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      Hey Thank’s I didn’t know about the right click on C drive.
      I did that but nothing turned up. I’m going to try finding the system file checker, though I’ve tried to find the management instrumentation software when you suggested it before, but the computer said it couldn’t collect information, see post #18, ———-) also I know the diffrence between the discs ——— I have TWO disks the one Best Buy ask for was the one they made for my computer, but just so you know I havn’t gone off the “deep-end” yet– I’m sending the picture.
      ——–) I understand your frustration with me, I really am having a lot of trouble. If it makes you feel any better I am frustrated with this operation too.

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      Well, I’m trully stumped. I’m ready to throw this thing across the room. If I could buy a new one I probably would!

      My computer can’t take updates either– Updates Failed!

      Now What, No Management instrumentation, No Updates, Not an Administrator, But the d____ thing is working somehow– what gives?

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      Can’t Collect Information. cannot access the Windows Management Instrumentation software. Windows Management files may be moved or missing.

      Under the heading System Summary, I have three plus boxes, 1) Hardware Resources, 2) Components, 3) Software Environment in the left file tree. With System summary highlighted I get the above information “Can’t Collect Information…”

      I selected Components, then storage, then disks, the same message comes up “Can’t Collect Information…”

      If this is an administrator problem how do I become an administrator for my computer, I tried going through control panel to “user accounts” and that didn’t work. Is ther another way? I’m beginning to think that Best Buy removed or moved this stuff so I would be forced to bring my computer into their shop.
      I am running Vista Home Premium on a Gateway T-series laptop, which Gateway dosn’t even want to support any more. I purchased it in Nov. of 2007.

      Back in November I had to take my computer in to Best Buy because I spilled water on the keyboard, at the time I had a “drop and spill warrantee” that was a month shy of expiration. They changed some of the hardware. When I droped off the computer they only asked for my restore disk (the one they made when I purchased my computer) but they didn’t want my OS disk said they had one there. Could they have just loaded the restore disk without the OS disk? or maybe loaded the wrong OS or some other unexplained event?

      Do I have to worry about the graphics program at the same time or can I get these other issues worked out first?

      Thank’s for your Help, Evelyn

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      They are suggesting I do a complete reinstall, which will wipe out everything. It may be my only option as they don’t seem to have any tools to fix the disc, other than a reinstall. If there are other options do you know of them and will you pass the info on to me.

      PS: Should this really be a new thread? Since my origional issue is is resolved.

      Thanks, Evelyn

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      Should I go to Microsoft windows or Gateway– I have the gateway laptop running vista home premium-32-Bit?

      Now I just got the windows update — I forgot to change the update settings, my computer wants to shut down. Is ther a way to stop it once it starts?

      I read someplace on this site that I should setup as an administrator even though I’m th only one using the computer. It’s been several days so I’ve forgotten where that was.

      Ok I’m going to gateway, first maybe they can help me with the graphics software too. It’s telling me that I don’t have the authority to change it.


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      Thank you!!

      I put in the Operating system disk and followed the directions– It worked. I don’t know why Best Buy said I shouldn’t do it– unless they were trying to sell service. I didn’t really need to back up files either, everything is as it should be. I know it is a good idea to back up files anyway, and from now on I am going to. They scared me to death for nothing.

      I do have one little thing that might be a glitch, I got a red X warning that I didn’t have permission to change catalist controle settings, Catalist is a registerd trademark of something, The icon is ATI and it has something to do with graphics. but I don’t have a clue other than that.

      Do you hnow what that might be?

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      Am I in the wrong forum?

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      OK– I tried to boot up again. Here is what I get on the screen:
      Windows failed to start. A recent hardware or software change might be the cause. To fix the problem:

      1 Insert your windows installation disc and restart your computer.
      2 Choose your language settings, and then click next.
      3 Click “Repair your computer”

      If you do not have this disc, contact your system administrator or computer manufacturer for assistance.

      File: WindowsSystem32winload.exe

      Status: Oxc 000000f

      Info: The selected entry could not be loaded because the application is missing or corrupt.

      That is where I left it, I shut it down. I have two disks; one from Gatway: Operating System Disc, the other from Best Buy “Geek Squad” when I purchased the computer Titled: Gateway T-1620; Recovery Disk 1/1

      Sincerely Evelyn Mitchell

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      Ok, Paul you said: “When do you get the message asking for the CD? Maybe we can sort it out without repairing.
      cheers, Paul”

      …So what do we do next? I have my laptop battery charged, but I havn’t turned the computer on yet to try booting it up. The last time I did, I got that cryptic black screen (something like DOS used to be), asking me to put in the Operating System disk and hit repair.

