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    • in reply to: Windows 10 Anniversary Update arrives โ€” slowly #1573279

      My Windows 10/64 partition (a clean install) updated painlessly. ๐Ÿ˜Ž
      For my Windows 10/32 partition (an upgrade from Win 7/32) I’m still waiting for the update to be offered. :^_^:

    • in reply to: Default printer choice does not stick #1542324

      Go to Settings | Devices | Printers and scanners. Turn off “Let Windows Manage my default printer”. Then click the printer you wish to be the default and click on the “set as default” button.


      Thanks, Joe,

      That scratched my tummy exactly where it itched most.

    • in reply to: upgrade to Win10 in dual boot environment #1540206

      With”fastboot” on, the PC remains in the Windows 10 environment, and is not completely powered down. It is in a low power state, not “off”. With a PC in BIOS/MBR the BCD store is on the boot drive, and resuming from hibernation simply calls the “resume object” …
      (blue emphasis is mine)

      So if I remove the power overnight (pull the battery or the plug of a desktop), it won’t resume any more, because the low power state is then fully powered down too. That’s easy enough to test.

      Not that I will actually test do the test, as I don’t use “fast start” nor hibernation anyway, because I don’t like a hibernation file, a pagefile and temp files on my SSD (I configured Windows to write pagefile and temp files to the HDD, to limit the activity on the SSD).

      Well, thanks guys. It’s been an interesting thought experiment.

    • in reply to: upgrade to Win10 in dual boot environment #1540062

      … Do you see the circling marbles? If so, it’s not the Windows 7 bootmgr. … The Windows 7 bootmgr will be white letters on a black screen. …

      As nobody else will ever access my computer – while I’m alive, that is – I configured it for BIOS/MBR boot. Win10 is default OS.

      With fast start ON the monitor shows at power up:
      1. the computer dealer’s splash screen (no owlish head), + the message Resuming from hibernation, all white on black, and NO setup or boot order options,
      2. the Win10 logo, light blue on black, and the ring of tail chasing marbles, white on black,
      3. the Win10/Win7 boot options, light blue graphics on darker blue, like in your bootmgr 8 clip, and further on the same behavior and looks, i.e. it reboots on Win7 choice.

      With fast start OFF it shows:
      1. the computer dealer’s splash screen + the setup and boot order options, white on black
      2. the Windows boot manager menu with 2 boot options, white letters on a black screen, no marble circles appeared yet,
      3. from there on it proceeds directly to the chosen option (no reboots either way), marbles for Win10, animated logo for Win7.

      Still confused … :huh:

    • in reply to: upgrade to Win10 in dual boot environment #1539742

      What I describe won’t happen using the Windows 7 bootmgr, but it will happen with the Windows 8 and Windows 10 bootmgr in a dual boot setup.

      Trust me.

      Windows 8 bootmgr

      Windows 7 bootmgr

      Hm, I’m confused.

      In october I repartitioned my system SSD, which restored my PC to its brandnew (Febr 2015) and virginal condition, or almost anyway. Then:

      1. I clean installed Win7/32 to the *4th* partition.

      2. The boot manager showed 1 entry: Win7.

      3. I clean installed Win10/64 to the *1st* partition and as default OS.

      4. The boot manager still showed only 1 entry: but now it was Win10.

      5. Win10 running, I coaxed EasyBCD to put the Win7 entry back in the boot manager as secondary OS.

      6. After shutting down from Win10 with fast start OFF, the PC behaves like in your Windows 7 bootmgr video.

      7. After shutting down from Win10 with fast start ON, the PC behaves like in your Windows 8 bootmgr video.

      So finally, which boot manager am I running? 7 or 10? :confused:

      I would say 10 because Win10 was installed after Win7, but you made me doubt my sanity. :huh:

    • in reply to: upgrade to Win10 in dual boot environment #1539728

      … Windows 8/8.1 and 10 bootmgr partially load the default OS before presenting the boot menu; choose the non-default OS and it requires a complete reboot, a needless delay.

      I think that’s because you’re using Win10’s ”hybrid shut down”.
      With this feature enabled, Win10 partially hibernates instead of fully shutting down. Win10 calls it ”fast start-up”.

      What you describe won’t happen if that feature is disabled.

      The switch to turn hybrid shutdown ON/OFF is in
      Settings / Power & sleep / Additional power settings /Choose what the power buttons do / Turn on fast start-up (recommended)

    • in reply to: upgrade to Win10 in dual boot environment #1538645

      … every time i make an assumption about Microsoft, i end up paying dearly for it. ๐Ÿ™

      You think ??? :rolleyes:

      A disk image saved before you do anything else may save your bacon.

      If after the upgrade to Win10, its bootmenu doesn’t see Vista any more, EasyBCD[/url] will probably get it back.

      Something similar happened to me with firstly Win7/32 + secondly Win10/64 in dual boot.
      EasyBCD put the dropped Win7 entry back in my bootmenu.

    • in reply to: Windows 10 – mouse hover – #1538034

      How to get rid of bringing to the front windows by simply hoovering ?

      Navigate to
      Control PanelAll Control Panel ItemsEase of Access CentreMake the mouse easier to use

      In there you’ll find a setting for:
      Activate a window by hovering over it with the mouse

      I guess you’ll want that setting OFF (UNchecked).


      For hoovering you need a vacuum cleaner, not a mouse. ๐Ÿ˜†

    • in reply to: Big W 10 update. #1537447

      As far as I can see from a quick check on the interweb, that is a freeware driver that either came with your computer or you loaded. Are you saying that a Windows update reinstalled it???

