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      This whole transition from Gmail to Outlook has been a challenge. I finally elected to go in whole hog using Outlook 365/Exchange.

      Using Outlook with Outlook.com can be a challenge. So I have set up my gmail and yahoo addresses using POP in Outlook so I can send/receive so 90% it all works with my desktop.

      To get this to work with Outlook.com (or Outlook on Android), you need to resort to forwarding your accounts so the email shows up. This is useful for when we are traveling. (If I need to reply I need to go back into the gmail/yahoo accounts to send with the appropriate email address.) Plus there are a few rules I need to set up to handle the POP accounts to avoid duplication with the forwarded email.

      Good news is the calendar in the desktop and Outlook.com sync.

      In the end, it is good to have everything on Exchange so your data is protected.

      Of course the Google apps on my new Pixel do not like that I use Outlook, so p*ss off Google.

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      What happens if your system does not have a recovery partition? (Yes I have a recovery disk I update monthly.)

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      I thought I would post a link to a topic I documented some of my issues with Outlook.

      I only use Outlook for the calendar functions. I use managed gmail through my university alma mater. Due to security issues for alums, they cut off our ability to create calendars. I found it was easiest to migrate the calendar to Outlook (especially since I subscribe to a family 365 account. I retain the email through the university since their IT manages it.

      I did run into a number of issues using Outlook. One was that since the advent of MS live, I logged on using a yahoo email. I recently found out that is only an alias, which creates issues creating an Outlook account.

      Here is what I learned:


      Hopefully, my meanderings will be useful.

      Bottom line: Desktop Outlook 365 and outlook.com are not totally compatible. I have elected to use outlook.com (and android Outlook, which follows the same rules). I use Desktop Outlook for adding events only and even then I have to make changes to required attendees/meeting organizer to keep events properly in sync.

      Admittedly, since I was in IT all my main career (telephony), I am a bit compulsive about making everything line up.

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      Actually there is an incompatibility between the Desktop Outlook calendar and the outlook.com version.
      First, I resolved the issue with Outlook 365 by creating an outlook.com alias for logging on to my Microsoft account instead of using the yahoo alias.
      However, this led to my taking a deeper dive into calendar events. Since I am retired I use my calendar for tracking appointments and for todos. I like my todos and appointments on one calendar. So now I use all day events for my to do lists (with appropriate categories). If recurring, I delete the single event as it is completed.
      Appointments vs meetings are a problem. Outlook 365 and outlook.com handle them differently.
      In Outlook 365, an appointment is created with yourself as required. In outlook.com the appointment is created with you as a meeting organizer (as viewable in list form in Outlook 365). This is okay, except if you change a outlook.com appointment in Outlook 365 it changes it to a meeting. To fix this you have to delete yourself in Outlook 365 as required, cancel the meeting and save. Creating a new appointment in Outlook 365 also has its issues with outlook.com. The good news is Android Outlook follows the same rules as outlook.com.
      The moral of the story is use one or the other but not both. I now only use the desktop version to make mass additions such as holidays or moon phases, and fix them before saving.

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      I finally figured it out.

      I deleted all profiles.

      I created a NoEmail file.

      I then added the Microsoft 365 account.

      I closed the original Outlook file created from the NoEmail profile.

      Now I will back up the ost and the pst files.

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      Interesting conversation. But I was just pointing out a simple utility which gives me enough space in my gmail to last my lifetime. (I am still wondering if my cat will outlive me.) This app solved my problem.

      When I stopped using Yahoo for my regular email, I just downloaded it all into Outlook and thence into a pst. At some point I may for gmail. But yes I use it for storage and the ability to look up old conversations. Unattached just got rid of the useless attachments… and for free in my case.

      I still have my original Yahoo forwarding to gmail. The gmail account is only 15 years old… my Yahoo account goes back to the days of the dial up connection to Yahoo. I have also had the same cell phone number for over 20 years.


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      I just tried that: it deletes the entire email in my gmail account. I want to keep the email without the attachment. Unattach.app does that.

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      True that, you can delete the email. But:

      This app effectively removes the attachment and notes the file name that was removed without “deleting” the email, retaining the email chain and therefore information contained in the email.

