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      Well the ONLY thing getting XP Mode exported and able to run on Windows 10 can do is HELP with upgrades to Windows 10. At worst it’s net neutral but if someone knows they can run a long established XP Mode VM on Win 10 there is a slight favoring toward going to Windows 10, though that may not actually count as the reason for many to upgrade from Windows 7. Unless there is something I missed in my analysis of course.

      Hopefully it’s ok to post a link to the VMWare Converter Standalone? It’s not related to any one form of VM, or indeed, the source doesn’t have to be virtual at all and I think they are a company in good standing.

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      Assuming these are in place XP Modes running on Windows 7, the easiest way I know of is to install VMWare Player 3 as it has the import XP Mode command right in the menu. Once that’s done you should be able to just move the VM to the Win10 computer and use it in WS12.
      Otherwise VMWare has another powerful and more diverse program called VMware vCenter Converter Standalone that will probably take some reading up on as it has many different conversion options. I’ve only used that program to convert physical systems to VMWare VMs.

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      For the pictures that are oriented incorrectly (Irfanview and others probably correct automatically) you’ll have to physically turn them as they should be. There is probably a setting in Irfanview to not auto-correct orientation so you can see them as they are and turn them appropriately.

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      I’ve been without active protection since 07! Ya know if one is still using XP as the day to day as I regularly still am, those of us remaining never had issues with protection in the first place or were adept at adapting practices that just don’t allow viruses whether A-V is present or not.

      For some it just comes naturally, just as other things come naturally to other folks and not to me! Like Doc though, I absolutely rely on Chrome to keep working wonderfully in XP and if not Chrome, FF. No way I.E. gets the nod.

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      Amen brother, I notice more than a few little quirks in my own two upgrades, it runs well for the most part but those little things can be really annoying when older OSes like 7 and XP are pearfict for me.

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      If you’re of a mind, look up DVD Decrypter, an ancient program long since mothballed, it can make exact copies of the entire DVD in the form of an ISO. They won’t be shrunk or anything but quality already suffers on any content longer than 1 hour on a commercial DVD anyway so why reduce it further? If one just wants to pull out the pertinent bits, that’s not an issue either. This should only be done on DVDs that do not contain copy protection as it is violation of law in the U.S. to break said copy protection…’r something like that. Otherwise ImgBurn will pull a pearfict ISO image from a DVD as well.

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      I think just going to Add/Remove Programs and Add/Remove Windows components and “removing” Internet Explorer removes most if not all references to IE, even with IE8 installed. Stealth mode; still there but out of active commission.

      Just be sure Chrome or Firefox or another alternative is already installed of course or the process will probably have to be reversed temporarily to go fetch them.

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      Yes, not sure why some think Touch is required. 8.1 does fine w/out Touch.

      Almost the same response..that’s not the way us haters are thinking at all, at least not me…its more like why is Winhate so painfully biased to touch when it should have been neutral or even biased to remote input…because there was an agenda, that’s why. Stop hitting the reset button 60 million times and just figure out why 8 was such a stinker and let it go.

      …don’t look now but the VM just decided it could go to 10 so by the end of today I could be Hateless!! Truth be told, I rarely brought the VM up so it may have been ready before now.

      XP is still my main online machine, I’m on a different XP system here right now, I use another one and go to some “rough” places if you catch my drift just to test things but Chrome seems to be impregnable, NOT that I click indiscriminately when those “things” pop up, but the Chrome task manager just digs a grave for everything nasty…so far. Hell, those virus wannabees can’t even freeze the screen on me anymore. I do think I’d be a bit lost with XP and WITHOUT Chrome; I.E. would certainly be vastly inadequate at least.

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      I never liked the looks of win 8 so I never went there.

      Very wise! I had a refurb that came with 8 and tried it early in VM, so the VM is next if it ever gets around to offering it.

      I thought people knew by now that touch is neither a prerequisite nor is it needed either.

      Indeed, I think that about sums up what Microsoft should have kept in mind instead of throwing the bias needle hard to starboard. Did 8 statistically ever pass Vista or is it forever the stinkeroo of all time?

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      Ya, I’m no hurry either, whatever version I have is good now, I have to admit it seems every bit as fast as my XP systems and I might…MIGHT even warm to a few apps now that they and the desktop behave about 6 BILLION percent better. It certainly confirms how ridiculously lobotomized Windows 8 is for non-touch environments.

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      So did you get off the update merry-go-round lumpy? After a painless loop back to Win Hate, I threw the tea leaves in the air again and this time I think it stuck. Too early to tell for certain but where I had only carots, I now have full content context menus. It failed a small test I tried where I play a game at a different resolution than the desktop is in and then exit the game and observe how well it recovers to the original resolution. It did ok except the taskbar collapsed down from two lines to one. Maybe a graphics update if there is one will solve that. Certainly not enough reason to send Win 10 back to remedial school for the 5th straight time, yet.
      I turned off all the nosey and sharing bandwidth settings and let Classic Shnell! update and keep on trucking, so I may not notice much difference, tiles and apps are almost universally a waste of space for me.

    • in reply to: Stuff you just happen upon! #1539803

      Something I’ve just discovered after all these years: click once on your volume icon (assuming you have it in your NA) and scroll your mouse wheel.

      Ya, center wheel works for a bleep-load of stuff like that, both scroll-wise and click-wise, especially for browsers and media players. Some are position specific so if ya scroll in one place it controls the audio and in another place it controls play position (skip ahead or back in VLC). Another is YouTube audio level or page scroll. Another is click to open link in new tab, click anywhere on tab to close it. I probably use those the most; dozens of times every day.

    • in reply to: Disk-management problem #1539113

      Sounds like you’re going to have to try it on another computer and/or remove it from the enclosure and hook it up another way…experiment and find out what exactly is keeping it from functioning. Eliminate one possibility at a time until you find the culprit.

    • Does it make any difference if the system is built by some organization like Dell? Will things go any smoother? Just having an IMAGE backup be AOK? I know all of these questions are exactly the same, just wondering as I am NOT any sort of a special type person, IT, GEEK, et cetera

      If you have verified your image so you know it works I’d say you’re AOK. No it won’t make any difference, but, it’s an in-place upgrade right? Which means any system that has been customized further from the original install, the more bumps and glitches the upgrade process has to try and deal with, therefore probably the greater chance for failure. The good news in my instance is the rollback has gone very quickly and smoothly, but I imagine there’s some sort of “quick image” taken of the system before the upgrade begins that is being used for the reversion.

    • I just went ZERO out of 4 on Win10 upgrades, this time the official channel update-upgrade…I’m starting to wonder if I’ll get a successful upgrade in the one year time limit for the free offer.

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