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      dohResolved by reinstalling Outlook Express from Win98 2E CD…

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      Thanks again, but no. It’s not a page on our site, just a link to a Miva Merchant shopping cart. No page exists on which to place redirect code, although we can create one if we just knew where to put it without FrontPage adding it to our theme nav bar. We have recreated the Merchant4 subdirectory and placed a redirect page there; however, FrontPage adds it to our nav bar.

      When installing Miva Merchant on our site, a subdirectory is created that forwards the visitor to the Miva server where our shopping cart resides. The path changed from the Merchant4 subdirectory to Merchant2 when we upgraded.

      We just want to refer folks who click on the spidered Merchant4 bad link, to the correct Merchant2 link. Guess we can wait for Google to spider us again. Thanks.

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      confused Still a novice; however, these links seem to describe how to redirect from an old site. Our problem is that the link to our Miva Merchant shopping cart within our site changed, not the site address. That link has been picked up by search engines and is no longer valid. Do we have to recreate the subdirectory within our site and place the coding suggested on a new page there? If so, how do we keep FrontPage from placing a link to that new subdirectory on our theme nav bar?

      Site: http://tlcgiftbasketsllc.com/
      Old: http://www.tlcgiftbasketsllc.com/Merchant4…&Store_Code=TGL
      New: http://www.tlcgiftbasketsllc.com/Merchant2…&Store_Code=TGL

      We’re moving as fast as we can to Dreamweaver – but it’s slow getting there…

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      Is the change you recommend under Mail Delivery, Dialup Options and unchecking Automatically dial… or is there some other setting I need to change? Thanks.

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