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      Since I had heard about using the dishwasher to clean keyboards, etc. I washed a remote for the dvd player under the sink, and it don’t work any more. But I had heard about cleaning keyboard in the dishwasher, no problemo.

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      Acer has an emergency FN + esc to load the bios (When u push fn + esc and turn on the power button). Google it for more information.

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      I was having that problem with financial sites and technical support said add the website as a “trusted site”.

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      I have had about three office computers get a virus (AntiVirus Pro), and technical support cannot completely clean it, and they recommended formatting the hard drive and do a re-install, which I did. The problem with this license type (keycard license) is it can only be installed once, and that is a problem.

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      This is just something to watch Netlix on the balcony or read email on the road, check train schedules, etc.

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