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      I used MCT two days ago before I posted to see if that would help, but it wants a keycode that I do not have and the win7 keycode from the back of the machine is not acceptable. Maybe I could start now with the upgrade and see if the keycode works. Just trying to find some answers before I start all over.

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      The server provides the same access to everything, but it also does the automatic backups. I’ve never found a reasonably priced auto backup for home use. I thought about a NAS server, but it will be cheaper to repurpose the server hardware which is a quad core system with 2.5 TB of disk already installed.

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      Well I wimped out. Went back and installed Win 7 ultimate on the SSD and then did the usual Win 10 update from the web. Win 10 likes my win7 ultimate keycode doing it this way so I’m not sure why the process did not work as I originally tried it. At any rate. I have now almost completed reinstalling the key apps that I use frequently and this system is really speedy now with the SSD. If I had known it would be this fast, I would have installed the SSD a long time ago. Trouble was I have carried around a lot of stuff on the hard drive and going from 1 TB to 256 GB was daunting. But being retired now I am slowly deleting all the junk stuff I carried around while working at clients and find I can function just fine with a nicely slimmed down system. This process got rid of all the excess stuff. I still have a copy on an external drive, but don’t think I will have much call for it anymore. Thanks for all the thoughts.

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      You have not been reading Fred Langa’s columns or others if you think that you must have an OS on the disk. You are allowed to install to a new disk as long as you have a valid keycode to enter at the appropriate time. That is the path that I am following. It will be an upgrade, but what is called a clean install.

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      This is a new hard drive (SSD) so there is nothing on the hard drive. that is the reason for using an ISO install which is a clean install. The install works fine, but the keycodes I used do not. I tried cloning the old hard drive which is 1 TB to the new SSD which is only 500 GB but that resulted in too many problems. I know I can always do the upgrade on my Win 7 home disk and get Win 10 home, I’ve already done that on 3 other machines. But I want to go to the SSD so I am trying to get there as stated above.

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      i have multiple win10 machines and chrome works fine on all of them.

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      This is a Win 10 install and was moved by someone. I started a new thread in W10

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      At the end of this article you mention that the Free version of Evernote is web-only. That’s incorrect. Both the free and premium versions can be installed on a number of platforms including desktop/ laptops and will maintain a local copy of the server database. Good article otherwise!

      This a major flaw in the article and deserves to have a correction posted in another newsletter edition. I use local storage on several devices and my notes are always synced without my intervention.

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      +1 for BruceR

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      You can immediately switch your subscription from trial to free. On the home screen if you look to the far right of the line for the computer you will see the word properties. You can click on it and in the new screen that comes up you can click on subscriptions and change your subscription to free using the drop down box on the end of the line.

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      Lastpass is also a great password manager. I switched from Roboform to it and have never looked back.

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      Another excellent sync tool is syncback from 2brightsparks.com They have a freeware version, but I prefer the SyncbackSE version which is around $30 as it will sync to a named backup. For instance I have two external USB harddrives that I have names Black750. Syncback syncronizes my data to the drive overnight but it can do it more frequently. It will even use named folders like day of week. For my libraries I just keep one copy, but for my active data I have a Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, etc copies. I swap the drives every Sunday with one going offsite. Because the drives are named the same the program just keeps working everynight as configured. I now have 14 days of backups of my active data at all times and two copies of my libraries (like music, photos, and software downloads). The only thing I have to do is remember to swap the drives on Sunday which is how I configured it. Syncback has many other capabilities as well such as copying file security info, compression, etc. All for a very reasonable price.
      Jim Nealand
      Kennesaw, GA

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      I have a win7 x64 and followed the instructions exactly as written in the column. Even cut and pasted the command line so no typos etc. Works just fine no error messages.
      Went from almost 15000 files to just under 11000 files and from 24+ Gb to 7.4 GB. BIG BIG difference. I did not time it, but it did run for quite awhile and I read email and online forums while it was running and did not notice any impact.

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      Well if the password was the problem why would it not work with no password required and a wide open connection?

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      I know that this laptop has connected wirelessly at this home before, but I think they had a different router before. I believe that the modem and router were swapped out following an ISP upgrade At my house it connects fine to my WPA2 wireless N router so I do not suspect an encryption issue. The home router is set for WPA, but since I can connect to a WPA2 that should not be the issue. Maybe I will take a spare wireless router with me when I go back to see if that makes a difference. I’m also planning to take a USB wireless N adapter to see if that makes a difference. I won;t be back there for about 10 days although I have the laptop with me. We are re-purposing the system to work in the basement with the owners model railroad, but still want to be able to get on the internet from the basement. Also remember as I originally stated it does not even connect with security/encryption turned off. Other systems connect fine to the existing wireless router, both laptops and phones.

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