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      I had similar feelings. While my primary desktop is the device I use for the heavy lifting, I seldom use it for that any more.  It has a multi boot config between Win7P/Win10 and Linux’s latest. And, there are various other devices strewn about the house.  A couple dual boot laptops, a couple Chromebooks, several Android tablets and a few micro-PCs (Intel NUC’s or Gigabyte Brix) with all the above.

      I just selected the most nearly correct options.

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    • Paul,

      Yes, that’s definitely one of them.  I couldn’t remember the word.

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      aaron451 – We did the original cord cutting thing back in ’97 when we let go of cable TV.  Since then we’ve bounced back & forth between satellite, OTA, cable TV off and on.

      Now, we have a mini-PC behind the large screen LCD that runs Win97 and Windows Media Center for our OTA content.  It’s still working fine and I’ve read that it uses the same program guide as that on X-Box, so it should be available for a long time.  Fingers crossed!  There are also Tivo boxes and others that still have DVRs.  We don’t worry about the commercials because our remote has commercial skip over – 30 seconds at a push, 6 or 8 taps and – whoosh, past commercials most of the time.

      There is also a service called Plex that has loads of options including a local DVR for OTA channels.


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