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      Thanks so much for all your help, Andrew. It works perfectly. Just what he asked for!

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      Hey. I think you’ve got it! Thanks. I tried it and it did just what I was looking for. Now, If I understand this correctly, I need to run this (push the button)each time I load the spreadsheet? Or can I include it in some start up option so it automatically loads with the spreadsheet and is hidden to the user? (Just when you thought you were done with me!!)

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      Hey, that looks great! They have a ton of classes, and I read some of the descriptions, and they don’t appear to be fluff. I think I’ll try one out. Thanks for posting the link.

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      Duh. Sorry. You’re right. Don’t know what I was thinking. If you used Bullets and numbering to create the bullet, then go back to Format, Bullets and numbering, Select the bullet you are using, Click on the Customize button, click on the Font button and select a larger font. Did that help?

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      Try selecting it and increasing the font size.

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      I also receive the Word Tips and Excel tips, and I love them both. Just another satisfied customer testimonial! ZD Net used to have free tips that they would send to your email, but I can’t seem to find the free ones for any of the Office suites. They were FULL of advertisements, and you had to really pay attention to find the tips, but when you found them, they were usually worth it.

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      Ok. It seems to work to a point. I’ve included a dummy spreadsheet where I used the tab to enter the numbers. Where I ended is where it started jumping back to A1 instead of going to the next row.

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      Just curious. Why don’t you use the form checkbox found on the Forms toolbar?

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      After entering data in Cell D2, when I press the TAB key, it goes to A2, when I want it to go to A3.

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      That’s close, Andrew. Thanks for the ideas. But, what he wants is to allow the clerks to use the TAB key to navigate all the time so that they don’t accidentally forget to hit enter when they are in the last column. Either that, or set it to use the Enter key all the time. HE said he doesn’t want them having to remember to switch they key from Tab to Enter on the last entry.

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      That sorta works. But, it takes me back to column A in the same row. I need to go down a row so I’m not overwriting info I entered in that row.

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      Well, I found the answer. I had copied the query from another query and deleted the fields I didn’t want. However, that left a table in the query that I wasn’t using. When I deleted that table from the query (even though I wasn’t using any of the fields from that table), it worked beautifully. I don’t know SQL, but when I looked at it in SQL view, there was an innerjoin. Whew.

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      Brooke’s method works for me, too. That’s the way I’ve always done it.

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      Also, is Office XP backwards compatible? Can I share files with others who don’t have XP?

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      Yes. I am logged in as Administrator.

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