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      Will it also backup programs so I don’t have to reload them complete with keys or codes? I looked at their website, if they copy the programs too, they didn’t say so in a language that I understand. Also it looks like I would have to understand some programming stuff– which I don’t!
      Basically I know how to turn the computer on and off and run some programs. I have a very tight schedule and if I had the money I’d pay someone else to do this for me but I’m stuck. I take care of my parents and they don’t understand the phrase “Please wait, just a minute” or “I’ll get it in a minute”, I’m in school to change careers (maybe I should change it to computer issue fixer). There is a lot more but I’ll spare you the drama . You guys were so great the last time I needed help, and I really appreciate how much patients and (knowledge) you are willing to impart.

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      Once you do this format, after reloading the OS and apps the way you want them, the first thing to do is create an entire system image so if this happens again you can save lots of time reinstalling apps and bringing data back.

      Thank’s Ted, Paul
      I have a Gateway laptop, and don’t have an “out of the box” copy of Vista. I have what they call a restore disk, that they made for me when I bought my computer over 2 years ago. Geek Squad put my files and folders on an external HD so I could take advantage of a special they were running to get the back-up and the HD for 155.00 rather than just paying the 99. for the back-up to CD’s. I went that route already back in November –I had spilled water on my keyboard, luckily I had the drop and spill protection at the time, so they fixed it free, but I still had to pay for the back-up.
      I am really interested in backing up my computer –Programs, OS and all– like a shadow or ghost copy. –can that be accomplished with Vista Home Premium? Geek Squad said I couldn’t do it.
      I don’t have the foggiest idea how to start this so you’ll have to pretend you are helping your great-grandmother, I hope I’m not asking too much.

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      Thanks a bunch,

      That worked, not just puting it in compatability mode but also adding the website to the tools menu in compatibility settings. I will now deleat the copy of IE7 that I have on my desktop.

      I don’t know what I would do without you guy’s make a mess of things most likely!

      Thank’s again,

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      You can’t just install IE7 with IE8 already installed.

      Does it make a difference if you turn on compatibility view in IE8 on that page, or if you add the site in Tools | Compatibility View Settings?

      Thank you I’ll try that.

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      I’m glad to hear that you are getting things straightened out. So many hardware problems can drive you crazy until you figure out that it’s hardware and not software. It’s nice to be thought of “first” though.

      Sounds like Moms is a “safe surfer”.

      For the stripes and tiling in your browser, contact WOW support and they should be able to get that right for you or walk you through a “fix” on the phone.

      Window firewall is good, as far as it goes. The problem is that it only protects you from inbound threats. If you should get some of the newer generation of nasties on your system, as you have now seen that it is very possible for things to get onboard without your knowledge, they call home and invite their friends and then lower your defenses form the inside to let them in.

      A good third party firewall like ZoneAlarm (tutorial here) or Comodo will prevent 99% of these things from ever getting in or out without notifying you that they are trying and ask if you want to allow the connection. The Comodo download includes an antivirus program as well, but gives you the option during the install process to select to install just the firewall. Pay close attention if you choose this one to be sure you only install the firewall. There’s a tutorial for Comodo here.

      I’ve used ZoneAlarm since it first came out and have absolutely no complaints about it. Others here run Comodo and are equally pleased with it. Both are FREE for personal use so make sure you download the free versions and not a free “trial” version (look before you click).

      A scan that takes “forever” is better than an infection you can’t get rid of or takes days to clear with the help of a team of experts on an antimalware forum like BleepingComputer.com

      Keep us posted with your progress and let us know if you have questions or problems.

      Doc Watson,

      I wasn’t complaining, for all the headachs that program is going to save me when the chips are down and I need to use my computer I’m more than happy to let it take all day!!

      Yes Mom is a safe surfer, she is beginning to get a little braver though. I showed her our thread she laughd but was quite pleased at the support you provided and says she will contact you if she needs help. She also likes the varied topics that you cover (forums). I’m pretty sure my brother will to, he’s a seat of the pants kind of guy but not afrade to ask for help when he gets cornered.

      ———-) Will I have to disable the windows firewall????????????? Oh and what about the new important update for defender (KB915597 definition 1.59.789.0)

      Thank’s again

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      You are welcome!!!!

      Thank you for letting me know I so apreciate your, and your friends and collegues help and support.

      I lost my internet connection, a modem in it’s “death throws” was causing most of my problems. WOW cable came out today and replaced the modem and power cord. One of the reasons I like WOW cable, they never leave us hanging for long. So that is why I hadn’t gotten back to you before now, but just so you know you are the first person I thought of, I havn’t even checked my email yet. I will do that later.

      A nice caveat for F-secure, on my Mothers computer, she did not have any malware at all.

      I’m still getting tiling and odd stripes in my browser window though. So what about this “fire wall” I thought windows had a good one.

      Very Sincerely,

      PS: The full scan took forever but it found 17 more malware infections on my computer.

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