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      Thank you for pointing us in this direction. This would be a little extra work but it is “do-able”. The content on the website in question doesn’t change all that often but it is of extreme importance to the population that does use it. The link you sent is very helpful. I think I’m about to learn everything I ever wanted to know about RSS but was afraid to ask!

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      I have just had Windows 7 installed on a new solid state drive but am keeping my documents on the old C: drive. I had used Carbonite with no problems in Windows XP (I skipped over the Vista upgrade so don’t know how it worked there). I have reinstalled Carbonite several times and it works fine until I shout down the computer and reboot. Then it does not start automatically and when I start it and try to open the Status window, I get a 404 error (the web page cannot be found). Carbonite walked me through a series of changes to security settings that I thought had solved the problem and required another reinstall. But the problem is back now and the only way I can make the program work is to reinstall it every time I turn the computer on. Obviously this is not a satisfactory solution. Has anyone else had this problem and found a solution? I’m using the Windows Firewall and Norton AV.

      I have Windows 7 (64 bit) and use Vipre for my antivirus/firewall, etc. I have had no problems with Carbonite and have quite a bit backed up there. I also have Carbonite running on a Vista (32 bit) laptop with no problems. Prior to purchasing the Windows 7 machine, I had it installed on an XP machine, again with no problems. I would suggest that your firewall or your antivirus is causing the problem. Have you tried turning those off to see what happens?

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      Just to add my 2 cents, there are web sites that render better with Silverlight than with Adobe Flash. Silverlight does not yet have the problems with security that Adobe has. Is there a reason why Silverlight is not wanted at this time?

      The machine in question is rarely used to go to the Internet, and never just for general surfing. It is used for a business critical need so I don’t want anything installed on it that isn’t absolutely necessary whether that is an application or it’s update. I’m already juggling some software that doesn’t work and play well with Win7 and won’t run in the virtual XP mode so I don’t want to risk adding any layers of complexity that aren’t needed.


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      There is an option to hide updates which are irrelevant or not wanted by right clicking on the unwanted update(s) from the list of updates available. Once hidden they never appear again unless you click on the option to restore hidden updates from the list of options on the left side of the updates window. I have done that with all of the language packs they try to give you (34 of them).

      This is what I was looking for – I have to click on the first link that appears and then the option to hide them is available.

      Thanks – I’m not quite used to Win7 yet.


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