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      I have been trying to download practically any version of Ubuntu 9.04 and sometimes tried versions of 8.04. The download completes and when I try to open any of the .iso files I get the following error: “Error while unpacking program, code LP5, please report to author”. I have tried downloading over and over again, and even tried downloading in firefox. About a year ago I had no problems at all opening the Ubuntu packages. Hope someone knows a solution to this, thanks.

      Are you wanting to instal Ubuntu? I’m not sure what use it is unpacking it. You need to write the iso image to a disk and then install the whole operating system.

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      Try CookieCuller from Mozilla Add-ons. It protects the ones you want and can get rid of the ones you don’t.
      It’s not recent so you may have to do a search.
      You may also want the MR Toolkit to make CookieCuller compatible if you update to Fx 3.5.

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      I’m not to keen on Ubuntu purely from a ‘taste’ point of view. I use opensuse and I’m also over 60. It works out of the box and I can get “geeky” with it if I want to (I use CLI a lot!)
      In fact I’m so impressed with Linux I don’t have any MS on my pc at all and haven’t had for about 2 1/2 years. When I bought a new pc recently with Vista already loaded I couldn’t work it out so I took it off and stuck with my openSUSE.
      MS no thanks, too difficult!

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      I don’t actually run any MS Software including MS OS but do you have separate user accounts for the XP login? I would assume this refers to separate users on XP rather than on individual software packages.

    • Try deleting your userchrome file in your profile.

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      My experience of Soundmax is that the drivers are with the motherboard – but then I had an onboard sound card. Still you could try the website of your motherboard if you’re determined to look for an update.

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      If you open Preferences > Privacy you can clear all of your various caches including form info. If you just select Form filling you can clear it and start again, I think.

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      Have you tried the CUPS site? You should get some help there.

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      I’m an exclusive Fx user but I also use linux as my os. I prefer Fx but you’re right about the knocking of MS. There are some people who just seem to hate anything to do with it.
      Each to his own, I say.

      Great to see everyone back by the way. Well done.

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      Or you can try the ColorfulTabsextension which randomly changes the colour of all open tabs. I like the effect.

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      If you look on linux forum you’ll see the general consensus is that you don’t need an AV. They suggest a regular hunt for rootkits is enough. I operate openSUSE 10.2 and although I occasionally scan with clamav I don’t have a problem with viruses and a check on Shields Up! always gives me 100% thumbs up against possible intruders.

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      You can also record anything going through your sound card with Audacity. You should be able to play the mp3 and input from mic at the same time and record it as one music file.

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      I had trouble with both Roxio and Nero and downloaded Deepburner some time ago. I’ve had trouble-free CD burning ever since.

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      I disagree with the others (in a very friendly way, of course).
      I’m a relative newcomer to Linux (since about Oct 06) and I like it so much I don’t even have a Windows partition any more.
      I’m not quite the music enthusiast that you appear to be, Colin, but I’ve been able to do all sorts of things with openSUSE, the most user-friendly distro I’ve found. And, of course, I haven’t tried them all by any means. If you’re comfortable with more than just switching on and know a little about batch scripting or VBA you’ll have very little trouble. You don’t need to use scripts but because it’s easy and convenient, you’ll find yourself using a console terminal more and more.
      With the space you’re talking about I would definitely give it a try, perhaps alongside W98.

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      We seem to be struggling with this. Maybe you just go with desktop shortcut pointing to the full path of the file! Unlike Windows, Linux is case sensitive so Firefox is different from firefox or FIREFOX. You need to make sure you stick with the right case.

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