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      Thank you all for your help. As John posted, I posted this question on another forum where they found the solution I needed. I appreciate the time and thought you gave to helping me.

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      Thank you, Patt. I showed your suggestion to the user and he doesn’t like it. He said data entry will take a very long time with this format. He liked the format I used in the original because he didn’t have to enter the date with every screen and he could pick the site and do that site’s data entry all at one time. I explained to him that it may look fine, but it doesn’t work. Can we take another look at the data entry form I had and see if there is any way to use something like that… or something where the user can enter the date and site and then enter the counts all on one screen?

      Thank you so much!

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      I talked him into dropdowns! Now I am having issues getting the thing to work so we have 1 form that has the date at the top, subform for the sites for that date, and subform on the sites for the counts at that site that day.

      I’m attaching a zip.
      I know the relationships are weird. I have been switching them around trying to get it to work. Now I’ve confused myself.
      Please, can you take a look at the form called Data Entry. That’s what i want it to look like, but as it is now, I cann’t create new records for new dates. I can create new sites for each day, but not new dates.

      Thank you!!

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      I agree 100%. That’s why I was stumped when Access doesn’t act like Excel. He really doesn’t like the drop downs. He is hung up on having a data entry screen like the spreadsheet. I thought that this was a bad idea, and having you agree gives me the confidence to talk to him again and explain that he can’t have it this way. If you have any other ideas to help compromise with him, I’d appreciate hearing them.

      Thanks for your suggestions. I really appreciate it.

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      Thanks, Wendell. No, they can’t take a laptop. I already asked that.

      The boss doesn’t want dropdowns in the data entry form. He wants it to look just like the spreadsheet. He said they enter something in every cell, and he doesn’t want them to have to pick a location from a drop down. Or a count item (Vehicles, ORV, etc).

      This is where I’m stuck. How do set up the tables?

      Instead of a field called Site (where I would normally either pick a site or type in the site name), do I list each site as a field and set the property to a number?

      This was my first stab, but he didn’t like it. And, truthfully, I don’t either.

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      Thanks for the responses. But, that doesn’t really solve the whole issue. I can get the other person’s contacts to show in the contacts view. But, when I create a new mail message and click the To button to get the address list, the shared contact list doesn’t show. I know how to right-click the contact list, go to properties and check the box that says to make this contact list visible, but that option is not available on a shared contact list.

      We used to use GroupWise and have just recently moved to Outlook. What a mess this has been. Sharing was soo much easier in GroupWise.

      So, anyone else got any other ideas? Our company doesn’t use Public Folders, which is what I have seen suggested.

      The goal is for people to be able to share their contact lists (and custom contact lists) with other users on the Exchange server. And, when we create emails and click the address book, have those shared contacts lists show up in the address book list.

      We’ve been struggling with this for a couple of weeks now. Thank you to anyone who can help me figure this out.

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      Yep, Gary. It is. Didn’t occur to me, but users now have restricted access – not administrator rights. Our IT Dept says they can’t make changes like User Information, File locations.. some of the things we used to be able to change in Options. So when someone changes their User Information, it defaults back to a generic user when they exit the program. I.T. is now reconsidering this since hearing the squawking about it breaking Track Changes. Thank you for the suggestion.

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      This same issue just started happening with us when our I.T. dept switched users to roaming profiles. Would that have something to do with it? I checked the settings under security, and the ‘remove personal information’ check box is unchecked. And, this is happening to multiple documents with multiple users on multiple machines. Gack.

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      Awesome! Thank you!

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      Not sure if this is happening to anyone else. She is the only one who works on this file. I will, however, have her check the settings you mentioned. Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll let you know if that fixes it.

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    • Thank you, Hans!! As you figured out, I was picking the wrong table for the row source. Dang. Thank you so much!

    • I saved the db as Access 2003, Hans. Would you please take a look? I tried following your instructions, but I still am missing something because it didn’t work. Thank you sooo much.

    • You’re right, as usual, Hans. But, how do I change the report? You said use a similar combo box, but I’ve never used a combo box on a report before. I tried changing the field to a combo box, but it still displayed just the numbers. So, I tried deleting it and re-creating a combo box, but that didn’t work either – it says it’s unbound. Sorry, but I don’t get it.

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