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      Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t Update suppose to check only the programs installed on each individual machine? If so, it must be detecting an installed program that you might have unknowingly installed or thought you had uninstalled. Where does Update look to determine which updates are needed? There must be some hidden location which we cannot find. Maybe one of the experts has knowledge of this and can explain.

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      Don’t remember.

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      I have followed Fred since Langa List days. Since I learned how to separate Data from OS, reinstalling after crashes has become faster. Before the separation (i.e. Win XP), it would take days to reinstall from scratch. I have forgotten the number of times I have had to reinstall Win 7 from scratch on my computers (stability–what stability?). Even with SP1 on DVD, all following Updates (in the hundreds) require many hours to install.

      Now, dear readers, why has Fred (and all the other PC writers) gone over to the other side??? Because if he (and they) were to make any comments deemed negative by the Computer Industry, they would no longer have access to any components or programs to review. Thus, with no work of any kind available, he (and they) would be out of a job.

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      Have you tried the FREE Tweaking.com–Windows Repair? It runs in Safe Mode and uses Chkdsk and SFC to locate problems and fix them, if possible. It has saved my bacon several times, and prevented the need to do a Full Image restore. It is constantly being updated, so be sure you download the latest version.

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      My ISP changed its SMTP port last December and sent an email to that effect. They failed to mention a change in Connection Security, so I only changed the port. Yesterday they helped me reset the SMTP settings to where they should be and noted that there was no User Name entered. The User Name refers to the pass word which allows authentication at their Server. With everything properly set, I can sent emails without any problems. I hope this helps someone.

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      Since DVD ROM Drives are no longer available, I now have two Burners in my computer. SATA drives do not have the same problem that ancient PATA drives possess. Therefore, two optical drives will be no problem.

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      Issue 523 was posted on 2/17 and is half of this weeks newsletter. The other half, Issue 524, has yet to be posted and this is 2/20. I am a subscriber and have yet to receive e-mail notification of any Newsletters. I called Penton and was promised a rectification of the situation. Nothing has been done yet!!!!

      Penton bought WindowsSecret Newsletter to eliminate the competition. Apparently, it is doing everything in its power to eliminate all the subscribers and bury the Newsletter. Looks like it’s well on its way to accomplishing its mission!!!!

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      I did contact ‘customer support’ at Penton. I use MailWasher, so I screen all my mail before I download it. My last email to them finally received their full and undivided attention. They globally unsubscribed my email address, therefore no Newsletter was ever sent. They just emailed that I am back on the active subscriber list. If no Newsletter arrives, I have phone numbers with which to contact them. I wonder how many other subscribers have had this happen or are still undergoing such shoddy treatment????

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      Sorry to interrupt anybodies thread, but this is the only location on the Forum where I can see to post. For THREE WEEKS IN A ROW I have not received the Newsletter!!!! The first week I contacted Penton and received an email with links to the first two new issues. The second week I waited to see if they corrected the problem, meanwhile I accessed them from my account at Windows Secrets. Now it is the third week with no Newsletter!!!! I contacted Penton again and await their reply. If they do not want me for a customer, I will comply with their wishes and unsubscribe from Windows Secrets.

      Is anyone listening out there????

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      I installed an image of C: from six weeks ago. Two of the patches were installed in April. I uninstalled them, but could not locate 3021917. The Task Scheduler had two folders for GWX. Those tasks allowed MS to snoop at a given time every day, and were set to download more crud on given days. Let the user beware!!! So far no problems have reared their ugly heads, yet! Thanks for the attempts to help, but this is the only way I see to get the GWX crud off a computer. Now all I have to do is go to MS and unreserve the upgrade for my Laptop. Oh, and Joe, the initial problem had nothing to do with file associations.

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      Task Scheduler shows no tasks for anything, including GWX. Services has Task Scheduler and all its dependencies started.

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      Tried the ‘Directories’ reg fix. No Joy!!! I want to disable Help and Support, not fix it. IMHO, It’s as useless as ‘tits on a boar hog’, and I never use it.

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      Does any one remember that early last year RSA “GAVE” their latest 4096 code to the NSA???

      If you think that your encrypted messages are unbreakable–think again!!!!

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      Using a Repair Disk, I selected the Command Prompt and learned that the partition letter was E:. I ran the chkdsk e: /r and the program found one unindexed file, which it repaired. After rebooting, no chkdsk was scheduled. Over several days, several reboots showed the problem solved, with no recurrence. Thanks for all your help!!!

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      Sudo15–your link does not work.

      Clint–my HDD shows ‘dirty’ but nothing happens following instructions at your link.

      Requesting a check-disk from the command prompt solicits the same response. After a restart, the message states that a check of C: needs to be run, a countdown timer begins to allow cancellation, and before zero is reached the whole thing is cancelled. On rare occasions in the past, the check has been allowed to run. I would like it to run, but it is not absolutely necessary.

      What I have been asking thruout this whole thread is: How can I get it to run, or How can I make it go away???

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