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      Interesting article: I get there a different way, but with the same result. But:

      The phone recharge cycle thing perplexes me. I have a Galaxy 10e. I plug it in once a night. Every night. I have had the phone for four years and it is rarely below 70% at bedtime, except when I am on the phone for a long time. I think I hit 60% once this year. (I note my PC has always been my primary device so I suspect this has a major impact.)

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      My focus is getting high speed internet at a decent price. I got a good rate two years ago for a three year period. But somehow Spectrum still figured out a way to raise the rates by doing a blanket increase. Long story short Spectrum would not honor their original commitment. No negotiation. Guess what? You can lodge an “informal” complaint at the FCC. Spectrum had to respond to me, and then they had to respond to the FCC. Both increases got taken off my bill. So don’t forget the FCC as a play maker.

      We still can’t figure out the brouhaha over steaming. We have Hulu and Britbox and can share same with the kids. They share Disney. And we bit the bullet and paid the extra for them to have Netflix. So in the the end our bill is a lot less then it would be with cable AND we can watch from anywhere. I also get music through Deezer and Tidal. And still much less than cable ever was. And somewhere we get Amazon Prime through one of the other children. (Never watch it. Death in Paradise is now on BritBox.)

      That all being said, we watch later at night. I may do a 45 minute show, or on Vera nights it will be a bit longer. Then I head upstairs and read my Kindle. Book Bub has been great for that.

      And yes… I watched every episode of I Dream of Jeannie, episode by episode. Same for Star Trek. OMG color was amazing. So much better than the greenish and white TV we had before that.

      Gotta love technology. It is absolutely amazing.

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      Rewards means they get something, and that is you.

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      Home user. Two reboots. Each reboot I received repeated notifications from Microsoft to use Bluetooth for Phone Link (I believe four to five notifications each reboot.) I use Phone Link but do not use Bluetooth for the phone connection. ’nuff said.

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      If flying I carry a 15 inch laptop, Nikon SLR, bluetooth speaker and my Kindle. And we have the unlimited data plan on Verizon for North America, so I have a hot spot if needed. All fit in a single backpack; a tad heavy but good exercise running around an airport.

      If driving, I bring both Nikon SLRs and all my main lenses for which I built a special carrying case… a gun case… so going out shooting has a whole different take for me. Usually, when going anywhere but the store, I will have one of my cameras in the car. But I think my cell phone will take photos (LOL).

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      For much of my career I was involved with either call center management or operations. I loved playing with the tech, and even as a call center manager I did much of my own programming. I even had my own PBX at home (retired from my call center). But I never much worried about what computers I had at home.
      Nowadays, all that really matters is resolution. The more the merrier for working with my photography.
      I have a six year old Lenovo laptop with an UHD 15 inch screen I used at home until I retired a couple of years ago. This worked great for my photography and any basic games I played. I also bought a small inexpensive laptop for travel. Both of these have touch screens. (And I just realized my son is still using my old 10 year touchscreen Ultrabook.)
      Go ahead and laugh, but when I retired I bought a high end HP Envy all in one with a 32 inch UHD screen. It does everything I need and then some. It serves as a workhorse and repository for all my photography.
      The 15 inch laptop is now retired to being my travel machine, and mirrors the set up on my desktop. I spin data (including photos) off to a NAS and mirror that to a couple of external drives. When I travel I grab a drive for all my music & photo files (about 2TB). Everything else is on OneDrive.
      The small Lenovo laptop languishes in a drawer as a emergency PC.
      And arrgh. I finally got my spouse to give up her eight year old Dell Inspiron for a renewed Optiplex.
      The tech I am into are my cameras (Nikon D850, D750) and my music systems… upstairs Bose, downstairs Bluesound Pulse 2i’s and NAD DAC systems. All hardwired. And for emergencies, a smaller battery powered bluetooth speaker for my phone.

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      Better late than never… my NAD Hybrid Digital DAC Amp and my Bluesound Pulse 2i networked speaker/music systems. All can stream internet (Tidal is amazing) and play my 2GB music library on my NAS using the Bluesound OS. The sound and tech is awesome.

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