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      Doc Watson,

      The Malwarebytes thing found 217 infections, I had to restart to get rid of some of them. I only did the quick scan so far. I think it might be a good idea to do the full scan.

      I am grateful, Thank you,
      I will be recomending you to every person I know!!!!! ( starting with my Mother)

      The wave is for you and your helpful staff.
      ———) (—————————-

      Thank’s again,

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      I’m pleased that you worked your way through this and came out smiling. Congratulations !!! Glad I was able to help.

      If you want to give yourself another layer of protection against the nasty’s on the internet you could try Malwarebytes. It’s FREE and is a very reliable and useful program for keeping malware (different bugs than viruses) off your system. Download it to your desktop using the blue button on the left side of the page I linked to and then install it and run a full scan (should take about an hour, maybe a little less). Let it remove anything it finds. Let us know if you try this and how you make out.

      You’re much more capable with computers than you give yourself credit for. Don’t be intimidated and if you run into problems, we’re be here. Stop back any time.

      Thank’s for the vote of confidence, I will let you know how this works out (the Malware thing) good or bad!! maybe I’ll give myself the wave emoticon after this one.
      Evelyn ——–)

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      Doc Watson,

      … I just found the rest of the emoticons

      ——-) So, do you think I should do the Malware bites now????


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      Then you have done the right things (aside from not uninstalling AVG first). I suspect that the scan is just doing what it does. Kinda like a watched pot never boiling. Go watch TV or something for an hour and come back to the computer or, since it’s a laptop, take it with you and look at it on the commercial breaks.

      Once the scan has finished (if it finds anything on the boot scan it should quarentine it to the Virus Chest and tell you it’s there when you next run the program or when Windows first boots up. I can’t say because I’ve never seen it happen.

      Once you have Windows back up, go to Start>Control Panel>Add/Remove Programs and select AVG when the list comes up and remove it. That should help things some.

      Please post back when all this has happened and tell us where you stand, if Avast found anything and if you are now able to connect to the internet. If all is well, we will walk you through the next step.

      Doc Watson,

      Ok, everything seems fine now.

      I’m talking to you from my computer this time. My internet explorer dosn’t seem to be acting up, AVG Free is off my computer, (ran an extra boot scan with Avast just to be on the safe side), I registerd Avast and told them you sent me. I think things are ok.

      Thank you, Thank you, Thank you

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      I have to tell you… you’ve lost me. I don’t know what you are referring to when you say the “setup shield”. When you went to the page did you click on the download link indicated in this screenshot and when the DL finished did the file on your desktop look like the one I’ve added to the screenshot ??


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      DL is short for download.

      The download button on the web page I posted a link to will not download the entire application, just a small installer. When you start the installer, it will download the actual Avast! application and automatically install it.

      You wrote: “I posted a link to will not download the entire application” It took me to the website where I assumed the “link” you were talking about resided, I’m sorry if I am responding like an airhead I don’t mean to. But I expected the install program to be seperate from the antivirus program.

      Please forgive me,

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      Thanks for the information

      2 gigs of RAM with Vista might be part of the problem, but since we can’t do anything about that, let’s try some software.

      As Hans said, get a copy of Avast. (the FREE version for home use) Follow his link and download the installer to your desktop. Then run one last scan with AVG to be sure there are no obvious problems and then uninstall it. Reboot and then install Avast. It will connect to the internet when you execute the file on your desktop and DL the installation files and install itself. Follow the prompts and allow it to reboot you system and scan on the reboot (does this by default).

      Next, get a copy of Malwarebytes, the FREE version (blue download button on the site) install it and do a quick scan with it and let it remove anything it finds.

      When you’ve done these things, post back and let us know how you are doing. If you have any problems during the process, post back and we’ll try to help. Good luck and have fun with this. It’s a learning experience.

      I thought I was doing this, and I got the mess I am talking about in my last post (02-Jun-2009 22:55)


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      Mostly yes, I got the Avast from the website using my jump drive, thinking I was only getting the setup sheld, because when I tried to get the setup sheld earlier on my computer it was going to take 9 hours and 40 min. (second try was 15 hours) so I thought it must be a large setup sheld. I didn’t realize it was the program until it started running after reboot I thought it was going to go to the website and get an enormous program bypassing my internet explorer issues.
      ———) You are right I don’t recognise the ugly DOS’ish looking black screen that I havn’t seen since the early 80’s (tried word processing).

      It’s about 30% through the scan, is my computer going to blow up??????

      Will I have to uninstall both programs and try again??????????

      ——-) How did AVG Free work with Windows defender, before all this?????????

      Thank you,
      Evelyn ———–) (———–

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      OK I will do that ——–) can I stop Avast in mid scan?

      I followed the directions it told me to have it set to scan on boot up.

      I don’t think there is an emoticon to express what I’m feeling right now.

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      Uninstall AVG as soon as you finish reading this. You should NEVER have 2 AV programs running on the same system. They don’t work and play well together.

      Post back and let us know if things improve after you uninstall AVG.


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      ————–) I think I did a bad thing (———————————–

      I think I installed the whole program, not just the “setup” I thought the setup was 32.7mb —–

      I havn’t removed AVG Free. Is this going to cause a lot of stuff that I cant handle??????????


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      Hey thank’s for that tutorial site I tucked it in my Mom’s favorites, that may come in handy, at least I know that I am connected properly. As I can also right click the internet icon in my clock/tray. I had a wireless card for a while and had to cancel the subscription, then get on my Mom’s internet when I moved in here. I am somewhat familure with that part of the connection. What may change though is the isp they use (i think they called it variable) in otherwords it is like a party line type thing or not designated to just our router/internet connection.

      I have the Avast Setup on my jump drive now, but I can’t download the whole Avast Program to my jump drive, at least I havn’t found instructions for doing so and I don’t want to try opening up the program on my jump drive.

      I can’t, can I ?????

      Thank you again,

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      Another good question.

      I connect to my mothers router via a wireless connection. My computer is a laptop from gateway/HP.

      I usually don’t have trouble with downloads, not that I download a lot, but I don’t remember anything taking this long. but I will try the suggestion and enlist my jump drive to what it does best, transfer files. By the way windows defender is still checking my computer.

      You folks are great, I’m so glad I read books (Windows Vista for Dummies)
      Thank you again,

      PS: if you think of anything else I’m all ears o/ thank’s!

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      I really did it this time…

      I can’t reach you from my computer in fact I can’t reach anything from my computer. The (Avast) download said it would take 9hours and 40min (yes, the first part, the set-up). so I waited an hour– checked again, it still said it would take 9hrs and 40min, so I closed it. tried to download again this time it said it would take 15 hours. So I tried to find the source of the slowness. We have WOW cable, I called them they said to shut down, I did.
      Moms computer responded OK but mine didn’t, I can’t keep a connection to the internet. I installed the accumulated updates on both computers hoping that would solve any problems with Internet explorer… not for me. So I found an internet explorer without ad-ons in my start menu and tried to use it to get back on line… Still no dice. I’m running Windows Defender as a full scan now to see if it can find something wrong.
      I’m losing my mind here.
      How is that bata version of windows one stop for vista? Does it work? I hope I said that right. Might be windos live or something like that. not sure at the moment my mind is trying to crash.

      Thank you,

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