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      What have you tried so far the get the Windows Vista DVD to boot?

      Have you gone into your computer’s BIOS to change the boot setting to alow for booting to your CD/DVD drive?
      (Usually pressing the “F2” or “del” key upon boot gets you into the main BIOS screen, it may vary by make and model).
      Pressing the right key upon boot can also bring up the boot menu, usually F10 as an example.
      Clean the CD/DVD with warm soap and water and dry with a soft cloth.

      …Your links is broken as of this writing.

      Thank you, I got it to boot, and Windows installed, but I have a 232 GB Hard drive and only 144 GB available. I cannot find the other 88 GB. I wanted to reformat but I think I selected something wrong. During install I got a message that said my files were in a file called “Old Windows”. After installation the check disk utility ran and changed a bunch of things, I couldn’t read fast enough to figure out what was going on except — deleting corrupt files and restoring orphaned files and something to do with “1432”

      …How do I fix the link, or will it re-connect?


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      Hello out there…

      I got it to work but I think I selected the wrong option. The installation is going to put my files and settings in a folder named “Old Windows” I don’t think this will reformat the hard drive.

      Also, I was wondering about partitioning does that help? Can I put programs on a seperate partition from the operating system, I don’t know where I got this idea from but I thought it was the Vista for Dummies book But I couldn’t find the info.


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      Hey Folks,

      I’ve tried twice to reformat the hard drive following Woody’s instructions, But the computer refuses to boot from the CD.

      Any suggestions?


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      Thank you JB,

      Thank you – Thank you! I got to thinking about it and the thought of such a large amount of data streaming through the house might not be so good– no just kidding. I agree the quicker the better, less chance for issues. I hope this is not a silly question:

      Should I plug in to the ethernet before I shut down for the reinstall, or does it matter?


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      Can I plug the ethernet cable into the router and if so how do I know which recepticle, I don’t see any lables on them and cannot find the schmatic for the sockets — only one that explains what the lights are for.


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      You are correct as everything you need for the reinstall should be on the disc. Enter your password and it should connect. Your choice but I would use an ethernet cable for installing the updates and downloading programs. The cable will be much faster than wireless.

      You are wise to ditch the Geek Squad. In my opinion their work leaves a lot to be desired. You can usually get the help you need on the various forums or by using Google.


      Thanks JB,

      I needed that touch of confirmation, both for the disc and on the geek squad. As for the ethernet I’m not sure I can connect directly, I think I have to buy a cable or something, plus I don’t know where the socket would be– our Internet is cable to an old desktop, then to the router. I don’t much understand all these cable connections yet. I’m lible to get tangled in something I shouldn’t.


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      Its best to have all the drivers you will need for devices such as the wireless interface. If you are installing from a recovery partition or discs and the wireless was original then those drivers will be included in the install. If this is an install from a retail or OEM disc or the wireless is an addon then chances are you will need the drivers beforehand (burn them to CD), and its critical to have those because its not like one can use that computer to go online and get them until the wireless is working.

      Once you have installed or reinstalled the wireless drivers there may still be some configuration needed to get it to work but it should be fairly easy; you may be asked at the time of wireless driver installation and recognition by the computer as to the nature of the network/connection or be able to figure it out after the fact in the Network and sharing center (I don’t really run Vista anymore but I think that part is like Windows 7 if I recall correctly) if you don’t get connected automatically.

      You should not have to mess with the router unless there have been some special rules set up or some features disabled to help halt automatic connections for security reasons. You also will have to establish the connection to work again with any encryption if it is in use.

      Thanks Byron,
      If I run into any trouble with the disk, I have the driver names and version numbers to download from Gateway– Heres hoping I won’t need them.
      Thanks again

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      Thanks JB,

      It’s the router here in the house, secured. I am doing a reinstall from the OS disk that came with my computer, rebooting from the disk to reformat. My computer is a Gateway T-series with wireless built in. I’m assuming the driver for my computers’ wireless is on that disk. Well– hoping now?!
      Geek Squad did some work for me several months ago and my computer hasn’t acted right since, so I’m not going to use their disk this time. I have a lot of changes to make about the way junk goes back onto my computer– too messy for words. Following Woody’s advice about how to work with files, folders and where to put them. (Reading Vista for Dummies) and using a Computer Concepts textbook for structured lessons. But I need to use the computer for the lessons, so, I sort of have to put the cart before the horse, or something like that.


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      Thank you Paul,

      I wasn’t sure if my computer would automaticaly detect the router or not, from what you say — it will not. I’m not quite sure how to re-establish a connection if my computer dosn’t automaticaly see it. I am just learning, and I’m not familure with the terms, and jargon.

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      Thank you for your patients.

      Sorry it took so long to get back, I had a lot to do and only very little free time. I tried the sfc /scannow, I did it twice to be sure — it just quit at 76% during the varification scan. Very uneventful, it did not ask for the OS disk, or the recovery CD.

      What should I do now, My computer still can’t configure updates or install them, all updates fail.


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      Perhaps not, I didn’t realize it was a space between sfc_/scannow, (no I won’t use the underscore). Thank you

      It’s always harder to detect what “isn’t”

      Thank you, Evelyn

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      I know I’m cluless — but how do I learn what is correct if I don’t ask for clarification. I’m not trying to be impossible, or be a smart_ _ _! I can’t help it if you think it’s too obvious for me to miss. I missed something — so please. I’d rather you just told me straight out– go to a computer shop, or re-install windows. Ignoring me is not the right thing to do.
      Sincerely, Evelyn

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      I still need help– if anyone else is willing, please, I think I’ve used up all of Paul’s ideas– I keep hitting dead ends with everything he has had me do. My issue changed somewhat about 8 posts ago. Back on the 28th I was preparing to reinstall, and he advised me not to. So we have been trying different things ever since, but to no avail.

      Any Ideas out there?!

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      Tried the sfc/scannow “just as you typed it” my computer can’t find the file– Do I need to put in a drive letter C: or D: and/or the OS disk or was I correct to just type it in as you typed it.

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      Sorry about the size, I really thought it would be smaller.

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