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      Precisely my thoughts.

      In fact I have found if I copy the original folder to the PC I want to create the images on it works as expected. I am still leaning towards the shared folders though as I can add or remove files as needed.

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      This is an issue caused by IE7 and WinXP SP2 (and apparently SP3).

      I have had limited success with this solution:

      Run regedit
      Locate and click the registry subkey:
      HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftInternet ExplorerDesktopComponents
      In the right pane, right-click DeskHtmlVersion, and then click Modify.
      In the Value data box, type , and then click OK.
      Exit Registry Editor.

      I am still looking for an alternative but hope this helps in the mean time.

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      Yeah, but we should all know that drummers are Special. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      I enjoyed the performance!

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      I am. and have been for some time. running Sophos av on my Mac. I haven’t noticed any performance degradation. The only problem is that I do not think they are yet marketing a home user version. Mine came by way of my membership of the Australian Computer Society.

    • in reply to: USB to play video like a DVD (WinXP Pro SP2) #1106553

      Thanks, Allan.

      I will take a look at these. For some reason our corporate IT have the irst site blocked. And I never think to check Wkikpedia, must be my old age. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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      Thanks, Doc.

      I have looked at this and it does half the job I need. I should have mentioned that the main object is so have the video/s auto run on any PC. AutorunUSB requires you to install the software on a PC and then it works THAT PC.

      But the site you linked me to looks useful and it is one I haven’t visited before. So that is a gain in itself.

    • in reply to: Video Display (XP Pro SP1) #1075475

      For anyone who may be still interested, the shortcuts are:

      Ctrl+Alt+Up arrow gives the correct (landscape) orientation (nominally “normal” to this explanation)
      Ctrl+Alt+Left arrow causes left display edge become bottom edge (rotates display 90 degrees from “normal”, to the left)
      Ctrl+Alt+Right arrow causes right edge becomes bottom edge (rotates display 90 degrees from “normal”, to the right)
      Ctrl+Alt+Down arrow causes top edge becomes bottom edge (upside down).

      From my experience these are absolute, i.e. the left and right arrow do not rotate the screen by 90 degrees each time they are used.

    • in reply to: OWA ‘additional’ security #1062434

      Hi John,

      I have a number of people who work from home, other office travel and access their mail from all sorts of places – Internet cafes, business centres, hotel rooms, etc, etc, etc.

      As an added level of security for our network we use an RSA gateway before they get access to anything else.

    • in reply to: Heartbeat report #1040214

      Hi Jerry,

      As of yesterday I started “playing” with Spiceworks. I don’t have an opinion to express as yet but it has already picked up that one of my PCs is running with less than 25% free space. whisperI already knew that and have good reasons for it.

      It is also free

    • in reply to: Server up time #1038381

      Check the server manual as I run Compaq/HP and this info is available for each under Insight Manager (System Info from the home page).

      Other than that I have used BigInfo as recommended by Joe. It does an excellent job!

    • in reply to: Celestial sphere #1036499

      ouch You should post a health warning on this.

      “I am now in your power! I am now in your power!” dizzy

      Seriously though that is starting to look very Escher-esk!

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      We Bundy-on in Oz. Same recipe but using Bundaburg Rum and their ginger beer. [hic!]

    • in reply to: Hammer of Thor #1035671

      “Dark and Stormy’s”. yum yum

      BTW, I thinking about your suggestion re: True Image! wink

    • in reply to: Acronis True Image 7 #1035431

      Hi Bob

      I wonder if you can answer this for me?

      I am looking at True Image for use at work, so paying a licence isn’t a problem. wink Seriously, though, I want to set up a PC which will automatically re-image the HDD when it is restarted.

      What I would like to know is if this is a feature in the single licence version. The only answer I have been able to get to date is that it is available in the Enterprise version.


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      Overly large picture moved to zip file by HansV – please don’t post pictures over 640×480 pixels in size

      Hi Luke,

      I am not sure this will help you but it may be of interest to others. I download this in February 2006 but do not recall where or how I found it.

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