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    • I just downloaded TB 38. I hope UPS is the only problem with it.

      Remember the free Mozbackup for backing up your TB files. I backup nightly.

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      I use MozBackup for backing up my Thunderbird files. It works great. I do a backup every night plus before updating Thunderbird itself.

      When doing a restore though, you also need to delete the Thunderbird directory in C:Usersname***AppdataLocal as well as Roaming.

      Also, Thunderbird 15 was losing all my message filters in Local Folders. I must have about 30-40 filters when finished so it was a nuisance.

      I wound up going back to Thunderbird 14.* where filters work fine.

      There are different versions of the Calendar program, Lightning, in each version of Thunderbird that makes it harder to go backward.

      I do keep the old versions on hand just in case of problems like the filters.
      Mary Nelson

    • Went to the link given earlier in this thread for changing credit card info on Amazon.

      When they asked for my whole social security number, I closed the page.

      It is better to just find the place where you can delete the credit card info in your Account settings. I did that and now there are none on file.

    • I had been using scroogle.org as a search option to Google. Recently, Google has been making it impossible to do searches from scroogle. After getting the message numerous times that Google was blocking them I wound up making Yahoo my default.

      Intentional? I don’t know.

      Using different search providers will make it more difficult to track every search you make, no matter how innocuous it is.

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      I find that some emails that look like spam are not and have caught some important responses using the method below.

      Using Thunderbird you have the option under File, Print Preview of viewing most of the email WITHOUT actually opening it. Some HTML images don’t show there and you probably don’t need it either.

      Also, use F8 to turn off the preview screen. TB tends to reactivate it.

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      “I am contemplating re-installing Windows XP totally. Does anyone recommend this or not? I am planning to migrate to Win 7 but the radical change in terminology and organization has made it difficult for me to become efficient in a short time. I have MS Office 2002 and could use Outlook 2002 but am worried about security and functionality, knowing Outlook has quirks also. Advice?”

      There is a free program that will give Windows 7 almost the same menu structure as XP. I put it on my own computers and am quite happy with it.


      P.S. I have been using Thunderbird for quite a while now. I did sample WLM and it did not do all I wanted that TB does. I do wish TB had a useful help file we could access, though.

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      I put one of my own email addresses in my address book. It is an address I use just for that purpose. That way if my computer gets hijacked, I will also receive an email and know about it.

      If your email addresses have been harvested and the mail is not coming from your own computer, that won’t do a whole lot of good except for the info.

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      Boot It NG will be moving to Version 2 of the software in the near future.

      Terabyte’s Image products are already at Version 2 with many more options than are currently available for imaging with BING. Image for DOS and Image for Linux can also open, restore, and validate Image for Windows files as well as those created in each. On some systems IFL or IFD will run a bit faster so do try IFW, IFD and IFL on your own computers to see what you like best. I used to use either IFL or IFD. Now I rarely will use anything but Image for Windows after restoring successfully a number of times over the years.

      I have used Terabyte’s imaging programs for around 7 years with over all good results. They do update their products regularly over the years with no additional cost. Only upgrades require a new purchase.

      Check it out.

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      Go to http://www.terabyteunlimited.com and check out their imaging programs. Prices are very reasonable, too.

      By keeping current images of your computer, particularly the partition where the OS is located, you can save hours of work and headaches in the future.

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      I constantly get spam emails addressed to my own email addresses. They seem to have been shared by different spammers as well. Sometimes it shows from me to me. Most times it shows sent from different addresses.

      AND it is not stopping after several months. I just deleted 25 spams that came in the last few minutes that look like they came from the same people.

      The only way to stop it might be to close down my own web pages and at this point I am not going to do that. Most of my business and personal email uses various email addresses on my web site.

      Just be careful when you get unknown emails. In Thunderbird we can use Print Preview that does not actually open the email if I am not sure if it is genuine. A few times they have been emails I actually wanted. Mostly, it is obvious spam.

      There may be such an option in other email programs so you are safer when checking the validity of an email.

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      Check your internet connection speed. There are numerous web sites that can do this. You may not have enough bandwidth available for the full page display.

      It might pay to try a different browser as well.

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      Word Pad can open larger files than Notepad. Give it a try.

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      I found that I could not open a Word document in Word 2002 without seeing only gibberish. When I used Open Office it was able to open the file just fine. I then saved the file as .doc and Word could then access it correctly.

      It is worth a test to see if it works for your own problems. Open Office is free and can be useful at times.

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