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      Bingo. Thanks much!

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      The reason is I can’t get sound to work although I don’t see any conflicts, I briefly got one out of three sound cards to work, the system hung and wouldn’t shut down. The computer picks up the sound card then acts like it is taking the driver, but nothing. I’m new to win2k I always thought sound should set to irq 5 maybe I’m all wet. Why does everything want to go to 9??? Something wrong with the other free irq’s? Anyway the box is greyed out not allowing me to change resources. I can’t seem to get any sound card to work. It took me a week of searching before I got the modem to work, the nic went right in (lucky me), the only other thing installed on the pci is the sound card (presently ensonique model 4815, compatible with microsoft hardware list). This was all installed fresh on a new harddrive no upgrade here. I’m running out of things to try, I throw it at my win 98 computer and it works fine

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      Good thought, but no. I don’t share the internet connection with him. Any other ideas? Yes, we are networked, but we each have our own dial up.

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      Actually, it probably would, except that the applications were pushed by the network administrator using a snapshot. I have found out since my last post that since she used a snapshot and it was a custom install, the feature isn’t available until she pushes it to us. So, this is unanswerable for my situation. Thanks anyway!!

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      Perfect! Thanks much.

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      Thanks! That’s what I needed.

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      Your answer triggered a question I have about using a REF field. I haven’t used those before. This same user wants to insert an account number into a field one time and then have it also inserted in 4 other fields automatically. Would she use a REF field to do that?? I urged her to use a merge, but she doesn’t want to. She wants to fill one form out at a time. Thanks, Phil!

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      Wow, Phil. That’s wonderfully detailed information. I will try it myself before I pass it on, but after reading it, it makes perfect sense. Thanks much!!

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      Worked beautifully! Thanks so much..

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      Yes, I read the Microsoft Knowledge article already. Thanks. I went to the utility they suggested, but it has a 700 card limit,and my file has 1200 cards. Thanks anyway.
      I’m going to try this azzcard program and I’ll let you know if it solves my problem. Thanks all!

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      I know what you’re talking about. But, unfortunately, I don’t know of a way to see those codes in Word. You can show paragraph marks, page breaks, spaces, and tabs by turning on the option under Tools Options View, Formatting Marks and checking All. Or, there’s a paragraph symbol on the Standard toolbar. If you click that you can see the above.

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      You’re right. That article addresses it exactly. Thanks so much!

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      Yes, the problem occurs with all Office programs. But, rebooting hasn’t solved the problem yet. I did check the Accessibility options in Control Panel, and that hasn’t been changed from the defaults. I told her to try another keyboard. She hasn’t let me know the outcome of that yet. If I ever figure this out, I’ll let you all know. Thanks for trying to help!

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      Thanks. Tried it. No go. The alt keys work fine. She said she remembers this as an option you can change somewhere, and I think she’s right. Any ideas??

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      Thanks to all for your suggestions. I ended up setting up a separate drop down list table to select the items individually and have the results stored in another separate table – linked by a record number to the main table. I created a form for the results, and included that form as a subform in my main data entry form. I’m sure my explanation doesn’t make sense to you, but rest assured, it works beautifully.
      Thanks again!

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