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      I formatted D: and did a thoro disk check. As I reinstalled files, Win7 insisted on adding Recycle and SVI folders. The SVI contains one trace file of 20KB. I am unable to delete those folders. However, the new size of the partition is a vast difference over the old one. The advice on not including non-system partitions in System Restore should be proclaimed from the roof tops. That advice is a space saver!!!

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      Thanks gang!!! The restore size for DATA was the exact size of the SVI. HAL9000(primary computer) threw a hissy-fit when I re-sized and eliminated it, but it’s gone.

      That takes care of the first problem. Now does anyone have the answer to the second one???

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      I use MailWasherPro 6.5.4 and have it under Delayed Start in WinPatrol Plus. If it does not start, I go to Process Hacker 2 and Restart it. Sometimes the icon does not appear in the Task Bar, but when I click the icon in Quick Launch, I usually get a ‘Program is running’ message. This means that when mail is located by MailWasher, the icon will reappear flashing and I have full access to the Program. 6.5.4 might be old, but it does exactly what I want without all the fancy garbage they added to their later versions. (I hope MS allows use of Quick Launch in WIN 10, I would be lost without it and I despise Icons cluttering my Personalized Home Screen. I have 66 icons in QL, which is faster than using Windows Explorer to access each program.)

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      I use Waterfox v28 on my 64-bit machines (available at SourceForge.net). It uses the same themes and add-ons as Firefox. I tried FF 29 on my 32-bit machine, and reverted to 28 post haste!!! Hasn’t Mozilla been taken over by another outfit? The attempt to look like Chrome sounds like a conspiracy by Google to eliminate competition.

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      I encountered the same problem with Waterfox. When I brought up its Homepage, I noticed newer versions were available. That is why I suggested Bookmarking the Homepage and checking for updates if Waterfox doesn’t do it automatically. Eventually, they will have it working as well as FF.

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      My computer is similar to yours, except it is two years older. There are two programs that I use that might make your system easier to use.

      1) ProcessHacker2 shows all processes running on the machine. It allows you to suspend, terminate, and restart (among other things) any process running, especially multiple instances as you encountered.
      2) Waterfox (search using your favorite Search Engine) is a 64-bit version of Firefox and uses the same add-ons and themes. It is not found at the FF home page, but does update searches just like FF. If you Bookmark the Waterfox home page, you can access new versions should the automatic update not function correctly.

      I encountered problems with the Avast! program update 9.0.2016. It did not install properly and hung-up my computer. Deleting, downloading a fresh copy, and reinstalling solved the problem.

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      I purchased a new HDD and external case for my back-up computer. This case has USB 3.0 and E-sata ports. Initially I used the USB port for back-ups, not fully understanding E-sata. After learning of the pass-thru speed increase of E-sata, I installed the included E-sata cable and adapter into the computer, and ran straight-thru from motherboard to external HDD. What a difference in speed of backing up!!! I hope E-sata is included in the timed tests.

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      Everyone has missed an important point!:o: That “new” HDD is probably PATA, if the system is as old as I suspect. It could only be used as an external drive in an enclosure, if you can still find an external enclosure for a PATA drive. And now Lenovo, HP, Dell and other manufacturers are producing NEW PCs with Windows7 installed, not downgraded. The only solution to the XP problem is a dual-boot system. Before any more advice is given, we need a decision on the New Computer, especially if it will be upgradeable, so that we can advise on the system transfer and any additional components that will be needed.

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      At Newegg.com, under Computer Hardware>Accessories>Add-on Cards, look for PCI to USB cards with USB3.0 and 4-Ports. They have USB2.0 and PCIe cards in the selection, so be careful. Compare cards you might like, but stay away from the cheap ones. Read the reviews and see if someone had the same trouble you had and how they selected the proper card for their system. This will take time, but is well worth it to obtain the proper card for you.

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      AVG does not play nice with MBAM!!! I purchased MBAM Pro years ago, and now it contains MBAR (still in Beta, but with no problems yet) and Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit for free. A mix of various anti-malware programs are needed to protect your machine, and the 2014 Avast! has a new interface that beats both 2013 Avast! and 2014 AVG. The merits of the various programs are subjective, and should be selected to meet your needs and taste.

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      Wi-Fi has a limited range. If your Note 2 can’t find a hotspot, they are not in range.

      As to Security, until someone develops a Mobile Firewall that does not require Rooting [are you listening Comodo], you are totally vulnerable!

      My Note 2 detects my home network with no problem. But that is the only way I have a Firewall access, thru my Router. Otherwise, I am as susceptible as you when I go out on the Internet.

      Other than that, how is your Note 2 working?


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      I have saved Cursors and Sounds from W98 and XP. I also saved special Cursors installed by one of my cousins on W98. All are in properly named Folders and stored where they are accessible to W7. After setting up a Theme with Cursors and Sounds, I save the Theme with an appropriate Name, making sure the apps will not change them.

      The important thing is to Save all the Cursors and Sounds you desire from previous Versions, placing them in a Data Folder from which you can transfer to all succeeding Versions of Windows, and externally saving them to Floppy or CD just in case something happens to your computer.

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      Has anyone actually got this thing to work??? I have downloaded both 32 and 64 bit versions. Both stop just before the GUI interface is supposed to appear. The screen goes black and the signal is lost to the monitor. Did Fred miss an instruction or give the wrong one???

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      Careful reading of the blog site shows the development and stable versions apply only to Chromebooks. There does not exist a desktop version of the Chrome OS.

      You are correct about the desktop browser still supporting Flash Player. All other versions support HTML5 only, which will be a pain until all Websites switch from Flash to HTML5.:(

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      Google Chrome OS is still in Beta!!! They are adding Aura to liven it up, but it is still a work in progress.

      I just installed the Chrome Browser on my new cell phone. Chrome no longer supports Flash, and I use many Web Sites that use Flash for various displays (weather radar, tutorials, etc.). Unless the people at Google have an epiphany, I won’t be using the Chrome OS on my desktop any time soon.

      I guess I will have to wait on “Midori”.

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