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      Solved, thanks to the last post. I made an image of my hard drive before attempting the various solutions, but first, as one of the suggestions in the lifewire article, I looked for a recent system restore point and there was one nine days ago, so I tried it and it worked; strange, but I have never used system restore before that I can remember (difficult, I am 89). Thanks to you all for spending your valuable time to help.

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      I followed the instructions in the link given. The USB stick and the card reader do not appear in Disk Management. In Device Manager there are five USB device entries – all have a yellow ! against them. For each one Properties indicates “A driver (service) for this device has been disabled, an alternate driver may be providing functionality”. I selected Update Driver through the internet for each one and got the same message “Driver software for your device is up to date”. The devices still do not appear in Windows Explorer.

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      Thank you. I have run USBDeviewer and all seems well, but the devices still do not show up in windows explorer. I inserted a memory stick and a usb card reader with card. Both show up on the display with the correct time stamp and no indication of error, so presumably it is a software problem rather than hardware. I realise that shortly before I tried to access the card reader I had used “disk cleaner” within “Your Un-installer Pro”, which I have used for many years without a problem. I have attached two screenshots. Should I re-post under Windows 10?

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      Thanks to all. I have copied the suggestions and will apply them

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      Thank you – seems very simple.

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      If it’s a well-known and/or a respected company, clicking unsubscribe and then entering your email address will definitely work. For unsolicited, do not enter an email address and do not click unsubscribe — doing so alerts scammers and fishers that an email address is a good one.

      Thank you, you have confirmed what I thought.

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      Thanks – will try again in a couple of days in case it is the serveys – if that does not work I will try the other suggestions.

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      Thank you for all your replies. Version is 1607, OS Build 14393.447, which I believe is the latest. I have tried a number of web pages – eBay flashes up and disappears, some display text only and some display some of the pictures, it seems it is hit and miss. I will try compatibility settings – I could upgrade but I like Office 2003. Mostly it is the text I want and copy/paste into Notepad and from there into Word works a treat, providing easily edited text with the formatting stripped out.

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      Thank you. I have attached a disk management screen shot. I un-ticked partition 3 and successfully created an image – verification was also successful and I was able to view files in the mounted image, but without trying it out as a recovery I do not know if it would work – if it did not I would be in trouble.

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      After removing Trusteer I tried again – three times – and each time got the eventual message “sorry, there is a problem”. I had decided to re-install but tried one more time using a different website for the update – and it worked!!!

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      I have had another go, typing wininit in the find box – a pair of binoculars symbol. I pressed enter which selected Find Next. The immediate reboot you mentioned did not happen automatically – I waited for some time and then did a restart; when booted a process of checking and “repair” started, following that I went to event viewer and completed the process. Log file attached.

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      I used chkdsk and when nothing appeared to happen I tried wininit, then two identicle versions of the file came up. That is what I copied. I will uninstall mm trusteer but is needed for banking.

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      Thank you for spending so much time and effort. I have done everything you said and produced the attached log file – there is no indication of hard disk problems that I can see.

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      I ran the dism etc., plus sfc /scannow and neither found a problem. Former quite quick but sfc took 3 hours. Started download of AU at 7 a.m. this morning, by 2 p.m had reached 99% “getting your updates ready” – just shut down (6 p.m.) as was still at 99%, so had stalled once more.

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      Thank you – will try again. It was 360 Security, a free AV, not the Norton – but I uninstalled so it would have no longer be a problem.

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