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      I have an interesting delimma; when I right click on it I receive the following error message.

      Is there a fix to the registery that can be made?


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      Yes, It is Excel 2003.


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      I found something online:

      Public Function EOMonth(InputDate As Date, Optional MonthsToAdd As Integer)
      ' Returns the date of the last day of month, a specified number of months
      ' following a given date.
         Dim TotalMonths As Integer
         Dim NewMonth As Integer
         Dim NewYear As Integer
         If IsMissing(MonthsToAdd) Then
            MonthsToAdd = 0
         End If
         TotalMonths = Month(InputDate) + MonthsToAdd
         NewMonth = TotalMonths - (12 * Int(TotalMonths / 12))
         NewYear = Year(InputDate) + Int(TotalMonths / 12)
         If NewMonth = 0 Then
            NewMonth = 12
            NewYear = NewYear - 1
         End If
         Select Case NewMonth
            Case 1, 3, 5, 7, 8, 10, 12
               EOMonth = DateSerial(NewYear, NewMonth, 31)
            Case 4, 6, 9, 11
               EOMonth = DateSerial(NewYear, NewMonth, 30)
            Case 2
               If Int(NewYear / 4) = NewYear / 4 Then
                  EOMonth = DateSerial(NewYear, NewMonth, 29)
                  EOMonth = DateSerial(NewYear, NewMonth, 28)
               End If
         End Select
      End Function
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      Thanks for your response. Your suggestion only addresses the backup process of the Time Capsule; pointing to another drive and creating sparsebundles.

      If you recall, TC can also be used to store data, music and etc.. With this in mind I am looking for a means of creating an entire drive image of the Time Capsule.


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      Thanks for your suggestion..it worked.


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      Try this (I’ve highlighted the separate SUBSTITUTE functions:


      Works perfectly.

      Thank you,

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      Thanks for the suggestion.


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      I tried your suggestion and it returned a “#Value”; referencing another file. I then tried it within the same workbook; different sheet and received the #Value as well.


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      You probably haven’t followed Steve’s instructions entirely correctly. See the attached version.

      Sorry, my error as I did not leave F1 blank as instructed by Steve. All is well.

      Thanks Steve and Hans,

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      Set your criteria to only F1:F2

      F1 should be blank (since F2 will have a formula)
      F2 should have:


      Hi Steve,

      I tried your suggestion without success. The end result of your suggestion lists all the items and does not pare down the information to what I have highlighted in green.


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      I tried it on my PC, and it worked fine with spaces in the file name.
      Are some of the files read-only, perhaps?

      Great observation! Now I’m embarrassed.

      I removed the read-only and it worked.

      Thanks again.

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      Try specifying the full path:

      Kill “C:MyFolderMySubfolderCopy of*.xls”

      I should have been more clear as to what I’m trying to achieve.

      oPath = “C:MyFolderMySubfolder”
      oEraseFiles = “Copy of*.xls”

      Kill oPath & oEraseFiles

      The error message I receive is “Path/File” access error. I believe this to be related to the space.


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      I’m sorry, I can’t explain that. What happens if you single-step through the code?

      Stepping through the code provides enough time for the file attribute to change. All other lines of code run as expected.

      Seem to be a timing difference in seconds.


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      It’s still happening.

      My code example is:

      [codebox]’File Attributes
      FileAttribute = GetAttr(sPathOfSourceFile & strFileName) And vbHidden

      If FileAttribute = 2 Then
      SetAttr (sPathOfSourceFile & strFileName), vbNormal
      Do While GetAttr(sPathOfSourceFile & strFileName) 0
      End If


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      A non macro method (I’m using 2003 – Due to limitations of the Find routine, this method will not work in earlier versions):

      Select the range you want to affect
      Ctrl F to launch Find dialog
      enter the data to find, check the match entire cell option
      Click Find All
      Highlight the results that appear
      Click Close
      Ctrl+”-” (launches delete dialog) choose Entire Row
      OK out

      You go me to think this out a little more. If one could pass the cell addresses to an array and then delete the each row of the array that may work.

      If you select a number of cells by using the Ctrl Key and left click; one can delete all rows at the same time.

      Thanks for taking another look,

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