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      After running all the apps which did not require booting from a CD etc., I downloaded the Windows Defender Offline and booted from the resulting disk. Every attempt to actually use it resulted in an error when attempting to update data files. This makes sense, since I had no internet connection after booting from a CD, but I had downloaded it only a few minutes before – how could it possibly be out of date? There was no way around this problem and the program would never allow me to start a scan. Yes, there are other tools, but I’d like to know how to actually run this one.

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      Joe, you hit the jackpot. That was exactly the problem! In Exchange 2007, it’s actually called “Remote Domains” and the option to allow non-delivery reports is on the tab labeled “Format of original message sent as attachment to journal report”. How’s that for obfuscated?

      Thanks for the quick response!

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      Thanks – I do nightly backups already. The archiving is not the problem for me, it’s the fact that the sender doesn’t receive an error letting them know that they have sent a message to a non-existing mailbox.

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      I’m missing something here. I saw the table in the latest newsletter, but I got the impression that there was a place where I could look at the latest edition of the table from here in the lounge. I don’t see it anywhere.

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      Thanks, Greg. Although I figured that the network behavior might be the symptom of something else, I would never have thought of checking the disk. This is a brand new drive and a fresh installation of Win 7 that included formatting the disk. I was able to slave it and chkdsk did find some unused areas that were marked as in use, but no problems with data areas.

      I’ll see what it does and try cables & ram sticks (one at a time). Of course since it’s random, this could take awhile 😉


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      Thanks, gang. I just didn’t want to restore onto the existing hard drive without exploring other options because that would probably remove any chance of getting to the original disk data. The move to Windows 7 is because Vista is such a dog for speed and my testing on other hardware has shown 7 to perform better. Since this was a sector-by-sector backup I wonder if I can restore it to a larger drive. If I’m gonna replace it, I may as well get some benefit out of it.


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