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      I checked my files to see if all the updates for XP had been downloaded and installed. They had not! I went to the MS Download Center to acquire the missing updates. In the last two days, additional updates have been added and some of them apply to my machine. I downloaded these and will install them. If MS only updates once a month, it is a good practice to check their Download Center for additional vulnerabilities more often.

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      As stated in my first post, I went around and around with the program. I browsed to the several file locations of the license, but 2010 stated that they were no good. The downloaded license was placed on the Desk Top for easy location by the program. Same results!!! As I also stated, I have been in direct contact with Macecraft, as infrequent as that has been. So, tell me: How can contacting their Forum help when direct contact with Macecraft has not???

      Does any one know if Macecraft is having big troubles such as being acquired or going under financially??? Something is desperately wrong when the type of Support that I have received has been given!!!

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      When doing a manual scan, a screen comes up displaying all the drives on the computer. You check the boxes for the drives you want to scan. Your problem might be with having the Paid Version doing an automatic scan. I do not use the Paid Version, so I never have this problem.

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      I have used Comodo AV and Firewall for a couple of years. It was highly rated, and for Home use the price is right: Free. For business use, their paid programs offer more bells and whistles. Comodo Back Up is a Free back up program which images the Hard Drive, but the present version does not do incremental back ups. When the next version emerges, I will use it and dump my paid-for imaging software, which does not work on Win7 in its present iteration. Comodo has a Free Cleaner which is very powerful, but use with caution as you can disable your computer if you do not use it correctly.

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      I attempted to access the online scanners, but to no avail. All require use of IE, which I use only when absolutely necessary. From Firefox I used IE View Lite, only to come up against a brick wall.

      Fred–have you sold out to Microsoft??? Please say it ain’t so!!! Are there any online scanners that work with Firefox???

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      If the modem/router actually works with the DT off and the LT works when cabled to the M/R, the problem must lie in the setup of your wireless network.
      I have high-speed cable, but allow an example of a similar problem I encountered. I have my video player connected to an ethernet bridge. Sometimes it worked and sometimes not. I fixed the problem by manually setting all the values for the wireless connection. Previously I allowed automatic connection settings. When I compared the bridge’s settings to the router settings, they differed due to allowing automatic connection settings. By manually setting the bridge to the corresponding router settings, the bridge always connected wirelessly.
      All your wireless devices must coordinate with the router’s settings in order to work. The DT’s IP address must be the Starting IP address of the sequence and each additional device must follow and be in the range of IP addresses setup on the router. Do not confuse this address with the address the M/R receives each time it goes on line. The Subnet Mask, Default Gateway, and DNS values must be the same for all devices in order for the network to work. If I am wrong in this regard, I am sure that someone will correct me.

    Viewing 6 replies - 61 through 66 (of 66 total)