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    • in reply to: WinPE — many useful tools in a single package #2641213

      This is a really indispensible set of programs and instructions. Thanks, Ben.

    • in reply to: Are you ready to recover your Windows computer? #2635151

      Great question. And cautionary tale. We all got a plan til we get punched in the face.

    • in reply to: R.I.P. WordPad — Here are two great replacements #2632413

      Yep, got it, that was a neat intro to the Thesaurus program! We knead more of that in our writing.

      Atom was another editor, which looks now like it has also “sunsetted,” but technically available in GitHub. Apparently used a good deal in the programming community. I think I got it from you guys at Older Geeks, and owe you for that one. Thank you.

    • in reply to: Making sense of Windows 11’s 2023 updates #2628183

      Appreciate this round-up, Lance. Nice to have it all in one place, don’t know how we would find it otherwise.

      Any guesses why I am still back at 22H2? When it tells me “You’re up to date.” Last checked today at 2:19.

      don’t have pause updates turned on.  I have Windows 11. Thanks for any hints.

    • in reply to: Make the most of Microsoft Rewards #2591326

      Thanks, Mary, for the detailed report on this time-suck in which I’ve chosen to participate. In some good company, I see.

      My main complaint with the Rewards is that it so often doesn’t work right. They have answers that are blatantly wrong, and when I complain about it, they dutifully add my lousy 10 points. No doubt laughing at their nitpicking pathetic victim. More often, completing a daily task doesn’t register, so I’ve gone back and done it four or five times. Im addicted to that green check mark. I can’t know how many streaks I’ve broken becuase my answers didn’t register properly. There’s more, but I will say it’s gotten better of late.

      For sure, I’m late to reading this, but I appreciate the coverage.



    • in reply to: Intel rebrands #2577407

      If I understand, there’s going to be an Intel Core (regular) level, say at 3, 5, 7.

      And an Intel Core “Ultra” presumably higher performance level, and price? With similar numbers tacked on.

      I know, you said, it’s not very clear yet. But these fine points will be important when trying to evaluate the value of a given machine. Thanks Will, as always.

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    • I’m awful late here. But I’ve apparently been let in to use the AI-powered Bing, and I find it annoyingly persistent. I want to look for a way to turn it off.

      Thanks for this piece, Brian. As always, great info. It’s frightening.

    • in reply to: Tooling around with laptops and other useful gear #2545683

      Great piece Ben, again. Love reading about the practical problems we deal with, which I just went through.

      I don’t quite get the ‘Tools for Getting Your Data’ section. What circumstance leads to that?

      Is this for a laptop that has failed, or near failing? Because if you’re making backups, like were always told to do…        Thanks.

    • in reply to: Randy’s remedies: Oops! — I called the scam number #2524956

      Much appreciate the perspective, on the previous generation, and their trust.
      Likewise, the practical steps of what to do, when I fall for it. Now if I can just remember where I put this…

    • in reply to: CheckPoint : Cybercriminals Starting to Use chatGPT #2523154

      Then they create a video simulator that takes one image of you, and moves it around slightly – not much better than a jerky facetime connection – and I’m asking my family for money or saying horrible things. Terrifying.

      Alex is right, and I can’t imagine what the safeguards would be, but yeah.

    • in reply to: Make Windows 11 as cool as your phone with Android apps #2520920

      Is it a foregone conclusion that Win10 will never have Android app support?

      I don’t have a position, and don’t know what’s entailed, if that’s a major amount of work. Just wondering. Thank you.

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    • in reply to: Welcome to our twentieth year #2520652

      Congrats on 20 years, Susan, and thank you. No small achievement in this industry.

      I appreciate the timeline, especially the honest inclusion of the unfortunate sidetrack around 2010 (without going negative). I’ve seen the progression since 2004 or so, and it’s been a great education.

    • in reply to: Windows’ built-in basics #2512784

      We all might need this some day – if we’re lucky.

      Thanks for the summary, Chris. Besides, the cursor trailing feature just looks cool.

    • in reply to: How to use your Gmail account for more than just Gmail #2500025

      OK, so we all don’t like Google, Microsoft and anybody else looking at our stuff and sending us messages. Right on.

      But to expand on Lance’s great topic. Or a small piece of it.

      Has anyone actually understood the difference between – and good use – for categories and  labels  ?   Maybe I’m too stuck in my ways, but I find it much easier to move into folders (which seem to  be called labels in Gmail), where they’re most likely never seen again. I guess you can do something similar with the pretty colored labels, i.e. hide them. But isn’t that kinda redundant, and less effective than subfolders? The way I remember it early on, there were <span style=”text-decoration: underline;”>no</span> subfolders, and ONLY categories in Gmail. How’s this work?

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    • in reply to: Ready to patch your car? #2484241

      Thanks, Susan. That was reassuring, your bit near the end about the steps one would have to take to hack a car.

      Still, I’m not eager to move to one of these bleeding edge machines that requires my cellphone, Internet connection and the chip in my head to operate. Just keep it simple.

      To the point about accepting the EULA or whatever the car requires: you probably can’t go anyhere unless you do accept. We have to end that.

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