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      My wireless mouse got dirty and the thumb wheel would spasmodically move pages up and down.

      Once I took it apart and throughly cleaned the sides of the thumb wheel on both sides and knocked all the other ‘crap’ that the mouse had accumulated over the past decade or so – it works much better.

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      I used the ‘Sync this view’ icon on the Mail screen for several days in a row and next thing you know I have started getting the mail from Yahoo on a near realtime basis.

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      The Vista machine may have old hardware that just isn’t up to the job / is on the way out. Have you tried an add-on wireless adapter?

      cheers, Paul

      The machine is 15 years old – but it basically works. I am using it as supplemental data storage in my Northern home. It works best with my Canon printer when I am at my Florida condo.

      I have never heard of a add on wireless adapter.

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      Topic: Losing Wireless Identity @ AskWoody

      I wouldn’t open a new topic.

      Did you hide the SSID on the wireless device?

      I have not touched the wireless ID in any way.

      Sometimes I check the machine and the Wireless ID is gone as is wireless connectivity. When I check for ‘Wireless Networks Available’. The name of my Wireless Network does not display.

      I can come back at a later point in time and everything is up, working and properly identified – AND I TOUCHED NOTHING in the interim.

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      Have resorted to using Web mail for the accounts since it appears POP3 is no longer being supported.

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      I changed the encryption option as shown in 03 picture.  I also rebooted the Vista machine.

      Now when attempting to access ChuckW8 I get the following


    • in reply to: Should I Go Beyond Version 21H2 #2551683

      I also note that more than a few posters here still resolutely hang on to Windows 7… so ‘end of support by Microsoft’ doesn’t appear to be a huge turn off. 🙂

      There are some that still have Windows XP and Vista active on their machines.  SO?

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      Installed a new battery and it is holding at fully charged.

    • in reply to: Changing from HDD to SDD #2531165

      Thanks for all the replies.  The consensus being that it is not worth the attempt.

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      New cooling fan and its attached heat sink resolved the issue.

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      They show under Network because you have shared them from the CHUCKW10 machine. You seem to have shared everything on that machine – why?

      Remove all shares from that machine and start again.

      cheers, Paul

      I have a local network among the 4 machines I own.  I desire that all data on all the machines be shareable amongst all the other machines.  I am the only user – it just depends on where in the house I am at the time.

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      I guess my real question is –

      Why do Documents2 and Video2 show in Network and not in the native machine?

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      Right click on the doco and vid folders and select Properties. This will show you where the folders are located.

      Are they the same location?

      cheers, Paul

      Right clicking on the folders they each indicate 0 bytes.

      The Documents2 folder when accessing ‘Security’ Advanced tap indicates that I ‘ must have read permissions to view the properties to continue … Click Advanced to continue’

      When clicking Advanced – it states that it is unable to display the current owner.  It also states that I ‘Don’t have permissions to view or edit the objects permissions settings.’

      I do appear to have full control of both Video folders – Video and Video2.  For whatever the reason, Video2 is populated with data, even though there is no such folder for the ‘computer’ itself – on in the Network.

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      Back from the shop – outlet temperature is now 110 degrees with new fan installed.

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      Took the machine to a ‘professional’ and, among other issues, they found the cooling fan was not operating properly and a replacement is on order.

      Also mentioned finding ‘gunk’ on the touch screen.

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