      No. During the clean install Win10 must have acquired my Clevo’s Hotkey drivers containing the Insyde software. But in Device Manager the Insyde Airplane Mode Mini Driver was marked as not correctly installed.

      Because, for me, this airplane mode is unneeded, I uninstalled it.

      That proved to be useless as at reboot it always comes back (and still incorrect). Even after uninstalling it AND deleting its driver files.

    • in reply to: Big W 10 update. #1537329

      I don’t know precisely when Microsoft blew kisses my way. But the November update to 10586.3 version 1511 started when I switched my computer ON on Friday 13th, 19:15h Redmond time. Clearly the Windows updates team ignores superstition. :^_^:

      The download took 5 minutes and the actual installation of the update another 25 minutes.

      It went without a hitch, probably because when the update started, my local date and time was Saturday 14th, 04:15h, not Friday any more.

      A little remark though: the active window now has a coloured title bar, your choice colour. I like that, grabbing to drag is easier.
      Except … the settings folder and its subfolders, their title bars remain white. :huh: I wonder why.

      That pesky Insyde Airplane Mode HID Driver reappeared in my Device Manager. ๐Ÿ˜ก

      As I will never use my too-heavy-and-large-to-tote-in-handluggage notebook during a flight, I uninstalled that device again, assuming this won’t impact on any other devices. But I also put it in the list of hidden updates, hoping it will not reappear with a next update.

      Am I wrong?

    • in reply to: Run 16-bit apps in Win10/32? #1537310

      Thanks for your opinion and advice.

      First I would try running your DOS apps in DOSBox. I’ve had good results with that.

      I’ve already tried that. Didn’t work.

      If that doesn’t work I’d convert a working machine into a Virtual Machine using Disk2vhd, then run it in VirtualBox. …

      That seems much too complicated for the rare times I need to access the old data.
      And the barebones Win7/32 is already in place with the old data *and* able to redirect LPT1 to the USB printer port.

      Now I’m thinking that I might leave things as they are. My old data files will never again need modifying. As my Win7/32 installation runs perfectly well and will also not really need any more updates ever again, I can configure it to NOT connect to any LAN and to NEVER update. That partition can just remain unconnected and its files unchanged forever. As for backups, a single one-time-only image (but 2 copies) will suffice.

      And finally, there’s my old laptop with the old data that still works OK and that also doesn’t need updates any more.

    • in reply to: DISABLE Windows Update #1534002

      So how close did you come to making it look like Windows 95?

      I’m pretty close now. :bananas:
      Not yet 100 %. But each time I install an app (and I have several to go), I’m reminded of some tweak, and I proceed to do that in between installations.

      So gradually I’m getting there as you can see in the screenshot of my king-size desktop.
      (There’s a photo as wallpaper, but it’s NSFW. That’s why I covered it with other objects. :blush:)

      I’ve always made Win 98, Win 98 SE, Win XP, Win Vista and Win 7 look like 95.
      Though I skipped 8 :blink:, for good reason I think.
      Except for its light green desktop colour, the Windows 95 look is still my favourite.


    • in reply to: From 7 Home Premium to 10 Pro #1509079

      See ”What are the editions of Windows 10 available?” for many details about Windows 10 in one place.

      I made a wrong assumption. The Microsoft Community article What are the editions of Windows 10 available? states that Windows 10 Home 64 bit can address up to 128 GB RAM. (Thanks Joe)

      How much RAM does each edition of Windows 10 support?

      Windows 10 Home 32 bit 4 GBs
      Windows 10 Home 64 bit 128 GBs
      Windows 10 Pro 32 bit 4 GBs
      Windows 10 Pro 64 bit 512 GBs

      As I’m not in a tearing hurry, I’ll delay my upgrade until a Windows 10 Home ISO, or equivalent, is actually available and not just predicted/announced.

      Thank you, guys, for your thoughts and remarks.

    • in reply to: From 7 Home Premium to 10 Pro #1508619

      What exactly is a “portable PC”?
      All in one PC, MicroATX motherboard PC, Laptop?

      It’s actually sold as a notebook or laptop or what-have-you.

      BUT … It now has several external devices permanently connected to it:

      1 eSATA 1TB Lacie HDD
      2 USB 2.0 1TB Lacie HDD
      1 USB 2.0 400MB Maxtor HDD
      1 USB 3.0 2TB Lacie HDD
      1 USB 2.0 256MB stick
      1 USB 2.0 smart card reader
      1 USB 2.0 DVD player/burner
      1 USB 2.0 flatbed scanner
      1 USB 2.0 Logitech mouse transceiver
      1 USB 2.0 inkjet printer
      1 USB 2.0 cable ready for a Tomtom GPS navigator
      1 USB 2.0 cable ready for a Garmin GPS navigator
      (with 4 powered USB 3.0 hubs)
      1 transceiver for a wireless headphone
      1 ethernet cable for internet connection

      One can hardly call this a notebook. It’s a home office system.

      Disconnected from all externals, the machine becomes portable, but still no laptop because its cooling air intake is on the underside.

    • in reply to: From 7 Home Premium to 10 Pro #1508618

      It is very unusual for a retail PC to have that much RAM. Are you sure that the machine has 32GB of RAM and not a 32GB SSD?


      With 30 years DIY hard- and software experience, I know better than that. Still, one can appreciate and applaud your concern. Thank you.

      Actually my portable has 16 GB RAM at present, but with two slots still free, I plan to add another 16 GB, before or maybe after transiting to Win 10 Pro, but certainly this summer.


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