments), but what needs to happen each user will select print and based on selecting print for each worksheet the inputted data (even blank cells with the data), will be printed with all cells within the “range of data” will be printed with borders. I’m hoping that makes sense. A number of people have provided solutions, but for some reason, when I attempt to utilize their solutions, I don’t end up with borders around each cell for each worksheet. Users will likely print by worksheet and not print the workbook. Code has been inserted in “this workbook” to try and achieve what I am hoping to do with printing. It should also be noted that users will likely go back several times and add data to the various worksheets. I have attached the workbook as it currently exists and would appreciated any help that may be provided. It is a zip file through 7zip. Hope it works :crossfingers:

      Please note. There are still part of the instructions to be added to take the user to the appropriate userform.

      Thanks again for the great support provided here in the forum.


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      Thanks to both Maudibe & RetiredGeek for all their help and input. I’m actually begining to understand things a little better. I will let you know how things work out when I apply your advice as provided. Thanks again. It is people like you and Donald Guillett who previously helped that help to make the lounge R O C K! :thewave::thewave:

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      Thanks all for the help. However I guess I didn’t make myself entirely clear. I need borders around each cell within the range, whether or not the cell contains data. In trying to use Maud’s two examples, in one, only the cells that acutally contained data had borders, while in the other, it formatted the sheet to the maximum number of rows, rather than the range. I believe this happens because there is a formula (hidden at the top of one of the columns that sums all the values entered). I don’t kow how to make the formula only reference to as far as the inputted data goes. In other words if there is data in column 3 all the way to row 10, it would sum that data, or if there was data all the way to row 563, it would sum all that data. It all depends on what the “user” enters. Hope that makes it a little clearer than mud. As I said I’m a relative noob to using VBA, but want to learn. I think my rationale for why Maud’s bordering on each cell formats to the end of the maximum amount of rows makes sense, but could likely still be incorrect.

      So in summary I need every cell (within the range that data has been inputted) to have a border whether or not it contains data and for this to happen automatically when someone goes to print the worksheet that the data has been transferred to through the userform. I have attached a short spreadsheet to show the columns and an example of how not all cells will have data within them. 38229-sample-data

      If any additional help can be provided it would be greatly appreciated. Between all the advice I’ve received here and some of my own learnings I’m relatively close to a useable document.

      Thanks again.

    • thanks…. had downloaded both the 32 bit and 64 bit runtimes… reran the runtime install and now things seem to be working… maybe didn’t register properly. Thanks. You made me look again and try reloading the runtimes.

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      Thanks… that helps a lot.

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