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      Thanks for all the advice, but…

      rmonroe36: I did not see any program on Hiren’s Boot CD that runs CHKDSK? To which program are you referring? I ran SeaTools for Windows, and no trouble was found. Also, be very careful when using Hiren’s Boot CD. It has many old programs (some going back to WIN 98) which probably will not work on WIN 7.

      Roderunner: The problem does not result from malware. I have Avast!, MBAM PRO, RUBotted running at all times, with many clean-up utilities available as well as access to on-line scan tools which I use regularly.

      jwitaka: I was able to read the cbs.log file, but was unable to filter out all but the problem files. The upshot is that only three files were involved, none of which were critical to the system. Two looked like they were incorporated into WIN 7 from XP PRO, and I was able to delete them. The last one was in the Windows SxS folder and was undeleteable.

      I think I found the problem. There is no separate System Partition on my HDD!!! I have located a MS TechNet “How To” file that describes a method to establish the Partition. Only problem is that no unused space exists on the HDD, so I will need to shrink one of the two partitions for the needed space. Which raises a question: Is it possible to shrink a partition within WIN 7, or will I need to use an outside Partition Manager tool???

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      Sfc was able to fix some files, but generated one humungous CBS.log file. So, how do I boil down all that information and locate the problem files? And how do I fix them?

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      JPF–No Problem!!!

      I use MBAM Pro every day, especially after coming off the Internet. No problems have been detected.

      I noticed the problems from TI 2011, and that is why I tried WIN7 Backup (and it is “trying” isn’t it!!!). Occasionally I receive “Corrupt Backup” notices from TI 2011, especially when trying to “Validate” the Backups. You got me thinking, and I might go back to TI 2010 to see if the problems are solved.

      I ,also, might try Macrium, since my backup drive is twice the size of my internal drive. There is room enuff for two copies of everything on it.

      But, my main concern is whether or not those “Corrupt Files” WIN7 found are really corrupt. If so, backing them up would be a waste of time. I sure would like to find a method of forcing my computer to run that CHKDSK program.

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      First, I am no novice to computing. Second, my answers follow:

      1. Proper drive is specified.
      2. Switch /r is specified.
      3. Why should I use an outside program when Windows has an excellent built-in program??? (Have you NOT been following Fred Langa’s column???)

      Besides, I have Acronis TI Home 2011, if needed. But that is not the problem that I am addressing.

      This “Corrupt Files” warning from Windows Backup is the problem. So, again, I require answers to the questions in my original post.

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      Thanks satrow,

      I have G.Skill F3-10666CL9D-4GBECO ram, while ASRock lists F3-10666CL8D-4GBECO as compatible (lousy small point font–should have put on my reading glasses!). I bought these along with all the components for a upgrade rebuild of HAL and had too many things going on in my mind at the time. They list a -4GBPK, but I wanted an ECO version and so I missed the change from a 9 to an 8.

      Is it possible to change the CAS latency to 8 in the BIOS?

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      Windows Startup Repair would sometimes refer to a hardware problem, but was never specific. Removing the RAM has solved the problem. So, it obviously pertains to the number of sticks in use at any one time. Again, is this a fault of Win 7, or is the problem on the MOBO (North Bridge, South Bridge,etc.)???

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      I followed the article to the letter. I used the recovery disc, which offered the same options as the MS Installation disc. No Recovery option was offered, so how do I recover my image???

      My 35+ GB backup takes several hours, which is far longer than Acronis TI.

      I, too, turn off HAL when not in use. I prefer Manual updates and backups, as I know what I have and need without getting what I don’t want or need.

      I realize that WS is slanted to business users, but us home users need advice also. Would it be possible to differentiate between the two when you write, as you do between different OSs in your articles? :confused:

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      I was forced to do a Repair Install when another program froze and the restart came up with a “corrupt hal.dll” problem. The Reinstall fixed my video problem, and now I have sound over HDMI–one less cable on the computer.

      A clean install is a drastic, last resort type of fix. The Repair Install did the trick and should always be suggested before the Clean Install.

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      Been there, done that. Looks like I will have to call Microsoft!!!

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      I followed Microsofts’s KB article on installing a new MOBO. Apparently it did not take. Or, something in the OS failed to recognize the MOBO. The old video card was an Nvidia FX5500 AGP. The registry and Windows folder contain many entries from Nvidia. Do I need any of them, or can I delete all the references to Nvidia that I can find?

      I use jv16 every day. I use TI 2011 for back-up exclusively. What registry entries specify the information found on the System Information General Tab? Possibly by manually editing these, I can fix the problem. Otherwise, I need more information on how to get XP Pro to recognize my new video card and motherboard.

      I will be installing WIN7 HP in the near future as a dual-boot because I have some programs that will not work on WIN7, but I was hoping to straighten out all problems in transitioning to the new system first. If necessary, I will install WIN7 and hope I can install everything on it with no problems. If XP cannot be fixed, I will use it as is, but I would prefer to have it fixed.

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      I have removed the old GPU reference along with much of the components no longer on the machine. The General Tab still specifies the old Motherboard and Video Card. How can this be rectified?

      Also, the problem with the new video card still exists.

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      I read the post and tried the suggestion. Since my computer is home built, I have no oem files that a name-brand builder would install. Nevertheless, I attempted to use the /o fix in Run, but Windows said that the file did not exist. I attempted the uninstall .exe under the KB in the Windows folder, but after a long attempt to execute, it said that it was invalid. I tried both methods in Safe Mode, again no joy. Aside from spending several hours with Microsoft going over all the things I have previously done, does anyone else have any more suggestions?

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      Be prepared for “a long winter’s nap” while you do the updates!!! I am doing a similar install, but updating all my hardware prior to a Win7 upgrade. I have SP3, but WAU added 79 additional updates. I attempted a Recovery Install with TI 10, but it did not work. So, I have had to do the install from scratch–a long row to hoe when you have many apps. Have fun otherwise.

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      I ran into a problem accessing information in the ”Windows Secrets XP setup/maintenance articles” section. The link in ”How to move a Windows XP installation to different hardware” cannot be found at Microsoft. Has anyone else tried this link and encountered the same problem?

      I am attempting to install new hardware in my cases, but XP SP3 does not want to run on them. i had to replace both MBs and video cards several years ago and had no problems using the same HDDs and OSs. Aside from having to reactivate, everything went smoothly. Now with the problems I have encountered, I am looking for methods to do the same with the new equipment and thought the information Fred cited might be helpful. Unfortunately, I can’t get there from here.

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      Yesterday, I made it to the Macecraft site and started an On-Line Chat. I stated my problem and the person whom I contacted tried to switch me to Support. I was told that no Operators were available (being in Finland it was early morning their time, but you would think that at least one Support Person would be available around the clock), but that they would get back to me. I have not heard from them!!! Is this starting to sound like a Saga, or what???

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