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      I failed to notice that this was for 7 or 8 I tried it in vista.

      To create this folder, take the following steps:

      Right-click a free spot on the desktop and select New/Folder.
      Give the new folder any name you wish, as long as it’s followed by a period and the following string of characters: {ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}
      For example, the file name could be something similar to this: All Commands.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}

      Double-click to open the folder, and it should be populated with more than 250 functions.

      When I created the folder, my screen went blank and I could not get to te start menu or anything else.

      I had to boot from a linux dvd and delete the folder from the desktop and than my PC worked again in windows.

      I would have been screwed if I did not have the linux dvd.

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      Look at Tools then References. A reference may have been added that is no longer used but could trigger an error in a compile if it is missing. You can uncheck it to make the error go away if the reference is not used in the VB Project.

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      I actively avoid all things google. I have deleted all google apps from my system. I still have a gmail account because there are several products that I registered with using that email. If you use google to search for something, notice that when you select a result that the link goes to google before it goes to your choice, This is so that google can track all of your activity and use that to direct ads. It also increases the time to get to your desired result. I have found ixquick to work quicker and it does not track you like google does. I have no desire to have google track all of my email activity, so I will pass on letting them have access to my other email accounts. I have designed software since 1966, so I have seen a lot of solutions come and go. I will not let another solution have all of my data since sooner or later that solution will go out of favor when a better solution comes along. Do any of you still have a Wordstar document? Any of you companies remember Wang word processing? In the 80’s I worked for Wang and over the years, I made a living moving Wang data to other platforms. I have converted many leading edge platforms to other ones over the years.

      I have found that Thunderbird can handle my needs and I can still leave my data where I can control where it is stored.

    • I now use ixquick to search. I have uninstalled all google products. I am slowly changing my preferred email on newsletters and other accounts to other than gmail.

      I also use Firefox with Adblock Plus Extension. Facebook also tracks you web use to sites not Facebook. I use the Opera browser for Facebook and nothing else.

      Every few days I delete cookies that have google or facebook in them.

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      I have solved this problem a couple of ways. one is to open the excel file and export it to a tab delimited text file then import that to an access table.

      Another that may not be practical for you is that I use SQL Server Express. It has a SQL Server Import and Export wizard. You can select an excel file to export and at the point that you select the sheet to import, there is an option to edit mappings. You can override the default 255 to as much as 4000.

      SQL Server Express is free and you can map an access table to a SQL Server table. You may have to use SQL Server Express as your database to get around the restrictions that Access has.

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      I have been programming for over 40 years so I have been where you are going. I started with some of the older mainframe languages including FORTRAN, COBOL, and PL/I. I have made the journey to PC’s starting with the IBM XT and have programmed in most of the languages. I have developed in VB6, and Powerbuilder, and now mostly use VB.NET. I have used VBA. I used it today to query SQL Server to populate an excel spreadsheet with the query results.

      I have a couple of recommendations for you. First, you can not learn everything so focus on what you are trying to create. When you want to see how something is programmed, google is your best friend. Usually, if there is something that you want to do, someone else has already done it and posted it on the web. Books are OK but examples of working code are better. They will also give you an idea of what object oriented programming is about.

      Good luck and you can never stop learning.

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